84 thoughts on “Will AMD’s Big Navi Kick Ass On The 2080 Ti?

  1. Imma go with no they’ve been lagging behind can’t they be happy with they cpu line? I mean I get it it’s better for the consumer if we have choices but would u want them taking over the market by pushing out nvidia and intel? Amd cutting corners and trying to screw the consumer and take over the world like Disney

  2. I honestly hope so since it would be great for competition, maybe I'll finally go ahead and upgrade from my poor Gtx 1060 6gb

  3. All of this currently is speculation, but lets keep our fingers crossed and see what happens in the next few months.

  4. I want competition will AMD bring out something thats faster then a 2080 ti I hope but I don't think so but if they do that mean NVIDIA will have to bring something out thats even faster maybe time will tell

  5. And then The Ampere 3080ti will kick AMD back in the ass. Really if AMD want to literally beat Nvidia they should plan ahead a little further not just try to beat a 2 year old flagship card

  6. If it's same or more performance as the 2080ti for less money than it will be successful, nvidia is simply robbing customers now days

  7. I feel like best case it will be 72CU clocked at 1650MHz Game Clock with potential to overclock to 1950 or 2GHz

  8. Big Navi with 80CUs will pave over 2080Ti. As for what will do against the next nVidia's flagship GPU though, who knows… Most improtant thing for every product is the vfm imho.

  9. Probably not kick ass, I would think more inline with Beat a 2080TI in some games…Lose to it in others….much like the Vega 64 vs a 1080.
    Thing is…regardless, Big Navi is going to be expensive, so hardly any of them will sell anyways.
    We know AMD users don't spend that much on GPUS, they where kicking off about the price of 5700 XT so they certainly won't be spending just over double that.
    Word is from someone who reps for AMD is that it will be North of $1000.00….OUCH!!

  10. Great!!! AMD will compete with 2 years old technology from Nvidia. Soon after, Nvidia will release 3xxx series of cards and there back to square one again.

  11. i dont see it. they will probaby just focus on matching the 1080 ti and making it afordable. hell, its what i would do.

  12. 2080ti? That is olddd news. It better compete/beat 3080ti if they wanna draw some eyes. They're on 7nm node for a longer than nvidia is. RDR2 should be a next gen sample game. I wanna see a card running 1440P 120fps on that game

  13. In my opinion RDNA 1.0 was only a step between the old GCN-architecture and the real RDNA-architecture. Look at it: OK RDNA 1.0 is assumed to be new architecture from the ground up, but if you look closely RDNA 1.0 still must feature some elements of the GCN-architecture to let games run on it fabulously which had run on GCN fabulously.

    So it might be that RDNA 2.0 was planned for the new 7 nm+ EUV process and which is going the first card of AMD featuring no GCN-elements and even not any elements of RDNA 1.0.Why? If you want to kill Nvidia in the high-end-segment, you have to create a really really new and suitable architecture from the ground up, which can handle 4K at 60 FPS and more and which can also handle Raytracing in 4K with 60 FPS and more. So RDNA 1.0 was only a side step, to show Nvidia where the journey will go and now they will bring a huge new RDNA 2.0 chip on the market which will not only compete with the RTX 2080 Ti, it even will compete and hit all other 50 to 75 % faster cards of Nvidia (Ampere or Hopper, the new architecture of Nvidia).

    Anything else would be a disgrace for AMD. They call it "Nvidia-Killer", so it is a Nvidia killer, literally.

    I hope for AMD doing its best to compete in the high-end-segment on the GPU-market and that Nvidia will suffer in several ways a little more and even worse then now.

  14. Big Navi must target the 3080ti. If 2080ti, then Big Navi won't be a high-end flagship card in just a couple of months, but just a well performing next gen upper midrange card .
    Big Navi must be able to compete with the 3080ti performance wise – not only by $$$/fps.

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  17. The only thing I fear is that AMD will basically get kicked down again by the GTX 3000 series, its right around the corner in terms of release.
    Will be a great deal for lowering price values but not exactly for Amd unless they can punch hard.

  18. As someone currently on the Red Team, don't buy into the hype just yet. There must be a reason why AMD didn't show it off at CES yet.

  19. I really hope so. If AMD can compete at the high-end again that would drive down prices across the board. The RTX cards are too expensive.

  20. People need to buy amd cards if they want competition. Waiting for big navi just to buy a Nvidia card cheaper does the opposite

  21. Probably, yes. With Nvidia supposedly having their RTX 3000 series lined up for this year as well, hopefully there will be a similar price-matching competition in the high-end market as there was in the mid-range these past few months. Now if we're realistic Nvidia will probably keep the performance crown with whatever $1200 top-end card they'll show at the RTX 3000 presentation, but aside from the very top tier I'm about sure that there will be a Radeon to match every Geforce card all the way up and down the range.

  22. Every year there's hype about some AMD card that's gonna be amazing and it always disappoints so we'll see how things turn out.

  23. Big Navi card finally matches 2080ti in performance only for Nvidia to release 3000 series in 6months crush AMD for another 12+ months

  24. Amds recent track record … Probably not they will release a 1FPS better card and have an absurd amount of Vram a slightly cheaper price and 20 different VBios. 6 months later they will discontinue the card after calling the card the future of gaming.

  25. the main question is how much will the yield of the fabrication?
    the current navi gpu die is much larger than zen2 chiplet, hence mathematically will have lower yield.

  26. Think about it. I love AMD but they haven't topped NVIDIA's flagship since the space heater 290x was king. They're not going to surpass the 2080ti and if they do Ampere will release out of nowhere. I suspect they're targeting the 2070 and 2080 range cards and plan to undercut the price. 2080 super performance for $599 for instance. The problem is Ampere is right around the corner. Seems like everytime AMD inches closer in GPU performance NVIDIA launches on a new process that totally gives them the advantage back. I would buy an AMD processor but haven't seen a graphics card worth buying in years. Even the 5600xt isn't worth buying over the 2060 or 1660ti because they have nvenc new encoder which rocks

  27. AMD will end up making a GPU to outperform the 2080 Ti, only to have Nvidia launch the 30 series, which will be even stronger. The best choice for AMD would be to price the new GPU competitively such that, whatever it lines up with in the 30 series (maybe on par with 3080 non-Ti), it is the better option.

  28. Will AMD pull another R9 Not-So-Fury series and RX Flop series/Flop VII stunt in order to compete against the Titan series? I mean, why else AMD named them so differently?

  29. AMD are two generations behind on the GPU side. They just released a 1080ti competitor 2 years late, so they will probably release Big Navi early next year and have a 2080ti competitor but by then 3080ti will exist.

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