WWE 2k20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 5 BCW

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alright guys so welcome back to my
channel just to get my fly my name Joseph so so welcome back to another
gameplay de 2k 20 of having a good run in Memphis
but eventually we wanted to check out some of the other indie hotspots around
the country and after a year or so of bouncing around we made a name for
ourselves in LA where the indie scene was really taking off yeah welcome back
to the campaign of data 2k 20 my career mode slash my player mow this gameplay
part hi guys I got two more gameplay to do for you guys I would take a break on
that one I will work on another gameplay of Charlotte Becky Lance Bailey I saw
something for horse woman so I kind of wait
that’s it I’m leaving without you you can’t do that we’re a package deal
remember besides look who’s headed our way great
I was wondering if she’d show up relax I’m not here to start anything so don’t
get your collective skivvies in a bunch this is the one day to put any past
differences aside and honor your achievements so congratulations you’ve
earned everything that’s coming to you tonight what was that
maybe she owes a conscience after all I seriously doubt that
forget her let’s get back to your story I think LA was where I first saw you two
wrestling person remember we end up having that series of matches against
each other how could I forget it led to one of the most embarrassing nights of
my career hmm okay things give the intense by now
so Wow can’t believe it we bout God just about every type of
mash except for one that also happened to be on the wall Michael in a crybaby
match and since you had the first and only crybaby match with Razor Ramon back
in the day this was the perfect time to cross it off why this work pathetic and
we tired oh my gosh and your Lord tickets go on sale for next month’s of
that that’s Wednesday already oh come on oh my gosh except that their day why
it’s gonna be a mess up that because look at me I know where it is
I hate pee I love pink ice cream okay strawberry it’s right there yo but this
one hell no hell no no no how come I now damn it to check your ID come on now ah Dario ah nope Ariel Doo doos alright did this ah man harm my sama so embarrassing nobody wants that nope no sorry
Oh nice very nice Cindy – my a spot Oh Terry Oh nice the merchandise stand will be open until
30 minutes after the show so enjoy the event and kind of check
there is less work for me okay climb the turn poke a while okay
how to climb oh oh oh come on now really a spot say climb all right there you go don’t tell me do later job Oh point two
three I know I know it oh my god it’s all very same oh my gosh got milk
I think that before oh man so pathetic why why sorry I put your friend in a diaper
there was no way I was gonna let that happen to me again maybe it’ll teach him
to stop putting ridiculous things on our list but probably not
hey this isn’t public knowledge yet so keep it on the DL the WWE is going to be
holding an all-women’s tournament later this year that’s amazing yeah they’re
calling it the mayhem classic Triple H asked me to keep an eye out for talent
so I’ll be watching your match night against Candace larae don’t hold back I
never do I don’t know why he’s so cranky I fed him and changed his date any
chance you can babysit during my match oh my gosh I don’t act like that oh my
gosh I need a new career I need a new career come on I lost by a spot as I cry
like a damn baby come on man they right do they ain’t right damn it
damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it okay okay okay all right all right so if I heard okay awesome awesome I do this try reverse it there you go oh come on man there you go they just nope not today okay some payback hi ah now reverse it reverse it yes no
smoking no smoking allowed in the building boom all right
this e can’t be her in this match come on
oh I got hurt mr. wrestling wrestling match not baseball game wrestling match
Oh oh I got hurt come on now Casey all yellow come on Oh Oh just on it I don’t care and I think so
who did this almost got her Oh what the heck is a glitch sorry I
quit oh crap Arielle
oh crap oh man Arielle Oh No yeah there laughs damn it
eka people said I wasn’t ready yeah there you go they taste come right out
what the fuck it is alright here we go god I got her cool awesome ok try to get her on yellow so I need work on submission oh crap damn state this I’ll come right now
really come on dammit say give me a chance I got Oh how’s a baby back again all right to do birthday announcements
and the answer to this okay try to do this one boom really now ah that’s right really yeah
yes y’all yellow it is we’ve been informed that a guy here has
lost his wedding ring if you find it please turn it in for just yes don’t
care awesome take this ooh yes now you ow now uh get back in here come on seriously yes come on get up get up yes finally cool so now he’s even see one of the match
canis and red one so now even cool cool look you two are great so I wish I could
recommend you both for the myun classic but hunter said they’re only looking to
fill one spot right now you’re really milking this decision get it cuz the
crybaby match earlier I’ve been hanging out with Trey too much please continue
I’m gonna have to recommend Candace she’s been doing this for over 15 years
red you’ve got a ton of potential but you don’t have anywhere near that kind
of experience yeah totally I get it thank you so much for this opportunity
I’m sure we’ll see each other again in the future like he said I’ve been doing
this a really long time and you’re one of the best I’ve ever seen
and you’re only gonna get better I appreciate that I gotta go call my
husband and tell him the good news no guarantees but I’ll definitely keep you
in mind of WWE ends up doing this tournament again give me your contact
info before you leave tonight okay I will Thanks hey I overheard what Xbox
said this is just a bump in the road and tonight was a total loss at least I get
to cross off wrestling a crybaby match give me that look it smells like butt
sweat I told you not to keep the list in your tights cost of doing business
win may young classic tournament see if you can air that out as our indie journey continued over the
next couple of years we got to have matches in a lot of cool places but the
