Why you should get a Boxer Dog

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Welcome to the boxer dog channel with
boxers del Grego I’m lilo if he’s looser and he’s been
tell you why you should get a boxer dog it’s because we only dog pre called the
boxers boxers are cool boxers are awesome great and the best dog that you
could ever have I am a boxer yeah my name’s trooper do
you want to see why that this video has since and then I mean we do better feels so good but again smothered babe crying why do you want some peanut
butter no I’m asking lilo peanut butter okay cookies peanut butter okay I got it I got it
peanut butter I know I know I’ll give you so give me a second
I know did you do this we chase some frogs again oh he’s got a
frog leave that frogs alone through perfect leave the Frog along
come on oh wait where are you recording that I
really Hey and ring the bell every time you
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53 thoughts on “Why you should get a Boxer Dog

  1. We are so happy to see this channel running finally 💋💋💋thank you all awwwwwww

  2. What an amazing video. We love dogs and these Boxers are just too cute!! I loved the part where it was the baby and the puppies. Thanks for sharing all this cuteness 🙂

  3. Awwww I loved watching this, super cute dogs. and you have a lovely family. I am sure your kids love waking up to your boxers everyday. Thanks for sharing all the fun.

  4. Oh my gosh this is the cutest video ever! I love how they seem like best buds it must be nice for them to have a playmate. I see you mentioned that they are good babysitters-I have two kids and I’m always looking for new babysitters for date night. Let me know if they are available! 🤣

  5. Boxer’s Del Grego does have one puppy left from our most recent litter. He is a little Classic fawn with a black mask, white chin and white chest. Bruno is 8 weeks old and ready to roll! AKC, health certificate and pedigree are included!

    Keep us in mind! Sean Del Grego and Linda Del Grego. Hit us up on Facebook or instagram!

  6. They are so smart and funny. A great video, I enjoyed watching them. I stopped by to show you some support.

  7. Yoga instructor hahahaha that was too funny! You doggies are the cutest ever and ok you’ve convinced me to get a boxer dangit 😂

  8. Jajajaja que hermosura. Me encantó el instructor de Yoga, cuando se metió en la cama 🥰🥰🥰, HI5. Son demasiado bellos e inteligentes.

  9. Son super tiernos los cachorritos 😍 La verdad es que sí, que son muy amorosos y tener mascotas con niños es muy lindo.

  10. ohhh que graciosos!!! lilo y trooper y son súper cariñosos ohhh cómo se dan besitos y besan tu barriguita de embarazada… me encantó y me quedé con ganas de más!!! mil besos familia 🤱🎥💪😘 y el cachorrito awwwww 😍😍😍

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