Wrestling Origins: Paige

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Paige has proven to be one of the more popular
female wrestlers of the last few years both in and outside the ring. Her unique look is completely unlike any other
woman in WWE, while her vast wrestling experience has allowed her to become a top competitor
despite being so young. With her in the news so much these days, here
is Wrestling Origins: Paige! Saraya-Jade Bevis was born on August 17th,
1992, in Norwhich, England. She was born to wrestlers Ricky Knight and
Sweet Saraya into what can only be called a wrestling family. Saraya’s mother was wrestling while unknowingly
7 months pregnant until she realized. Along with technically wrestling while in
the womb, her father owned a wrestling promotion himself, so Saraya was exposed to the industry
from birth. She grew up with a love/hate relationship
with wrestling. Of course it was what her family loved and
she enjoyed it too, but at the same time she’d seen the ugly sides after her mother went
blind for 6 months after a botched dropkick to the eye. However, once she actually got in the ring,
she knew exactly how she felt about it, but more on that later. Growing up, her favourite wrestlers were Stone
Cold, Lita, and Rikishi, along with British wrestlers Klondyke Kate and Johnny Saint,
among others. When she was around 10, she began learning
how to wrestle. She was trained by her parents and made her
official wrestling debut at the age of just 13 in 2005. She competed under the ring name of Britani
Knight starting in 2006, and her first recorded match was alongside her mother in World Association
of Wrestling, her father’s promotion. She would continue on from there to compete
in other English promotions, and would win the WAWW Women’s Tag Team Championships
in June of 2007 with her partner Melodi. At the age of 14, Saraya decided to expand
her horizons by traveling across Europe to find wrestling opportunities. She would wrestle all over, including places
like Scotland, Belgium, France, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, and even Norway. Keep in mind she did this all by herself at
the age of 14. She would compete mainly as a singles competitor
and would come close to multiple championships in 2008, as well as notably defeat her mother
to win the HEW Women’s Championship and later the WAWW British Championship. She continued racking up title wins in multiple
promotions over the next year or two, and would have some extremely long reigns, having
had 4 reigns that lasted over 500 days. Suffice to say, Saraya had a lot of wrestling
experience, which lent its hand to landing her a tryout for WWE in late 2010. For the tryout, Saraya tried to make herself
look “more like a diva” as that’s what she thought the company wanted, but it turned
out she really couldn’t pull off that look. Despite her wrestling ability, the 18-year-old
was turned down, though she was invited to return again the next year. After continuing to wrestle in Europe in 2011,
Saraya returned for a second WWE tryout, but this time didn’t adjust her look. She kept her piercings in, rocked her heavy
eye shadow, and simply showed up as herself. This time, WWE took notice, and she wowed
the scouts with her wrestling ability. Despite being just 19 years old, WWE came
back very quickly with the news that she had made it. Saraya officially signed with WWE in September
of 2011 and was sent to FCW, a developmental territory of WWE. She would debut under the ring name Saraya
in January of 2012, but it was quickly changed to Paige before her first televised appearance. She would soon form an alliance with Sofia
Cortez and they called themselves the “Anti-Diva Army”, and made her in-ring televised debut
alongside Cortez, but lost. After a few months, FCW was rebranded into
NXT, and that’s where Paige would really begin to shine. Around September of 2012, Paige really started
to gather a lot of support from the fans, which accompanied her winning streak with
wins against Emma, Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Sasha Banks. This streak would finally come to an end at
the hands of Summer Rae in in early 2013, whom she feuded with and eventually beat. After that, she would defeat Tamina Snuka,
Alicia Fox, and Emma in a tournament to become the very first NXT Women’s Champion in July
of 2013. She would successfully defend her title for
274 days, defeating the likes of Summer Rae, Emma, and Natalya, before being forced to
vacate after being called up to the main roster full time. Just before that though, Paige made an appearance
on the RAW after WrestleMania in 2014 where she defeated the Diva’s Champion AJ Lee,
winning title and becoming the youngest ever Divas Champion at the age of 21. At this point she held both the NXT and the
main roster championships, which is why she had to vacate one. She would defend this title against Brie Bella,
Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, and Naomi before being quickly defeated by AJ Lee in June. This prompted Paige and AJ to seemingly become
friends after they began working as a tag team, but Paige would quickly turn on her
and win back the title at SummerSlam to make her a two-time champion, though would quickly
lose it back to AJ once more. From there, Paige would turn face, team again
with AJ at WrestleMania 31, fail on multiple occasions to capture the championship from
Nikki Bella, and finally join NXT-call ups Charlotte and Becky Lynch to create Team PCB,
one of three factions created during the Women’s Revolution. The Women’s Revolution would have Paige
slightly cast aside in favour of the newer women on the roster, which led to her turning
on Charlotte and Becky. This would set up title matches between Paige
and Charlotte, but she failed to capture the belt on three different occasions. After taking some time off for an injury,
Paige returned to TV in January of 2016 and from there would most notably take part in
a 10-Diva tag team match at WrestleMania 32 and compete against Charlotte once again for
the title, but lost. As part of the 2016 WWE Draft, Paige was drafted
to RAW, but had to once again take time off due to injury. Before she could return, Paige was suspended
by WWE for violating the company’s Wellness Policy which many thought to be drug related,
but she claims it was nothing more than a procedural issue. During this time, she would reveal that she
was taking more time off as she would need neck surgery, but was hit with another suspension
a month later, which she claims was due to drugs prescribed to her by her doctor. Since then, we haven’t seen Paige return
to WWE. Followers on social media know she’s engaged
to wrestler Alberto Del Rio and has talked about possibly leaving wrestling behind in
favour of MMA, yet fans are still hoping Paige will one day return to a WWE ring. And that was Wrestling Origins: Paige. If you enjoyed this video, then maybe give
it a thumbs up and subscribe for another episode of Wrestling Origins every Friday. Also, if I left out anything important, then
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catch you in the next one!

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