Wrestling A Grizzly Bear In My Garden

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Doug: Good boy! Doug: Good boy! Doug: Did you get that? COMM: With their ability to crunch through human bone in a single bite, getting up close
and personal with a 1,300lb grizzly bear is not for the faint hearted. But for 71-year-old Doug Seus, coming face-to-face with the fearsome predators is all in a days work. Doug: Bart, off! Doug: Good. That’s good. Ah! Good. Doug: Ah, ah! Doug: Good, ah! COMM: Doug is one of Hollywood’s foremost bear trainers. Doug: Ah, ah! Doug: My passion for bears started in hiking and being out in the wild with them, where the grizzly
bear lives. It adds dimension to the power of the environment that you’re in. Doug: Up! COMM: Turning his passion into a career, he is one of the few people in the world who
can interact with these incredible animals. Doug: We spend enormous hours behind the scenes, that’s the real fun of this. I teach him tricks, or whatever you want to call tricks or behaviors, but getting into the heart and
soul of a bear. Doug: Good boy! COMM: Here in Utah, USA, Doug lives with wife Lynn and their three bears, Bart 2, Honey
Bump and Tank. Doug: Up! Oh, good boy! The bears all boast an impressive cinematic pedigree, having worked with stars like Brad Pitt and
Morgan Freeman. And eight foot six inch tall Bart 2 recently starred in an episode of US hit TV series Game Of
Thrones. The Seus bears are ambassadors for Vital Ground, the charity set up by Doug and wife Lynn,
which has so far helped to protect and enhance nearly 600,000 acres of crucial wildlife habitat. Doug: The health of our planet and our nest is the most important thing to us and our

100 thoughts on “Wrestling A Grizzly Bear In My Garden

  1. Respect that this guy bought lots of land to protect nature, but I wish these poor bears got to live freely in the wild not just hang about learning tricks in some dude's garden 🙄 At some point he's gonna get seriously hurt.

  2. This DUDE has obviously never heard of Steve Irwin
    It does not matter if you have been around Animals for 40 Years or 40 Minutes
    You do not mess around with

  3. wouldn't ya love to be doing yard work when a pair of thugs come around the corner with a butterfly knives demanding your wallet… "Bart!…here boy"

  4. That would be so cool to have a bond with a bear like that. Grizzly bears are my favorite animals 🐻 so amazing. One of Gods greatest creations.

  5. How is Game of thrones the "USA hit series"?All the actors are from Europe,except the imp and its filmed in Europe?

  6. I didn't know this was the bear Brienne of Tarth was forced to fight in Game of Thrones, that's pretty cool

  7. I don't like the stern voice and forcing a bear to follow commands for your financial gain.
    That's also how people get hurt. Let him be a bear

  8. Ewwwww why he wanna be playing and laying in that bears nasty mouth??? And why that bear dabbing???? I'll give another hour or day and that man is going to be his chew toy..
    Edit: while watching this I was listening to pink get this party started 😂😂😂😂

  9. Piuttosto che vedere una persona sbranata da un orso per un incontro accidentale, sarebbe meglio se sbranassero quei coglionazzi che credono che un glizzly equivalga a un gattino da giardino… Pensate di essere coraggiosi, per me siete solo incredibilmente stupidi…

  10. 凄く可愛いけど、ちょっと遊びでじゃれられてかじられてる時めちゃめちゃ痛そうw

  11. Don’t Watch this video and say oh look it’s a big wild animal that you’re usually not allowed to have as a pet you have to think more in depth to it and literally look at the size of the bear and the movement and actions and really think like oh my God he has a pet bear like woowww

  12. If any of you like documentaries, check out Grizzly Man. It's about a guy who spent 13 summers living among grizzly bears in Alaska.

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