WWF and Tiger Beer with KENZO

By Stevie Adams / in , , , , /

[Music] with in Southeast Asia there’s a dramatic increase in demand for luxury timber which is a despair impact from the forests from supplying large chains throughout Asia one of the great challenge in tiger conservation is poaching an illegal wildlife trade and our Rangers are going to the field and doing amazing job to control the poaching however since they are not value clipped and also they are not well trained it’s a big challenge and in many of the tiger range countries there are basically no enough Rangers to patrol the area just because there are no enough resources are often landline so that you from battle might move in button unbuttoned I pray that those aren’t lost at all we are WWF’s partnership with Tiger beer is very important for us to achieve our tee times to call which is doubling tire numbers in the wild by 2022 and it is very important that Tiger pair came on board to support our course like many other organization – across the globe to save this magnificent tiger in the wire [Music] you [Music]

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