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Nikki Cross reacts to her wardrobe malfunction
on Smackdown Nikki Cross is currently getting into the
main event title scene on Smackdown Nikki Cross will be taking on bayley for the
Smackdown women’s title real soon But does she have a real chance to win the
title? Most Likely not, but Nikki still has to be
booked as a valid contender for the match… So she took on Mandy Rose during a recent
edition of Smackdown Only issue was that Nikki encountered an issue
with her attire After being thrown across the ring by Mandy
Rose… It appeared that Nikki’s zipper on her top
had busted and wasn’t able to go back up Luckily Nikki still had a secondary top underneath
and continued the match and picked up the win Nikki later on took to Twitter to joke about
what had happened with her attire by saying this: What are your thoughts on this wardrobe issue
and how Nikki handled it?

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