Year in Search 2011: Year In Review

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The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda. Let’s not measure our sorrow by their worth, for then it will have no end. One, zero and lift off! The final lift off of Atlantis. [screams of joy] This is the beginning of a new country. [cheering] We don’t want their regime. We want either a constitutional amendment or the next president of Egypt to be chosen by the people. [yelling, horns, loud sounds] I like to think of this as the beginning of the revolution. So this is a bunch of people coming together to create a new cultural impulse. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thank you all very much. [clapping] So now technically your device is on. [laughing] Can you tell? Team Japan had inspired a country still reeling from disaster. Ohhh! Djokovic is the champion in Rome! Dad I’m gay. Do you still love me? DAD FROM PHONE: I still love you son.

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  1. Why are the new ones so awful and dominated by pet political issues from one side of American politics? I mean the 2017 one didnt even go over all the amazing people we lost this year, but boy did I get my bourgeois protest fix! Google, you do realise other things happened outside your political echo chamber?  This 2011 one is fantastic​!

  2. I am looking at this at 2017…
    Use to be 2011…
    Seeing this made me see how the feature was when I was at the age of 6 at 2011… (:

  3. It makes me both smile and cry over how much hope there was that year. So much of it would fall apart in later years, but for short while, even with all the problems and misery, the future looked bright.

  4. 2011 was the best year in the Egyptian History. Back then, we used to have dignity, pride & great hopes for the future. We used to be humans. Now, We are back to slavery. Sad story…

  5. That South Sudan One is my favorite because having a new country? ITS AMAZING!
    edit: 2:30 is actually my favorite part now that iv seen the whole thing

  6. Still is best Google Year in Review. Eventhough many adversities, still so inspiring! Make review of 2018 also inspirational.

  7. I come here every year when Google publishes the Year In Search video. That music of Mat Kearney gives me goosebumps always! This is by far the best Zeitgeist video..

  8. Please stop the world I want to get off or someone please create a time machine I want to go back to simpler times when we were not perfect but we were still happy with what little we had…
    Political correctness has gone to far 😭

  9. That is the best Google Zeitgeist ever. Incredible song and high quality editing of the clip. Other clips are totally weak in comparison with that one.

  10. 2019 and I'm still coming back here to watch this masterpiece. love the song, the video and everything about 2011

  11. 2011年は色んなことが一度に起こった年だった。いつかきっと、と思いながら8年が経って、僕もおじさんになった。それでもまだ2011年は色褪せない。

  12. what's happening to them in 2019:
    South Sudan: not doing great with independence
    Arab Spring: So many Failed Revolutions
    Apple is declining after Steve Jobs died

    Things are changing and I hope they will reverberate.

  13. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

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