WWF Palánták 2014 – Zöld Kihívás verseny

By Stevie Adams / in , , /

Are you interested in environmental protection?
Does the future of our planet is important for you? Would you even take action? Apply for WWF and Toyota’s Green Challenge contest
and claim for the fix WWF prize! Think of a pledge in a group of 2-3 persons
that you will keep at least for 7 days… …and with which you will make your environment more sustainable! Switch off, turn off, ride a bike, plant, collect, spread the message! Unsure what to do? Ask for help via e-mail! All applicants and groups who will meet their own
challenge will be rewarded with a fix WWF prize. What do you need to do? Register! Send an e-mail to [email protected] in which you indicate
the name of the challenge and the tasks you pledge to undertake. Record the most exciting moments with
a camera or a mobile phone and send us…. …the maximum 2 minutes long video
until the 25th of May the very latest! The groups sending the best videos can take part in a whole day long trip with WWF to the enthralling Eco-Centre at Lake Tisza. Would you like to hear the roar of the golden jackal?
Would you like to go boating on Lake Tisza? Would you like to examine the giant sturgeon
closer which used to live here in the past? Than pledge and take action,
don’t miss the green adventure of the year!

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