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A few months ago that we were touring China
Yeah, The were all wonderful to us there It was a lengthy tour, we stayed there a few
weeks and during that time the Chinese people decided
to honor me with an adoption of a baby panda They’re so cute aren’t they!
I really regard you as an ambassador for culture exchange I appreciate your approach for the culture exchange I also appreciate your very nice idea about the protection of the earth, wild animals,
and everything And I don’t know if you know this but there
are less than 1,600 of them living in the wild and they are so precious
I guess tonight I am going to say it because this company is based here the World Wildlife
fund and the Chinese government have been working really hard to preserve this species
Hello Last night i met i met a lot of the people
that do the work for the World Wildlife Fund Thank you so much for everything your doing
for us Thank you! For everything your doing for us!
We have the whole WWF team here Who is the Team? What’s going on?
I’m Lee, Lee Poston Nice to meet you, Thank you very much
Nice to meet you. We were with a couple of your orchestra members
yesterday Ah
Lisa & Sara We got to show Yanni’s team, some of his band
members, some his street team members, and some of his fans the whole gambit.
We took them from the basics of conservation, panda conservation, up to energy conservation.
We took them on a green roof tour it was just an amazing event & the energy was great.
My name is Shirley Cafora, and I’m the Yanni Street Team Leader for the Northeast region
and im here to explore the world wildlife headquarters here in DC!
WWF was invited by Chinese government in the 1980’s, to work on helping the Chinese government
and China to protecting the panda. The area Yanni’s donations support the groups
are in the western end of this mountain range which is a panda habitat in Shaanxi Provence
in the Qiling Mountainous range. There are several ways we can monitor what
is happening to the pandas This is a sneak preview for you guys of the
products we are actually getting from the survayies.
So these are camera trap photos, so these are the kind of pictures that you get from
the cameras we put out in the forests. Welcome To Washington DC’s Third largest green
roof. It’s a happy roof. Signs of that are its grown in really nicely,
there are bees & butterflies, we have had and egg laid on our roof.
The birds brought us tomatoes. So its just a really great place and you get
an amazing view of the city. You can see the Washington monument on your
left, and when we rap around you can see the national cathedral that sits on the highest
point in the district. Panda conservation is habitat conservation
is water conservation is helping people live in balance with nature.
but it starts with those pictures we saw down stairs and i wanted to show you how we actually
do that. Because people often times ask me how do we
get those photos and its not somebody sitting down in the woods the whole time taking pictures,
Right? We use something we called something called
a camera trap, Its a regular digital camera system that is triggered by infrared beam.
So we are going to set it and then we are going to actually pretend we are pandas and
take pictures of ourselves. and then we can look at those
you know i’ve actually been a supporter of WWF for a while, and so to actually come to
the headquarters and see what they do was just you know an amazing experience.
our guides were just so knowledgeable and they taught us about animal trafficking
You know Yanni really emphasises what we do to the planet we are doing to ourselves and
the world wildlife fund has the same message they are trying to get out there
That everything is connected and its a really delicate balance and we have to be aware of
that but still enjoy life and the beauty of nature but protect it
What your doing I have so much respect for. It’s an honor to meet you
Well thanks Your changing and touching the whole world.
we are one people living on this one magical place we call earth
and what ever you do to earth, you do to ourselves. Thank you
Your message so inspirational at the end and so synchronous with the same message that
we talk about. We have a vision of a future where humans
live in harmony with Animals and the panda is our symbol for that.
It means so much that you have chosen the panda as a symbol for your concert tour to
express that same message. The partnership between WWF and Yanni is a
natural one and its a platform to tell that story to millions of people around the world
and to combined that story with music that moves the soul.
It was an opportunity and it was a big honor that the Chinese people gave me and i took
it to heart One thing lead to another and then you guys
show up and things just explode as you guys are a huge organization
These people affect the whole planet in such a great way, and its not just about animals.
They go about it in such an intelligent way and im really proud to be associated with

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