WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 13 Money in the Bank

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alright guys so welcome back to my
channel Jessica my flight my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to another
game Trey will defend his universal championship against braun strowman and
an empty arena match tradesman’s bathhouses past few weeks but samoa joe
but that will not happen again tonight he’s gonna have to win this match on his
own which i don’t see happening the deck is certainly stacked against
Trey like it has never been before the following contest is an Extreme
Rules match and is for the WWE Universe champion chair let’s not forget the title is on the
line here tonight how can I forget – look the point of this
time call me crazy Cory the part of me thinks
that the champ might actually be the underdog in this one please tell me
you’re joking you can’t honestly think that the
challengers favorite and this one Wow I’ll tell you what the champs gonna make
you eat your words after this one the monster of a man is here I would do anything not to get stuck
inside the ring with braun strowman i’ll fire and i would pay all of my bank
account to watch you get these hands let’s play quite I don’t want to hear
you hey Michael fuck that Tommy through you a little girl I remember things slightly
differently I was there too but someone is gonna get these hands introducing the Challenger weighing in
385 and introducing the champion weighing in at 225 pounds
here’s the WWE Universe so champion here we go guys this could be my last makes
you the guy in WWE champion we’re seeing some to the presence of the WWE Universe
that there’s almost an eerie silence in the arena right now that’s the wonder if
that’ll affect either superstar playing off the energy of the crowd gets
sometimes be a huge momentum boost I really don’t like that old saying if
Trey gets his ass kicked in an arena and no one’s around to see it that it still
happened yes yes it did that was really deep quarry oh come on oh man doing a
great job of turning that around no another rehearsal neither one of them
are willing to give an inch here whoa strowman dodge yes try her him I feel a
little silly asking this given that there’s probably no good answer but
quarry how do you be braun strowman oh you’re right Cole that is a silicon
because there’s no blueprint when it comes to defeating a monster like braun
strowman the best advice to hit in the head yes is try to chop him down to size again hey it seems to be working for him
he’s dictating the pace of this match now guys nice effort and here’s hoping
he could sustain it Byron quarry suggests trying to chop braun strowman
down to size as a possible strategy the monster among men what do you think with
that strategy work against strowman well it’s certainly a shot if you take out
strohman legs then it becomes a Matt Cain I mean you’re probably gonna get
crushed but maybe not as badly take this boom back a bad place to be for the
Challenger things are not looking good for him right now crap strowman doing a great job of
turning that around tough spot to be in punch another seems like we’re back
where we began Michel running ass plant some nicely done
oh my gosh Trey’s giving it everything he’s got to take down the monster among
men oh no oh my god with a boot to the face here’s the cover entree Universal champion finally someone else
caught a break for a change it’s the motor Jewish now haha inspired and he is
not happy to say the least I’m sorry about your title but there’s
no shame in losing to brawn especially with how it went down I’m not that upset
about losing the universal championship even though my run was short it was
memorable I’m more disappointed that my time on Raw is come to an end what do
you want you couldn’t hang on to the title just a little bit longer so I
could take it from you and whose fault is that I did everything I could to
preserve my rematch but it wasn’t enough title or no title I’m still going to
choke you out let’s do this hey that’s enough I’ve had enough of you these past
few weeks not only did you lose the universal title is someone who wasn’t
even a Ross superstar but then you went to the extreme lengths to interfere and
multiple championship matches so you’ve left me with no other choice you’re
fired this isn’t over because the moment you
feel safe and stop looking over your shoulder I’ll be back to destroy you
make sure he leaves immediately I spoke to the doctor he thinks she’ll be fine
to compete next week oh okay I’ll uh I’ll let NXT no no I meant on Raw I’ve
decided to give you a permanent contract really why I know I’ve been hard on you
but I do see some potential you’re entering skills need work but you can be
entertaining at times see that’s what I’ve been saying all these years I put
the inner Trey Mint in sports-entertainment
I’m gonna leave before you say anything else that makes me regret my decision
Thanks pipes I can call you that now right no I’m happy for you this is
pretty awesome I have officially arrived yeah you got the spotlight now no more
being indiscreet okay well I’m ready for people to know who I
am and hey now that I’m gonna be on TV every week maybe even my real parents
