Who Will Become Undisputed Heavyweight Champion?

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Welcome back fight fans to another video here
on The Fight Game. The heavyweight division is absolutely booming in boxing today.
But we’ve yet to have a question answered, who will become the undisputed heavyweight
champion? 5 months ago we uploaded a video looking at who is the best heavyweight
boxer today, at that time Andy Ruiz and Deontay Wilder were the heavyweight champions.
But I’m sure as many of you already know, that is not the current case. In December
of last year Anthony Joshua took back his 3
major world title belts when he put on a boxing clinic against Andy Ruiz Junior. Joshua showed
that he can box on the back foot as he proves to be versatile. He made no excuses
after his loss, acted like a champion, and became a champion again. He’s only ever acted
like a gentleman in his career and he’s got my respect for that. He’s the King. No you are the King. You are.
They wrote you off. They wrote you off. They said you were hype. You come back, you schooled
him, and you’re the King again. With Joshua winning a lot of people thought
the plans were back in place to set up a megafight with Deontay Wilder
to become undisputed champion. But boxing had other plans. Wilder Fury 2 happened on February 22nd and
Fury battered Wilder from pillar to post. He became the Lineal, WBC and Ring world heavyweight
champion. You could almost say the king is back, because the 3 major world titles that
Joshua has are actually Fury’s. Fury had them stripped
when he went on that break, so technically Fury has already held every world title in
Boxing. He just didn’t hold them simultaneously, which is
what undisputed requires. So no doubt we’ve still got the three major
players, Joshua Wilder and Fury, however there are others in the division who pose a legitimate
threat aswell. Boxers like Dillian Whyte and Oleksandr
Usyk are looking for a title shot, upcoming prospects such as Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubios
are set to collide, Ruiz and Ortiz can still compete in major events, that’s without mentioning
the lesser known contenders. The division is looking
great, many great fights are set to take place and all we have to do is sit back, relax and
enjoy the coming years of the revival of boxing’s most
storied division. You’ve got skills, explosiveness, finesse,
power, elusiveness, pretty much everything you could ask for in the sport of boxing.
With so many contrasting aspects and so many different fighters, you’ve
got to ask, who is the best. Welcome to this video here on The Fight Game
where we take a look at the landscape of the heavyweight division. So for those of you that don’t know, undisputed
means a champion holds all four of the major world title belts simultaneously. The 4 major
belts are the WBC, IBF, WBA and WBO. Anthony Joshua has 3 belts, the IBF, WBA and
WBO. He collected the IBF belt by beating Charles
Martin in 2016. The left, got him! Right hand, on the floor,
Martin looks into his corner as if to say ‘what on earth was that?!’
He collected the WBA belt when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko in 2017.
And Klitschko is somehow trying to survive, but Anthony Joshua tumbles him again! Unbelievable!
And then he collected the WBO belt when he defeated Joseph Parker in 2018.
However it’s worth mentioning that Joshua also holds the IBO belt, however that’s not
commonly referred to as a major world title. Joshua lost all his belts to Andy Ruiz in
June 2019 in a massive upset, but then won them back in December of the same year. Tyson Fury has 1 belt, the WBC. The WBC belt
is often regarded as the most prestigious belt of them all.
He won this belt when he defeated Deontay Wilder in their rematch on February 22nd this
year. Fury also holds the Lineal title and Ring
Magazine belt. When the three of Joshua’s belts are put on
the line with Fury’s belt, we have a unification fight for the undisputed champion.
But by the time we see a undisputed champion, we have to ask the question will it even be
one of the fighters holding it today. It may be a long while before we find out because
Fury and Wilder will have a trilogy fight next. That fight is expected to take place
later this year. Wilder says he will exercise the
rematch clause, which contractually binds Fury to a third fight. I think it’s hard to
pick Wilder to win in a third fight when you look
at the second, but Joshua avenged his loss, so can Wilder. But Andy Ruiz is no Tyson Fury.
A third fight is still dangerous for Fury though, Wilder still only needs to land one
perfect punch, but considering the greatness that
Fury is currently radiating, Wilder may never find it. The road to undisputed is still a
long one, but it’s important to enjoy the great
fights we’re getting along the way. In the meantime Anthony Joshua will take on
Kubrat Pulev in a mandatory fight in June. Pulev is a good boxer, he’s only got 1 loss
and he’s on a 8-fight win streak. I expect Joshua to win, but if we learned anything