one that stood out most was when we got to do a special show back in our
hometown you’ve got to be kidding me and we
thought her head couldn’t get any bigger you know what I’m not gonna let a stupid
sign ruin this for us let’s go this was our chance to show our friends and
family just how far we had come well at least our friends okay y’all got level 19 cool so brookie
so alright that cool I see Oh cool oh yeah hey O’Brien over at the used-car
lot sue got by Tom bachik okay so all done the upgrade is stamina
that good not very good a very good day all right let’s see what gonna happen
this hopes be something very a sight man I hope so I very hope so they so what happens if your parents show up
tonight first of all as far as I’m concerned they’re not even really my
parents anymore but if they did show up and security can deal with it I’m not
gonna let anyone pick and choose when they want to have my back especially now
that I’m having a little bit of success but you haven’t talked to them since
Calgary which was like four years ago maybe it’s time you give him another
chance another chance to tell me I’m wasting my life and that I’m never gonna
make it sorry I don’t need that besides I paid them back their money so the way
I see it we have nothing to discuss hey I’m not showing out an extra twenty
bucks so you two can have a therapy session I handed her the wrench if that
counts also were you listening to our entire conversation hey I get it
we’ve all got drama in our lives I mean look at me last year I put on a mask and
attacked my former protege buzz costing him a shot at WWE then he wouldn’t
return my phone calls or texts for like a year no one wanted to work with me and
bcw folded but then I stuck up for buzz too AJ Styles and the next thing you
know I’m in buzzes Corner at WrestleMania and now I’m in the process
of rebuilding bcw that’s a lot of very specific information yeah what’s your
point my point is I turn chicken crap into chicken salad and that’s what I can
do for you too if you sign exclusive deals with me and become cornerstones of
the new B c-w okay nah I pass um no thanks yeah yeah we’re good your
loss because f.y.i I am this close to getting coal Quinn on board big things
are happening hey speak of the handsome devil let’s go talk numbers
shall we I thought that that that lawyer old greeny this guy feel like we’ve
really touched a bullet they’re more like a cannonball that guy’s a total
nightmare and here comes another one what is she
doing here holy crap is that hothead red and Turay
you two picking up some extra work to make your trailer payments or is this
some kind of prison work release program it’s just red now and we’re wrestling
tonight and also we don’t live in trailers we stay in hotel rooms to have
microwaves which seemed a lot more impressive before I said it
wait you actually became pro wrestlers I get to see your uncoordinated bodies
flop around this ring tonight she’s got good lungs of course I do I’m an Elite
MMA competitor if you haven’t heard the American hero Brooklyn von Braun is
undefeated more like American zero what’s that nothing
you realize Kurt Angle’s already known as the American hero right you probably
should ask him for permission to use his nickname like rounder Rousey did with
rowdy roddy piper hurt ankle never heard of him anything he should ask me
permission to use my name since I’m Way more famous I’ll chat with my lawyer
about it thanks for the heads-up why are you here you’re obviously not a pro
wrestling fan no gross there’s a ceremony after your stupid show to
rename the gym in my honor the town sign wasn’t enough it wasn’t I actually
wanted it bigger couldn’t you have picked any other night to do this do you
think I chose to share my special night with a professional wrestling event
that’d be like eating a giant bowl of turd soup before having the best steak
of your life I have a loaded schedule and tonight was my only avail how much
longer would have taken to say ability I told you I’m busy every second
counts I’ve already wasted way too much time talking to you carnies I’ll have
you know we’ve wrestled at several carnivals and their employees are some
of the finest people around other than that tilt-a-whirl operator who bit me
when I asked him what time it was there’s always exceptions cool story
looking forward to seeing you tap again tonight red you know just like old times
whoa you could kill someone with that I know that’s the point don’t let her get
under your skin and ruin our night we’ll do our thing and then she can do her
stupid gym dedication it’ll be totally separate I’m sure we won’t even notice
her oh here I come awesome they still ain’t say my name that like complete bullshit let me guess coal yes this so I fight cool quit nothing so that they soap so all right come on enough so off okay here yeah come on oh really yeah take this nice dish come on now great that tree I have come by down come on oh that’s it take this come here take this boom tranq em hurt drag all yell oh my god
yellow come on down Oh got hurt take that ready come on now No minor to stick around after the show for
a special nothing so be interested in signing this plea to is
it yes yeah is over oh come on now by be the small fish in a big pond when
you can be the shark okay maybe that’s not the best metaphor
since I don’t buy shark what’s your buy very long indicated there you well it wasn’t that you guys saw that that was cool carry on make sure to check out the concessions
Oh ah da da da oh that yes yeah yes oh come on now hey right yes Oh nowadays okay
let’s just say it makes buzzes van look nice before they Jess come on now really yes Trey’s old principal told me they also told me they were huge fans he’s
dead I swear yes DJ done yes we won i won yes that was matched what a little bit
easy a little bit okay
they see who brag on fight to her upon it who is it I’ll sit pero la vie vie a little bit all right they do this come on come on now damn it in everyone close their just listens to
the sweet sound of my voice I promise the misery will soon be over I can’t
dodge it really come on now
they write yes okay so I’m gonna stop right here so thank you for watching
data e2k 20 rupees J don’t forget it cool delight scry , share thank for
check out my channel don’t forget about fly alright guys see ya

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