will see me I should start leaving tickets for them at every big event you
know just in case they show up and this is all thanks to you yeah well I can’t
take credit for everything now there’s only one thing left to do tonight we go
out there and win the Money in the Bank ladder match we I appreciate the support
but I need to do this on my own you sure with Selena Vega and the match was a
good chance Andrade will get involved at some point maybe so how about you stay
back here and if Andrade does interfere then you take him out deal deal I got
your back the package deal is together again on
Raw I already got one contract about to get another might even meet my real
parents soon all of our dreams are coming true
well I guess now that I’m all alone I can properly celebrate I got our raw
contract the inks dry so they can’t give it back I got our raw contract I’m kind
of hungry I need a snack yeah I got a rug contract I got a bra
contract I think I left my phone it you’re the worst you see my parents out there anyway I
don’t think so not that I’d know what they’d look like I always pictured them
looking like me but older and in my mom’s case more female here all these
years of leaving them tickets after I was signed to raw just hoping they’d see
me on TV and show up and now tonight it finally will it’s unbelievable it really
is they always had each other’s backs and that was certainly the case when I
faced off against red and the Money in the Bank ladder match the trial defeat Zelena to the top
hold on it’s on trotty what’s he doing out here is he pleading Selena Vega on
his shoulders how is this legal cuz not only legal it’s smart it’s true
I think he’d seen neutralize dr. Adi and the opening rent needed this pains
me to admit Byron but she might have been right about your prediction she’s gonna do it and our first attempt
red is going to win the match wait yeah Rhonda’s got it she’s got it locked in Branson big
trouble fans gonna be hard for her to grab a briefcase with a broken arm can
she escape before it’s too late this is anyone’s match now oh man here
we go superstars must have in their stomach
it’s an electric atmosphere and we are come on exam what
oh man shot of the fire she shut down the I like the ride though if she goes back in the ring down mine and it’s Charlotte Natalie superior there she can then hex
you to the ring very interesting game plan here what a great job by Selena
took advantage there you go sorry nice hook them up
damn oh my gosh stomping got a ladder section so devastating pally no come on ow damnit Maryellen come on now it’s not reverse it man she keep mom throw me out market up
malicious this is a big risk damn it nice I’m fine without it tario – back from that one
demo my gap Selena
a series of new I think looks like nobody’s watching there she goes job yes it keeps told me out get up she has the briefcase in a glass do it damn this try to take her out instinct runs away the face boom suplex to this and st. basil evades that one
there she goes your house at the ladder that’s a shot you No there she goes really got a ladder really they get a chance No here’s the setup pets up the ladder she wants to take this one really she
goes back in the right now there she goes nice amateur take down they’re so devastating huh she’s in control
damn it come to tanki throw me out you say right there she goes all right so I take out the yeah okay so that baseball she wants to end this damnit No stay away from me going to get that ladder up the assets’
there she goes come on man she’s not– next the shoulders
nice Oh No submission that big there he goes the good shot there she’s really really high
and I can’t see great job by valina here we go she has the briefcase
she just has to like quite a Gamble’s to take at this
point a minute Basti wasn’t expecting that there we go down to the floor defenseless in the corner big now that’ll mean to wake you there she goes although we’re Pickers just inspire there she goes straight furrow here’s the setup if she goes back to the
instinct from not the first child you’ve seen her do
this what a great job by Selena Vega to take
advantage yet another the babies we’re books she’s impact to the outside here’s the setup – behind it and this is all part of Charlotte’s
strategy trying to feed Selena to the top hold on
it’s on Trani what’s he doing out here is he putting
Selena Vega on his shoulders how does this legal has not only legal and smart
it’s true neutralized under Adi and the opening rent needed this pains
me to admit Byron but she might have been right about your prediction she’s gonna do it and I thought that a
friend is going to win yeah that’s gonna be hard for Ana grab a
briefcase with a broken arm can she escape before it’s too late this is anyone’s match now a competitor
must seize opportunity in a match like this because there’s no guarantee
another one will present itself I agree with you 100% colt
there can’t be any hesitation if you’ve got an ally or a tag partner in this
match you cannot let that block your path in the briefcase you can’t waste
time you got to set up the ladder and go back into the ring toss to the outside thanks buck vertical
