WWE 2K20 Roman Reigns 2K Tower

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If I imagine my WWE career as a climb up a mountain, then Brock Lesnar is at the peak WWE 2K20 2K Tower: Roman’s Reign. Roman Reigns on Brock Lesnar When we met at Wrestlemania 31 I thought I had him figured out And would take the WWE Championship But, Seth Rollins had other plans Three years later, I got another chance at Brock At Wrestlemania, and again I thought I had him But again, fate intervened and Lesnar walked away with the Title Same thing at the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018 So, when I got another chance at Summerslam that year, I wasn’t going to come up short again Defeating Brock Lesnar wasn’t just about taking that Championship It was about proving to him and to myself that I could overcome him and stand at the top of the mountain To sum it up, without Brock Lesnar… There’s no Roman Reigns As much as I dislike him, I’m thankful for him too Fight. Overcome. Believe. Battle through the All-New “Roman’s Reign” 2K Tower STEP INSIDE OCTOBER 22. PRE-ORDER NOW. WWE.2K.COM

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  1. Have not pre order and more than likely won't. The hype for 2k20 is pretty weak so am gonna wait until black friday for a sale.

  2. roman reigns tower? i seriously wanna know besides the 2k fanboys and fangirls…WHO TF CARES ABOUT THIS?!? these tower modes are a huge waste of time

  3. Ok, so I didnt really play 2k19. But are towers basically like showcase mode? Where you play through a certain time in WWE. Basically a Roman RTWM, like in the SVR games

  4. This should not be tower

    This should be Roman Reigns Showcase like Bryan last year.

  5. They must put and fix many things in WWE 2K20 that can be removed objects or weapons under the ring in Hell in a cell or customize how to put extreme rules in Hell in a cell would be easier so choose what you want, also that you can go to the backstage with 3,4,5,6, men or women as couples or multiple teams in the match of falls count anywhere and No Holds Barred as past installments of the Smackdown games that you could put the Hardcore or Hardcore time limit game where you could make and add the WarGames match the steel cage with 2 rings and the elimination chamber in pairs or teams and also put and add the Three Stages of Hell match plus interaction with tables, chairs, stairs and the environment 🤦🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🙄😒😤😡😠🤬

  6. A little thing: It's been like 2 or 3 games/years in a row where they've missed out on giving Roman a vest with the extra colored outlines.
    Gotta make CAW creators do the work for them…

  7. This is how they get fool's money. Show nothing interesting but graphics and put a pre order date on it and then when it's out, it's the same game as last year(s)with a few changes

    When will people learn? Lol same crap since wwe 12. You lazy game devs will only get foolish money, DLC for not even a half assed made game

  8. Im not a hardcore fan of WWE show or games. But I will admit this trailer was EPIC! THis is how you should make a game trailer.

  9. Am i the only one who doesn't care about the roster reveal because lets be honest you won't use half the wrestlers in the roster
    Im more concerned about the showcase,mycareer,exhibiton matches and gameplay.

  10. these trailers suck…theres no hype for garbage unless they give us gm mode or heavily updated universe mode…2k you have no idea what ur doing…

  11. They should just give us a 2k showcase on Roman reigns rise to the top and then his last match will be Brock lesnar at summerslam instead of a 2k tower cuz the tower feels like a showcase

  12. I was hyped for this game, hadn't bought a wwe game since 2k14 but I'm not pre ordering and am losing interest cause your lack of information on the game

  13. do these morons at 2k want me to buy their game or not, cause the lack of info doesn't make me want to buy it. we know more about final fantasy 7 remake and shenmue 3, games that are coming out next year than a game coming out in 2 months. no hype no buy

  14. Lol, these games are such garbage. I legitimately feel bad for the retards growing up now a days. No legacy whatsoever. All of the wwe games this past decade have been an absolute disgrace.

  15. If it’s like a second showcase then I’d be interested, don’t half ass it with incorrect attires, arenas etc lol

  16. No muere nadie porque cuando le tiras de altura y cuando pone en los créditos estás levantado Michael eso yo lo hice con un mod que se mueve la

  17. The game on paper looks great. The originals addition than story based towers…a lot of things to look forward to other than career mode and universe

  18. Female my career, Mixed Tag Match and new tower mode? thats it???? WWE 2K19 had way much infos by this time. Gameplay was improved and a lot more fluid, my career was the best career mode in 2k history, 2K Showcase of the career of Daniel Bryan, creation suite improved now we can make our own MITB briefcase. WWE 2k18 had the carrying system and stamina system that completely changed the gameplay new graphics engine, 8 man matches etc. WWE 2k17 had the backtage brawls and fighting in the crowd which was revolutionary for the franchise. But this is all we got so far??? Im going to have to see more otherwise this is going to be the 1st WWE Game that I won't buy since SmackDown vs Raw 2009. I really don't get the hype over the same old shit

  19. If I want to play a 2k game. I’ll buy NBA 2k. The game the company actually cares about. The budget for NBA vs WWE games must be like NBA 2k, 1 billion, wwe 2k 1 dollar. Games have been trash for nearly a decade, not worth buying at all.

  20. hey guys i want dx shoawcase and roman reigns showcase and women evoution showcase and 30 year of summerslam showcase

  21. Why are y'all messing with dlc packs for old game especially if yall not gone put the new wwe games on old gen? I can't access the 2k17 dlc, my smackdown vs raw 2011 dlc most of it is missing from the wwe shop snd my in game which the last time I checked it stuff was duplicated. I bought the dlc for 2011 a long time ago and had no issues when newer games came out now all of a sudden content missing and I'm not happy about it! from the looks of it y'all deleted some of the dlc dor whatever reason hell I didn't download or pay for great Hart but if I ever wanted to that's out the window.

