Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Single Leg to Hip Toss

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Another 3 point move that arrives out of a
single leg is when my opponent defenses, with not a full sprawl, he’s caught me on the way
in so he needs to just step back and he pulls me up with a whizzer. When he pulls me up,
he pulls me up into undertook position and as I come up I can simply step across for
my hip toss here. So, I’m gonna to circle. I setup my single leg. I level change. He
sprawls and pulls me up now. So, I don’t have any leverage to keep going under so I come
up the body. But there’s a pocket of space here now opened up. So I go here to the waist.
I come up inside and now I want to do my back step in. Step in, pop. (Live wrestling until the end of video)

100 thoughts on “Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Single Leg to Hip Toss

  1. Drilling hip top variations like crazy this summer…. Hopefully by the time season starts I will have a better understanding of weight distrabution.

  2. I feel bad for Obi (not sure if I spelt that right) because I looked at so many videos already and he is always getting slammed.

  3. Are you a coach? For girls? In California? I need to get back into Wrestling I haven't done wrestling in years.

  4. The speed with which your legs pivot around during the intial shoot is UNREAL at 0:38 seconds. Whats the secret? How do you avoid landing heavy on the knee?

  5. Hey man I have a question for you, why don't you do ufc fighting? or the Olympics? you would dominate you know a ton

  6. i love your videos and im new at wrestling the other kids on our team told me that if we do hip toss our coach will make us do killers

  7. I have trouble pursuing this move, I always have a terrible grip and get myself caught. Or I have a good grip and it just doesn't feel right. What can I do to help myself understand that I have the correct grip and should throw it?

  8. Just wondering I am an amateur wrestler with not a lot of overall strength. Does this move require a lot of strength or is it more form. If it is strength, what part of the body should I work on to achieve. Cheers! it

  9. Trying to put together a new takedown, Cary Kolat. Using flatjack cut off to the double. Start put out with a partial high crotch to get the lift, and switch out to the double. Wondering if it is going to work?

  10. This helped me so much, all these videos help me win so many matches. And i didn't do it alone so thanks Coach Kolat!

  11. Can you do this from a tie up if you're able to get the hand positioning correct and they're in a similar stance? I'd imagine that you could, although it would probably be a bit harder.

  12. Hi Cary, so I am a smaller wrestler and when I try to do a hip toss in practice I usually can't get them over my hip so I either have to do a duck under or go to a single leg, do you have any tips on how I can run this move, by the way I am wrestling in folk style

  13. This guys technique is flawless. Ive tried drilling this during practice but can never get hte footwork right

  14. It reminds me when i was wrestling team but i was in middle school so the wrestling coach put me in the varsity team but i was there to train but not to go with the varsity team

  15. I asked my girlfriend if I could hip toss her. She said what's that? So I showed her this video and she immediatly said no. Damn it, I just wana hip toss something!

  16. Not sure if im doing something wrong but I always struggle to get hip throws against taller opponents. it feels like they have so much leverage against me

  17. Sir I am girl and my arms are weak and some times I lost balance during lower attacks. Please demonstrate moves with girl wrestler ….I get very help form ur channel …In fact I won district level because of you

  18. I like these because they are short sweet and to the point. Easy for people to take the important stuff from it.

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