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do not try this at home every time we
start a video you do this yeah well I don’t want kids doing restaurant moves
on them yeah sisters what’s up everybody just dad city back with a numbered a
number another WWE / UK 17 battle royal superhero battle royal this time so
we’re going to go down to the six-man and battle royal yeah and this is a
spider-man movie battle royal spider-man homecoming you ready for this buddy yes
so I’m going to be I’m going to get the spider-man first you can’t so we got
spider-man or black spider-man so you guys like bitter spider-man red or
spider-man black this is the spider-man red and he is the homecoming because
he’s got those black leather things that’s the suit that Tony Stark gave
spider-man and there’s Ned lead to his big ol nerdy buddy in the movie still
work we’re going to put him in Ned Leeds he’s actually pretty good
you might recognize his face we made him out of another character
we’re gonna put an Iron Man cuz he’s in that movie the vulture the movie is at
the end TUV the vulture look at that right there
closer that’s the main villain in spider-man no crime get any and also
let’s put in venom he’s not in the movie but and let’s also put in you put in
carnage there you go carnage that stuff I think that we may
be playing round 2 so don’t go anywhere stick around for round 2 because they
may get be beat up really quick here dick it’s the spider and
Smackdown 9 okay here we go damn it oh whoa look at Spidey dangerous
right here oh boy he’s all over the place that bloke what knocks down
drag-out brawl we aspire me back vultures on them Oh Karnas tried to get me out early but it
didn’t work going through the trouble played with this boom I don’t remember
the last time yet put you back manoeuvre head off with a Clarion boo there goes
garnish already got corn Adele destroy playback campus one in our sing-along
venom Oh what now but he’s not a parent to worse for wear at least not yet
anyway look god he’s better than what we’re
seeing right now hard to argue debt oh boy dead leaves is
doing good he’s doing a number on Iron Man 6 w WL volatile voices were bottled
milk I mean hey why you like what you doing
he’ll have right if you need me oh I’m a dead man
old Neddy boy not going to witness Oh looks like you need a rest over there
Oh Venom’s got Ned over there on the ropes
ah what are you doing man what’d you get ah Ironman got me in a powerbomb one
spinning powerbomb that was out of the way Oh No making it safe in here with
this get me wet look oh no another Powerball what are you there Oh men when
you combine six of WWE’s most volatile please better one Ironman innovation
like spider-man guys are coming our way here well system nobody no no no there’s
a reversal hey you’re gonna convolving away oh into the chin how’s that perfect this is not going to do expect to see
this kind of damage ah thank you my god in body precaution
Camila hard to break come on nobody come on paper on the kitchen what if you get
some dogs punches or what get to the level of what are you I felt oh you’re
going to be made I like it yeah get off of me pow what an idiot Oh
heuerman lens spider-man have it there’s a reversal
for you recommend not to get venom out so clicks on the art
nope he roars amid Godzilla mountain oh no oh oh how
to do that before oh my god it’s practically Helen is rig
loaded for the brunt of the attack to the Bieber concert applause Frieza not
hold on oh oh oh that one hurt DDP by the vulture what’s about damn still get hmm I don’t remember the last time
sharks been through a chalkboard audience jokes Lamba chairman oh and a
powerful oh my goodness saving you boy yeah you’re not doing anything freeze
may give him a go going to do much better just about to turn it around – oh
it’s good sit on me oh love me here took Laurie that wasn’t even close so come on
the oh man this is no good yeah I may have a Spanish or you don’t either
in it they’re just dragging me around this is not good the only thing that’s
translating oh man you’re right about that cold this has been more weight this is unreal this is what makes it one
of the best in the biz Oh No hi round 2 is coming up right now bill Ned Ned the
nerd Nedley this one it wins that one so
we’re going to start up another one here round two coming up all right if you
want to see I’m thinking about doing a second version of this spider-man battle
royal if you want to see a completely new set
of spider-man villains maybe black your fighter and about
eternal comment below and give this video thumbs up hey let’s see if we can
get this to like 10,000 likes then we’ll do it like yeah baby
I throw me out all right no time to get the fish on the feet this is a
wait no I need some help there Oh neckbreaker what are you doing over
there just fighting venom here I want away from carnage in a little bit of
trouble now finest artists of guys I could flip it great and if I hear I want
to take on Ned yeah yeah yeah yeah take on this throw them right in the bin
Oh Oh God both down none of you I’m getting rid of Ned again
get me out of gas whoo what do you mean over here oh here I
will get don’t get rid of me yeah I didn’t know where these you do that and
then you’re just going to eliminate me right now if we don’t care what you do
you’re gonna love me everyone Oh heavyweight Oh spider-man again see that
executed I’m just a little lamp oh okay fancy down with authority I don’t want
to get you’re not helping me very much okay yeah bitch picked it up it’s not
like he’s in there with a Klaus guy this guy’s fine
don’t worry about it well what okay here what is the lemonade go ahead move side
what’s this no no no thank you before something else you are something else
good roll out the Queen all right here we go I’m coming and against the fight
concentrate yeah goes boom you give me a loan boy don’t go around well they find
it out what is oh not you in trouble Oh that’ll be the back of the skull into
the game once you eliminate him oh oh carnage no carnage
no no he’s looking a little off-balance Thank You boys thank you finish metal
guys all right so we’re gonna but it’s uh point I’ve got a stowaway what do you mean even though them have
been helping these old gun oh yeah uh-huh
me too my signature with with spider-man’s about versus what you hear
the human you got it early you cannot perfect the energy no kidding did you
just say oh I’m you got perfect energy areas pain Here I am
oh yeah you got careful kids don’t need some time
yeah thanks and boggle this could be the opening he needs just pull ahead well I
don’t think at this point all right here we go I’m back in action see cute boy
all right spy splash here comes oh yeah yeah
getting over and over and over again okay Oh liar okay you worried it up and
I’m gonna eliminate carnage all these are hard yeah Oh got it yeah okay now
what oh hey you better not growl it is you you bear not crawling us Frank your
bottom oh do it oh all right oh oh it’s both your vs. spider-man just like the
movie yeah some people would use other words to describe what we just witnessed
get your brother’s wrap the books if he keeps up this pace no I call that the
man he’s in full let’s thank the vulture farm in elimination you need it you need
to quit it I call this get fight fireman
illuminated no oh thank you oh now you intro every bar get up boy 301 reversing what in the world I was in
the wrong direction where that doe here comes a Spidey flash quickly Oh No plus
you want to be great you’re off the dish horse I agree come here
oh he’s only great for a challenge and tonight is no different
you said it anything large missionaries are semi-darkness
finisher here we go i reversed it dad oh no you had a finisher you didn’t use
it Oh Oh now here comes a spotty splash buddy get on culture head plastic knee
it’s another to go after his leg oh you got a little crick in your knee like
this no no no no no don’t use your furniture don’t use your phizzer I can’t
believe everything we will we look at you it is with you
look at that reversal wow man thank you so much for watching subscribe
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battle Royals stopping by

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