Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 13 – Dear Kenny

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Yeah Dear Kenny, First let me say that you’re more than incredible Writing this letter to you is the only way
I can make all this expressible Wish that I knew Japanese, just to add a little flavor And I don’t play a lot of games, so I can’t
relate like my homie Xavier I-wait, should’ve said Austin
Guess that I’m lost in the moment I don’t wanna blow it
But show you that I am a fan I know you get this a lot, so you understand One day I hope I can visit Japan See you inside of the Tokyo Dome All of those shirts in the black and the white They’re taking their hair and dying it chrome I love how you would walk out in those sinister shades I love how you say that the independents is
like going from school to the trades I love how you live what you say, and that
you’re living life to the fullest The fire that’s burning inside you is growing
as quick as the shot of a bullet There ain’t no stoppin’ the man
Whether Japan or America You’re on the top, in command
Ain’t no controlling the character I get so caught in the moment
I can’t deny it, I know you’re devoted Watch you in action, and I get emboldened
And I believe that every lover is golden I wonder what Winnipeg’s like, I’ve never
been out of the country I wonder if you’re getting tired of people
assuming you’re leaving the company I wonder if you’re getting tired of people
assuming you’re looking for money I wonder if they’ll be around if you’re ever
unlucky, or life’s getting muddy I wonder
Whether it happens or not, who gon’ be loyal, continue to watch
Who can accept where you go in your journey, and not try to ruin your day with a botch Who can respect where you go? Who’s gonna see you compete? Are they really down for the brothers? The homies of BC Elite? Kenny, I’m hoping one day in the future we
chat it up You work under pressure, but high is the effort
You say what you’ll do, and you back it up Your reputation is the greatest
and I can see in your demeanor It’s all apart of your procedure
Give some respect to the cleaner Thanks much for the time
I can tell that you’re true I guess the moment has come
For me to bid you adieu And although there’s a lot more
That I know I prolly could write I’ll show you I learned from the best Goodbye and Goodnight BANG. Yeah Wrestle flow, flow, flow, yeah

100 thoughts on “Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 13 – Dear Kenny

  1. I just want to say im a huge fan of yours…. i love your rapping skills well everything about you with all do respect…ive been wanting to ask you if you can do pete dunne, randy orton, shane mcmahon etc..but the one wrestler i would love for you to do is ROMAN REIGNS I LOVE HIM Hes definately G.O.A.T.

  2. Thank you for making a track with an original beat, I love your raps and my favorite ones tend to be the ones you skew and mess with before laying the bars.

  3. Josiah, love your work, I have a request, can you do a NWO remix, Black and White or Wolfpack, your call…good gravy, you are sick as hell, keep up the great work 🙂

  4. So much truth in this song, and it's catchy at the same time 🙂
    Kenny Omega is one of my favorite wrestlers outside of the WWE.

    This is dope; Thank you!

  5. I really love your channel man. You combine two things that I am very passionate about rap music and wrestling. I can tell you have a passion for both as well. Keep doing what you do man. You got my full support.

  6. Flipping through Omega youtube….Ran into this. Been a Hip Hop Head for like 39 years now. I Listen to you indie cats! I think your the best. I dont need the radio or Mtv and havent for almost 2 decades. Good clean smooth chonky beat, Good clean delivery on the verse. Imma go check out Your catalogue. Hope the best bout machine hears this. Greatest performer of this era along with soooo many others

  7. Just a tiny correction in the lyrics:
    "One day I know I will visit Japan, see you inside of the Tokio Dome"
    But its an amazing song anyway 😉

  8. Someone should send this to Kenny via Twitter if they haven’t already. This is hot, J-Will! Keep doing the damn thing bro.

  9. Josiah this is hands down your best and most heart felt piece. It's so deep lyrically I can literally imagine tearing up writing it. Kenny means so much to so many people. This is amazing and honestly you have spoken for many people with this one.

  10. Mate, I'm subscribing to your channel cus of this one song alone. Also would like to add that I'm a metal head an struggle with 88% of rap music as I just can't relate, but this is like I feel about Kenny too, word for word!

    Also love song for The Villain as I'm a huge fan of his too, but that's mainly cus I'm from the UK too an he like my cousins doppelganger lol

    Keep up the amazing work mate cus I'm really looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  11. Dude keep upnthe good work man. You be killing it i just found out about ya during double or nothing man good shit man

  12. Too bad he won’t be able to meet Kenny or even rap this song while Kenny enters the ring since Josiah with WWE and Kenny with AEW. Also, He probably won’t be able rap songs about wrestlers other the ones in WWE.

  13. Totally relate to this track. Youre insanely talented. If u ever need some guitar on a track hit me up. I played the solos on Papa Bucks Too Sweet song and the One Sweet song but he didnt make a music video for that one like they did the Too Sweet song on the BTE channel. Id love to collaborate

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