80 thoughts on “WWE pays tribute to all who served on Veterans Day

  1. Thank you for your work veterans, we would’ve won it without you. Can we try and get this to the voice viewed WWE video to show some real support?

  2. My Mom was in the navy, and my grandfathers were in the airforce. I thank them and everyone that has served in the military. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. This is coming from a daughter of a former military soldier who served in WW II and the cousin of five cousins who served in Vietnam
    To all the Veterans,
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice and God bless all you guardian angels

  4. In Malaysia,we have a similar day to honoured the war veteran's too..It is call Hari Pahlawan or Warriors Day.(Day-Hari and Pahlawan-Warrior).
    Btw…Happy Veterans Day to my American YouTubers here!.

  5. You Americans view them as heroes but to us in Iraq they killed 1.5 million of my people I watched as my friend died from shrapnel of a missile from your death machines
    To us you are Invaders who took our lands and now our people are paying for that freedom you suppose and you ripping off our country resources
    I can't believe the day your soldiers came to my house and I invited them in
    I hope you people are aware how much of monsters we view you as.

  6. Im from 🇨🇦 canada in Toronto thats where i was born but im now living right now in the beautiful san Antonio Texas but still a lot of respect to vertans thank you for you service

  7. The MURICAS are probably the only country in the world so stupid and sickly morbid to have murderous soldiers as heroes ……

  8. With my grandpa serving in Korea (1950-1951) and in Tokyo (1951-1952) before his honorable discharge from the service, I just want to say thank you, WWE. And a huge shoutout to all our veterans who died for our country. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. USA 🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷🇺🇸🐷

  10. # USA is the sponsor of terrorism # America is responsible of unrest of Kashmir .

    # USA helped Pakistan to built a nuclear bombs ..

    @ USA is not trustable ally America always stab in back just they🇺🇲 did with Kurds an American ally .

  11. Today we trust the veterans of few United States veteran soldiers before the war and we proud to all American people i salute you all America U.S.A

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