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  1. Buuut you did not talk about round 6 being a 10-8 mate hahaha. Pure maths. You won 1,2,5 and JJ won 3,4,6. You won the rounds 10-9, while JJ won 2 of the rounds 10-9 and the last one should have been a 10-8, which in total should have made the judges score the fight (at least 2 of them) 57-56 for KSI.

  2. 75 % of ppl watching are throwing up rn bc they see logan paul trying to defend himself
    also 75% of ppl watching are ksi fans cause logan paul more dead then the guy he filmed in the forest

  3. He wont fight you in MMA because it is not even fair he doesnt know how to fight with MMA technics dont talk bullshit Logan…

  4. Logan when ksi says he won: NOOOOOO
    Logan on every other fact against him that made him loose: True oh yeah that's true

  5. "I'm gonna knock him out in the 1st round in the rematch"…i thought you we're a showman but alright, i'll clip that when you get ur ass beat >:)

  6. Who is here after the rematch that happened on November 9th you wanna the winner Logan Paul didn’t neither did ksi they both hit each other so hard in face and they both were knocked out

  7. I would honestly love to see the both of you go for a meal together when the re-match is over. I know not likely but would be nice. I like KSI and i don't mind Logan that much. But i would respect you both so much more if we see a friendship at the end of this.

  8. Haha Logan wanted the rematch to happen in December 2018 and KSI wanted May 2019. How about November 2019!? KSI is gonna get FUCKED up. I’m about to call my bookie and put like 20 G’s on Logan

  9. WAIT ligan, youre the one clenching, if YOU dont want to “fight” pick a different sport like lol wtf.. the hypocrisy is real with this kid logan

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