Wrestling Origins: Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston is a very talented wrestler
who is among the most exciting to watch in the WWE. Kingston is energetic, high-flying, and is
just simply an entertaining performer in the ring. Though today he’s taken up a role in The
New Day, he has accomplished quite a bit in WWE over the years, so here is Wrestling Origins:
Kofi Kingston! Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah, pardon my pronunciation,
was born on August 14th, 1981, in Kumasi, Ghana. His family would move from Ghana to the US
when he was just 2 years old. Kofi grew up an American in Winchester, Massachusetts,
and just like many others around that time, he was a huge fan of professional wrestling. He grew up watching guys like Bret Hart and
HBK, and says that he dreamt of becoming a wrestler himself since elementary school. As he grew older, Kofi would get more into
athletics, taking up football in high school along with amateur wrestling. He was definitely on the smaller side so he
never really excelled at these sports like some other superstars, but it served as a
way to develop his athletic abilities nonetheless. Even before high school he says he was always
outside, running around and always keeping active, so it’s no surprise he’s athletic
as he is. Kofi came from a family of academics so he
was expected to go to college, and he did. Kofi would attend Boston College in the early
2000’s, but after graduating, he realized that he didn’t want a regular job. Kofi decided to join a local wrestling school
in Boston, and says that from the moment he stepped into the school, he knew that was
what he wanted to do. Though not everybody would agree with this,
his family supported his decision to forego graduate school and follow his dreams. Kofi began training and would make his wrestling
debut in February 2006 at Chaotic Wrestling. He would continue wrestling in the New England
area, most notably competing a few times for NWA. His time touring the local circuit would be
short-lived though as in September of 2006 he signed a contract with WWE after an impressive
tryout. He was immediately sent to Deep South Wrestling
in Georgia to further train and develop. In 2007, Kofi would begin appearing in OVW
alongside DSW and competed under the name Kofi Kingston. He would work a couple dark matches as well
against the likes of MVP, Charlie Haas, and Trevor Murdoch during this time. He would spend the rest of 2007 mainly competing
in the newly opened FCW in Florida before making his way over to ECW. After vignettes and promotional material advertising
him as WWE’s first Jamaican superstar, Kofi would debut on January 22nd, 2008, for ECW
and picked up the win over a local wrestler. Kingston’s first major match was a 24-man
battle royal which aired on the WrestleMania 24 pre-show, but he was eliminated by Mark
Henry. From there, Kofi would continue working as
a singles competitor and would go undefeated for months until he suffered his first loss
at the hands of Shelton Benjamin. As part of the 2008 WWE Supplemental Draft,
Kofi Kingston was drafted to RAW. In his very first match on the roster, he
would surprisingly defeat Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship at Night
of Champions. Side note: this made Kofi the first wrestler
from Ghana to hold a title in WWE, as well as it being Kofi’s first title in his admittedly
short wrestling career. Kingston would hold this belt until SummerSlam
when he lost it to Santino Marella in an inter-gender tag team match. Next, Kofi would come to the aid of World
Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, which resulted in the two becoming a tag team, as well as
becoming friends in real life. The pair would go on to win the World Tag
Team Championships not too long after, but eventually lost them to John Morrison and
The Miz at a WWE live event of all places. Kingston would earn himself a spot in the
Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 25 after defeating Chris Jericho, but was
unable to win it. He would however quickly beat MVP for the
United States Championship, and defended it multiple times. His reign would last over four months, 126
days to be exact, but he lost it to The Miz. After a conflict with his lackeys Cody Rhodes
and Ted DiBiase, Kofi would begin a feud with Randy Orton. Orton believed he cost him the WWE Championship
and for that would attack him, but Kofi would notably retaliate by destroying Orton’s
car. The feud was quite memorable and would last
a few months with the two trading victories over one another, and would finally end after
Randy turned face and allowed Kofi to defeat Rhodes and DiBiase. After once again unsuccessfully competing
in the WrestleMania Money in the Bank match, Kofi was drafted to SmackDown in the 2010
WWE Draft. In his SmackDown debut, he would once again
defeat Chris Jericho before going on to win the vacant Intercontinental Championship. However, he was stripped of the title which
was returned to Drew McIntyre, but Kofi would win it back at Over the Limit. Kofi would eventually drop this title to Dolph
Ziggler, which was followed by a lengthy feud between the two where Ziggler would retain
on multiple occasions. Kofi would continue chasing it though and
eventually won it back in January of 2011. From there, Kofi would lose his belt to Wade
Barrett, get drafted back to RAW, and win the US Championship for the second time only
to lose it to Dolph Ziggler. In mid-2011, Kofi would team up with Evan
Bourne to win the WWE Tag Team Championships. The pair, known as Air Boom, would retain
the titles on multiple occasions, even surviving through Bourne’s Wellness Policy violation. They would finally drop the titles in January
of 2012 at a house show to Primo and Epico, which was followed by Bourne being suspended
again. After failing to make an impact in the WWE
Championship picture, Kingston would begin teaming up with R-Truth. The two would capture the WWE Tag Team Championships
in April and defended them for 139 days until losing to the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane
before disbanding soon after. From there Kingston would win the Intercontinental
title for the fourth time, pull off some crazy feats of athleticism in the annual Royal Rumble
match, win the United States Championship for the third time, take some time off to
heal from an injury, and feud with The Miz before finding his way to a new tag partner,
Big E. After suffering a loss on RAW, the duo was
approached by Xavier Woods who proposed forming an alliance between the 3 superstars, which
they accepted. Though this was a big deal at the time, the
trio would quietly disband over the next few weeks before WWE began promoting their debut
as a new stable called The New Day. Now I’ve already covered the history of
The New Day in-depth in my Wrestling Origins: Big E video, so check that out if you want
to know more about the stable. To put oversimplify it, The New Day would
go on to become one of WWE’s hottest stables of all time as well as become the longest
reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history, holding the belts for an astounding 483 days. And that was Wrestling Origins: Kofi Kingston. If you enjoyed the video, then maybe give
it a thumbs up and subscribe for more episodes of Wrestling Origins every Friday. Also if I left out anything important, then
let me know down below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one.