soup line back suplex Oh dump me what a great job by Selena
Vega to take advantage there she goes tío plants nicely done leaving the ring here may change the
complexion of this match there’s none she’s really taking it to a
core here and you can’t argue with the results she’s in a bad way here there she goes toss to the outside Ronda Rousey connected with it taking it
to the midsection she’s going to her midsection again continued blamer it
practically has a target on it at this point
Dantzler looking to inflict more damage now going after the upper body and it’s
targeted attacks like this that put people on shelves for a very long time changes are fortunate
stopping my angle right across the shoulders ah BAE’s ler so devastating stopped by
baylor she turns it around but there she goes down to the floor here it comes
neckbreaker and this is all part of Charlotte’s
strategy and Shayna Baszler eBay’s that one Wow what’s it going to
take I got to tell you I thought she was done there tell you that laughing now up the ladder goes up up and away perhaps tryna get a quick victory here
not a bad strategy come on pull it pull it this should be huge here she goes
back in the ring now going for all the glory here guys working out her opponent
ten feet in the air makes me nervous just watching them up there setting that
ladder up now yeah that’s suplex whoa not so fast and no one to guess
Bianca Bella whoa and again yet another kid she’s going
after a midsection again continue blamer it practice up and sorrow is able to get
the danger there striked it up back check in the midsection and I think we
know what’s coming up next Michael indeed we do that’s just Charlotte proving her
dominance once this is Charlotte’s best chance the
queen has the capitalized just assaulting the torso here using the house
there she goes she’s really taking it to a core here
and you can’t argue with results here’s the setup and look it hung up on the second row
alone against aggression putting it all on the line oh my god rowdy Eric on duty this is a big risk will it pay off
perched up top she’s got her we’ve got a client she is the briefcase
in her grasp she just has to pull now almost out of time back in the ring now and sit back for so
here eliminate the pool oh man
he’s really taking it to her over here narrowly avoiding trouble yeah that
could be bad look at Shayna Baszler strike after strike after strike the
lethal combination this could be it guys I don’t know Michael it just doesn’t
appear to be coming down Oh to cow for the suplex suplex and see the babes are making her think
twice sale suitors basil er just slam it into the mat torture and Submission there she goes down to the floor not
what she was looking for features to your face
a bone yeah clacks her at the ladder again net
second would seem twice as vicious as the first
the ladder is up and here we go didn’t go and no one gets anticipated that attack perfectly the briefcase he’s gonna pull you’ve
never pulled before come on she’s taken to the floor when she can be ever so
dangerous back into the ring down to the floor Bendis right now now queen take it over
over at the button she’s ready for something big she’s looking a bit
what a great job Joey high risk again you see that
and save me Karla’s just getting overwhelmed it’s
not something you see often for the Queen nasty impact I look about this in facebuster there
she goes it’s just insulting toss to the outside Bianca there she goes down to the floor oh
that’s the impact the ASET the ants antibiotic action at its absolute best
can she pull the briefcase with this thing nothing set in stone
just yet we gotta climb up so many things you go
it’s this is bound to happen time Nancy’s back right now
she scores the camera master bra’tac kick Charlotte with a nice reversal the lethal combination way back there she goes turn back and know what to give going to get that laugh to the outside there she goes here’s the setup
here we go there she goes down to the floor double underhook applied up and she’s in control Ronda Rousey’s done
playing again with she’s showing no mercy
tonight fuckin way Charlotte is in trouble
Ronda Rousey needs to capitalize on this opportunity right to the kidneys from behind ah look at this Razi taking no prisoners
she’s capable some great activity the key is
sustaining the effort setting that ladder up now back in the
ring again trying to pull down the contract now what
forty-two here we go Ren is now in possession of the Money in
the Bank briefcase which entitles her to a future championship match that was a
hard-fought battle the entire respect to all of these women
Pranav a ton in Finnish with red a sign of respect sure that means yeah so I’m gonna stop right here so
thank you for watching Duda 2k 20 my career Moe ireba shit
don’t forget to click the light scry comment share thank forward check out my
channel just get my fly alright guys see ya

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  2. great gameplay that Joseph brauns my fav at the minute hehe GET THESE HANDS hehe 🙂 graphics are off the hook i heard a lot fo bad things about the animation on 2k20 but it looks fine there tbh fantastic upload my brudda 🙂

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