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This past week the world of sports
entertainment lost a legend.>>Introducing from Kansas City Missouri,
Harley Race.>>Harley Race’s career was one decorated
in championship gold as he held the NWA world heavyweight championship
an astonishing eight times.>>Anybody that faced Harley Race
when he was the world champion, you knew that you were in for
a real fight.>>Harley was a work horse. He was very proud of that championship.>>You’re walking in against
a man that has survived every obstacle that’s ever been
thrown in front of me.>>Harley engaged an epic
title versus title classics with WWE Champions superstar
Billy Graham and Bob Backland.>>Right here,
daddy is the Mohammad Ali of it all.>>But he’s perhaps best remembered for his epic rivalry with the nature boy,
Ric Flair.>>The single toughest, most intense wrestler I’ve ever been
in the ring with my entire life.>>Harley would join the WWE in 1986 and
go on to win King of the Ring, after which he would nobly refer
to himself as King Harley Race.>>I crown you
the King Handsome Harley Race.>>I’ve listened to Hall of Famers tell
story after story about the toughness and the skill that Harley Race possessed. And that’s what makes him one of
the greatest superstars of all time. [MUSIC]>>After an illustrious
25 year in-ring career, Harley retired from competition
in 1990 and began managing for WCW’s Lex Luger, Invader, leading
them both to WCW World Championships. And in 2004, Harley Race would take his
rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.>>I’ve been an extremely
blessed human being. God gave me the talent to
work in this business. And there’s not a better spot on
earth than under those bright lights.>>Harley Race is one of the baddest
dudes to ever step in the ring, a legitimate tough guy and
a guy that every single body in the whole business had nothing but
high regard and total respect for. [MUSIC] Harley Race passed away this
past week at the age of 76. We at WWE send our deepest sympathies
to his family and loved ones. Harley Race will forever be remembered
by his WWE family as a friend, a mento and a champion.

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