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[MUSIC] Put your shirt back on and go home, Enzo.>>Or just use it as a blindfold
because you’re about to be in front of a firing squad.>>My goodness.>>Lesnar turning Enzo inside out.>>He’s history already! That didn’t take long! And Enzo eliminated by Lesnar. [APPLAUSE]
>>He’s still on his feet. He’s still on his feet.>>Has he gone down yet?>>He’ still on his feet. [APPLAUSE]
>>Look at that! Look out!
Down in the belly. [APPLAUSE] He got Quake out of there!>>The belly on Earthquake! [SOUND]
>>Wait, wait, wait a minute, look at this!>>No!
The Cobra and Socko!>>This might be a hell
of a duo right here. I mean with the Cobra and
the Socko, I mean.>>You guys understand.>>Wow, wow, look at this!>>They’re locking up!>>The World Wrestling Federation tag-team
champions are going to go at each other. We’re gonna have to. This is every man for himself.>>Aw, look at- [SOUND]
>>And they are going at each other.>>It’s an amazing thing what’ll happen. What money will do to anything.>>I’ll tell you what,
the winner of this, the prestige is so that it is partner against partner. [SOUND] [MUSIC] You’re seeing it right now.>>Kevin Owens cost months of his career,
and going right after Owens. And Owens, they battled for the NXT title. And now tonight,
battling in the rumble match.>>What a redemption for
an opportunity of a lifetime, and he’s taking advantage of it. And it’s a clubbing blow from behind! All these superstars fighting for the right to become WWE
world heavyweight champion. Kevin Owens eliminated!>>Look at this!>>My god!>>Hulk Hogan and The Warrior>>[APPLAUSE]>>Criss-cross.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Hulkster’s down, he missed a clothesline [SOUND].>>Whoa, but they clotheslined each other. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>No.>>[INAUDIBLE] are you believing this? Wait a minute. He’s flying.>>[APPLAUSE] [NOISE]>>[NOISE]>>My God!
>>The man who won in 2007! In the ring! My god!>>Undertaker’s in the ring! Goldberg feels the presence! This is a moment! [MUSIC]>>Just look at the look of
determination on the face of John Cena. Cena and
the numbers of the remaining Nexis. And here comes John Cena, he’s here. Whoa.
>>John Cena. He won the [INAUDIBLE] match back in 2008. Planning to take out the new Nexis. The man who cost him the first part
of January with serious injury.>>Well I don’t care if you’re John Cena,
Godzilla, doesn’t matter, but the Nexis are on a war path right now.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>McGillicutty is on the war path. There it is! [INAUDIBLE]
>>That’s huge.>>The big man is down.>>My lord. [CROSSTALK]
>>He can’t put his hands on Mr. McMahon unless it’s a match. And here we go!>>Yeah, bitch.>>And here comes Austin. He’s been waiting his career for this.>>My gosh.>>It’s Stone Cold
pounding away on the boss.>>He’s stomping a mud hole in the boss,

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