97 thoughts on “WWE SuperCard Update 6 Trailer

  1. Every year is the same crap. 2K usually drops the game trailer until late August. Besides, probably it's going to be another shitty game.

  2. WWE 2K16- Awesome
    WWE 2K17- Badass😎
    WWE 2K18- Legendary
    WWE 2K19-Something else(Masterpiece)
    Can't wait for WWE 2K20!😎🔥🔥
    I don't have 2k15 listed or the other wwe games listed because i don't have them.

  3. Give us the SmackDownvsRAW2020 trailer with Road to Wrestlemania included and the HOF thing in Smackdownvsraw 2007or 2008

  4. Wtf actually duck who want to play as card CARDS is wwe really playing with us With CARDS #freewwe2k20

  5. Look like same shit from same game copy and paste every year and making people fool for money nothing new 2k20 will be same 2k19 just new superstars and new moves

  6. Don't you have a real video game coming out in like 3 months? Shouldn't you be focusing on revealing that than some shitty mobile app?

  7. Why are people asking for the 2K20 trailer? It's common knowledge WWE games are usually shown at Summerslam

  8. WWE 2k: "LEL, 2k20? dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS? – come on guys preorder Boarderlands 3, so much better…."

  9. When you guys are going to make #WWE2K20? Cause I really want to see it and wwe2k19 was good but it’s better if you make it real and it’s better to make new tattoos and the wwe superstars editing the hair also new shoes. Maybe #NBA2K20 there fixing it too but NBA2K21 said that there really about to fix it too like everything and I really want to see it and also is your’s.

  10. Where’s 2k20 why are you guys are gonna do just it give the fans a trailer of this hole new game ps4 Xbox one switch stadia whatever

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