  22. What’s up everyone when WWE 2k20 comes out hopefully most of these people are confirmed I know some are but I am looking into doing a WWF VS. WCW live stream on PS4 if anyone is interested please look at my fantasy match booking below 👇👇👇👇
    Chris Jericho vs. Booker T
    Kurt angle vs. Bert Hart
    Chyna vs. Alundra Blayze or Torrie Wilson?
    Kane/Big Show vs. Nash/Hall
    Mankind vs. DDP
    & the mega match
    Hogan Flair Sting & Goldberg vs. Stone Cold The Rock Triple H & The Undertaker

  23. WWE if urll are still trying to figure what made the WWE2K14 game so special it was the beat The Streak and the 30 years of Wrestlemania maybe urll should add a 35 years of Wrestlemania in WWE2K20

  24. We don't need more graphics we need roster like WWE2k14 and big showcase with 29 match like WWE2k16 .Please stop work graphics ,we need more match type like the "I Quit" … and Alt.Attire for superstar. If you made this , wwe games was better .Please like for 2k read his

  25. Can we please get a GM mode please that’s what so many of us having been asking for. Or at least tell us why we aren’t getting it again for another year , we deserve to know why you guys just plain refuse to give us what we want??

  26. Don’t care what anyone says. Roman is amazing now. I know he used to be ass on the mic but I think he’s great now tbh


  28. hey 2k just one thing dont you dare to pest wwe2k20 with microtransactions like you did again on nba 2k20 otherwise count me out out just saying. Peace

  29. We need a Roman Reigns showcase with matches like WM31 Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns with Seth cashing in and Wm33 Roman vs Undertaker

  30. Every one is saying “it’s the same game as last year.” It’s a wrestling game.. not much you can change game wise. Plus, 2K isn’t going to make a different engine for every year the games are released. Yes 2k17 and 2k18 were terrible but, 2k19 was a step in the right direction. Definitely looking forward to this game. 👍🏼

  31. I'm starting to realize the lack of information just means it's no different from 2k19. I waiting on this fucking Yukes game

  32. tower mode i don't need your tower mode i got MK 11 to play tower mode tell me if the game has a lot new matches like i quit match punjabi prison match ambulance match and all those crazy good matches can i beat the shit out of my opponent until he gets carried on a stretcher if i beat the shit out of my opponent is he gonna stand up after 2 second and be like ya i am ready to go i can walk run like i am brand new win like nothing has happened some realism please is the crowd gonna be made out of paper again commentary still repeating the same god damn thing is it gonna be like that again and is the game gonna have better online connectivity better net code for not having to wait 3 years just to play 1vs1 without lag it's even impossible to find anyone in the other matches online in wwe 2k19 on day one release that's what i want to know i don't care about your stupid my career universe mode 2k tower mode or what have you. You have absolutely ruin your reputation as developers every year it's the same crap no new matches and bad online experience

  33. They faced at WM 31 fast lane 2016 Royal rumble 2016 wm 34 greatest Royal rumble summer slam 2017 and summer slam 2018 finally the 4 year rivalry ended


  35. BUBBLY2K20 > this copy and paste crap

    Game modes for BUBBLY2K20 include:

    THE TOWER OF JERICHO. Where you start off as a "wwe" jobber named joe, or colby, or rebecca, and climb your way to the top to face THE FIRST-EVER, AEW WORLD CHAMPION, CHRIS JERICHO… only to humble you. There is no "easy" mode. This timed tower only has the DARK SOULS difficulty setting

    The Tower of 5150: SANTANA and ORTIZ. The AI pairs you with a tag-partner, the player to climb to the dreaded Tower of 5150. You will face off other tag-teams like SoCal Uncensored, The Dark Order, Angelico and Jack Evans, Private Party, The Young Bucks, Best Friends…. if you survive, then you, and your chosen AI tag-partner will face SANTANA and ORTIZ in a 5150 STREET FIGHT. *No "easy" mode available. Only DARK SOULS difficulty

    The Sammy Guevara Challenge: Can you survive the kicking of the nuts by Guevara?

    The Jake Hager Challenge Tower: This VR exclusive will make you feel like you are inside an AEW ring, where you will get to face off against the undefeated MMA superstar and former World Champion. You will feel the kicks and the punches as if you are an actual MMA jobber. Warning: this mode may contain blood, dizziness, concussions, broken neck, broken limbs, loss of sight, and humiliation

    The Jon Moxley Challenge: In this DLC VR exclusive, are you ready to survive an encounter with The Purveyor of Violence? If so, then may the Gods have mercy on your soul. Side effects when playing this VR mode contain the following: loss of blood, missing limbs, chainsaw to the face, weed whacker to the stomach, experience in high levels of pain, more blood loss, hearing loss, and being forced to do "hokey shit."

    The SALT OF THE EARTH Tower mode: In this timed-tower exclusive, you are faced with the impossible challenge to climb to the top of the tower, where you will face off against the likes of Marko Stunt, Lucharsaurus, Jungle Boy, Brandon Cutler, Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela, Darby Allin, Nyla Rose, Riho, Britt Baker, Awesome Kong, Aja Kong, Hikaru Shida, and others until you face off against the fastest rising star in all of professional wrestling, and get humiliated by calling you a "basement-dwelling momma's boy who plays dungeons & dragons way too much, you're obese, and you are poor"

    The AEW humiliates "wwe" mode: In this mode, you become AEW President, Tony Khan and you purchase "wwe." "The name does say "Khan." But it's TONY KHAN! THAT'S RIGHT! I NOW OWN, WWE!"

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