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  1. Hey guys another great vid but I think you mist out him getting a shot in the 2010 elimination chamber but getting attacked by Edge

  2. Your wrestling origins series is always a pleasure to watch but to be honest, you comment a lot on their current and very recent wrestling career. When I hear the word origins, I think of just how they start. I usually just stop watching the video when you start talking about his activity in WWE. Wrestling fans that search out videos like this are primarily hardcore fans that know pretty much everything about the wrestler's career in the WWE. I always like hearing about the previous promotions they competed in.

  3. can you please change the background music during the video and intro, listening to this music is kind of annoying

  4. I loved Kingston's feud with Orton. I wish it would have lead Kingston to become a World Champion. But I guess the WWE simply won't allow any Black person besides The Rock to become WWE Champion.


    I wrote "WWE Champion". I am talking about being the true world champion of the company. The World Heavyweight Championship — aka The Big Gold — had a very valuable history. The Universal Championship might become very prestigious in the future. However, THEE main belt is the WWE Championship. No Black person other other than The Rock has held the truly top spot of the company.

    To make matters worse, there were a ton of people that didn't know The Rock was Black during is original years of the company. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people respond, "Oh? He's Black?" when I talked to people about him. That happens often with Black people that have mixed parents, like Dwayne Johnson. I would not all be surprised if this is one of the reasons why The Rock was able to become a multiple time WWE Champion.

    The biggest frustration is that there have been several other Black superstars that probably could have become WWE Champ: Mabel, Shelton Benjamin, Ahmed Johnson, MVP, Bobby Lashley, or Titus O"Neil. However, career derailing injuries, bad creative decisions, wellness violations, or backstage politics prevented them from breaking the glass ceiling permanently.

    Before everyone jumps down my throat for being "racist", let me leave you a set of facts. There have been several WWE Champions of various minority and/or immigrant linage. There have been one Irish, one Italian, one Japanese, one Iranian, three Samoan (although Yokozuna character was Polynesian/Japanese), and one Greek/Filipino mixed (Batista), one Native American mixed (Billy Graham), one of Polish decent (Rob Van Dam) and four Latinos.

    However, there has been only ONE Black person. ONE! An American championship that has been around since 1963 (and has undergone numerous name changes) has had only one Black champion? Give me a break!

  5. Dang I always wondered why he's never gotten himself injured and this made me realize how short his independent wrestling career was

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    Check my retro wrestling series (gameplay with custom belts and storylines) i hope you enjoy! thanks 🙂

  7. Kofi should of won the royal rumble not Randy Orton if you have one of the longest title runs ever its your time

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  11. Kofi Kingston was one of the first guys I've ever seen wrestle but it was during a time when I barley pay attention to it. but when I did I started to see what Kofi has done before and I've seen some of his best moments. he's arguably one of the best of the absolute best

  12. I love Kofi Kingston. He is so athletic and amazing to watch. 4-time WWE Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion,. And the first Ghanian to win the Intercontinental Champion and a 1-time WWe World Tag Team Champion. That's impressive.

  13. I don’t see why people would think Kofi got buried! Answer me this(Does Kofi qualify for any of this):
    1.) Is he a jobber
    2.) Is he still relevant
    3.) Is he still active in WWE
    4.) Has he won any championships in the past 4 or more years
    5.) When was the last major rivalry in his career
    6.) Has he evolved
    7.) When was the last time he Main Evented ANY show
    6 out of 7 means he hasn’t been buried! People need to Quit telling everyone that Kofi Kingston got buried, like Seriously it’s gotten to the point where if you win, you’v practically buried the loser. Good grief is this what wrestling has gotten to😒

  14. Always wanted Kofi to win the Wwe championship or Money in The Bank or the Royal rumble, he does all this tricks and skills and never wins that stupid, but I’m glad he has some successes with the new day

    P.S. make him Heel and go after the WWE championship please….!!!! Come on Vince

  15. Thank You for this well made documentary on such a great wrestler.
    If I may request/inquire, would you at all consider Alicia Fox for the next Origin video?
    At any rate, take good care.
    Peace ✌

  16. I'm very happy he is a Ghanaian. Because he was born on Friday, he is called Kofi just as me.
    Proud to be a Ghanaian

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