from Joshua’s upset last June it’s that the overlooked foe is often the most dangerous. That night when Joshua beat Ruiz we also saw
the return of Dillian Whyte who won by decision. It probably wasn’t the best
performance from Whyte because he didn’t look in peak condition like he did in recent fights.
Primarily because he took the fight on 3 weeks notice. I look forward to
watching his next fight in which I don’t doubt we’ll see the best version of Whyte,
that fight comes against Alexander Povetkin on May 2nd. This is an absolutely incredible
fight, sure Povetkin is old but he’s still got power. Whyte and Povetkin have monster
left hooks, so seeing both those punches come against each other is exciting to think about.
Whyte hasn’t had much luck go his way in recent years, he’s been climbing the WBC ranks for
quite some time now but has remained unsuccessful in
finalizing a deal for a fight. Whyte lost to Joshua in 2015, but has remained unbeaten
in his last 11 fights. A lot of improvements can
be made in the time-frame of 5 years, and as Whyte never got a title shot I’d really
like to see Whyte get his chance sometime soon.
He’s truly a top contender for the championship belt, with massive power and an underrated
jab he poses a risk to any of the top players in
the heavyweight division right now. We also have to talk about Oleksandr Usyk,
who’s next fight is expected to be against Dereck Chisora. Usyk made his heavyweight
debut last year when he took on Chaz Witherspoon. He won quite
easily by technical knockout, he showed many great skills and gave us great insight into
how we could see his skills unfold at this heavier weight.
As Usyk is moving up from cruiserweight, it may take him some time to adjust to the heavyweight
division. The Chisora fight is definitely a dangerous one
as Chisora is extremely experienced, holds dangerous power and is very seasoned when
it comes to the weight of 200-plus pounds. However maybe the person who becomes undisputed
won’t even be one of those guys, Daniel Dubois is looking like a very promising heavyweight
prospect. He’s only 22 years old and has knocked out 13 of
his only 14 opponents. His next big test will be in April against Joe Joyce, another undefeated
prospect climbing the ranks. Joyce was a successful amateur too.
I love these undefeated prospect fights, you’re not really sure who’s going to win because
both are inexperienced. 2 of Dubios’s last 3 opponents were undefeated
too, which is quite impressive. Dubois has clearly got massive power and Joyce will be
a tough test for him, I’m looking forward to this fight. So as you can see the heavyweight division
is yet to unravel, who do you think will become undisputed champion. I think Fury looks great
right now, But Joshua has proven to be a great champion thus far and
may have the tools to beat Fury. Fundamentally, Joshua is a better boxer than Wilder. Power
wise, maybe not so much. But boxing likes to surprise us from time
to time. Wilder definitely shouldn’t be written off just yet, maybe he will make major adjustments
and beat Fury in a third fight, I’ll be watching the third fight
for the factor of we never really know what’s going to happen. But as of right now, Fury
versus Joshua seems to be the megafight. If Fury beats Wilder again later
this year, and Joshua beats Pulev, Fury versus Joshua is almost inevitable. Joshua can box and punch, Fury can box and
punch, but predicting which style each fighter will bring to the ring against one another
is purely speculation. Joshua has knocked down all his opponents bar 1. Joshua’s
power isn’t speculation, it’s true. Fury is undefeated, his skills aren’t speculation,
they’re true. So once again the question comes, who will
become the undisputed heavyweight champion. Will it be Joshua, who’s proven he’s got the
manner of a champion, or Fury, who’s proven once again to defy all odds,
maybe Wilder who may return stronger than ever. Or maybe others like Whyte and Usyk.
Let us know in the comment section below who your pick is. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video
consider giving it a like as it helps us grow the channel. We’ll see you in the next video
here on The Fight Game.

17 thoughts on “Who Will Become Undisputed Heavyweight Champion?

  1. I think its gonna come down to Fury vs Joshua!! Who win's?? 🤷‍♂️ thats a tough answer. I favor Fury to out class joshua. But who knows? Joshuas not wilder..

  2. AJ is in a tough spot. Does he come in bulky or lean? Lean? He loses power and could get manhandled in the clinches. Bulky? He could gas out early. All of his power is in compact hooks and uppercuts. It’s gonna be damn near impossible to land those on an opponent that has a 3inch height/reach advantage. Oh, and has an impeccable defense, footwork, head movement, chin, and ring IQ.

  3. Love your videos, together with Motivedia you both are the best boxing channels when it comes to hype/trailers.


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