What Happened When Smackdown Went Off Air(Bray Wyatt Off Air Today) Randy Orton Smackdown Live Promo

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Here’s your news for
September 11 2019
What Happened When Smackdown Went Off Air(Bray Wyatt Off Air)
Randy Orton Smackdown Live Promo
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We’re starting with some news from
Bray Wyatt today, as though The
Fiend didn’t appear in person on RAW this week, that changed after
SmackDown Live and 205 Live
went off the air. In a dark match, Wyatt took out the
B-Team to a huge ovation by the
Madison Square Garden crowd, and this is just the latest huge
reaction Wyatt has received
since returning to the company. After 205 Live finished, the Eater
of Worlds decimated Curtis Axel
and his real-life brother Bo Dallas in a match fans were told about
during a SmackDown
commercial break. Though the match lasted only a
minute and finished with Wyatt
pplying the mandible claw on Bo, this was more than enough to get
a reaction from the crowd, as the
lights went out, and when they came on, Wyatt was on the stage just
like he did at SummerSlam, to
another ovation from the crowd. Though he doesn’t have a match
for this Sunday’s Clash of Cham
pions Pay Per View, fans should consider the possibility of the
Fiend making his presence known,
as no matter who wins the Universal title main event
between Seth Rollins and
Braun Strowman, the champion will face The
Fiend next month at
Hell In A Cell. Over to SmackDown Live now and
though Erick Rowan tried to
explain his recent actions the former Tag Team Champion
didn’t exactly do a great job. In a long, promo, Rowan stumbled
his way through explaining why he
has been attacking Roman Reigns, blaming the
fans for his actions. Fortunately, the segment was
saved by the Big Dog himself,
nd whilst the pair brawled through the crowd, Rowan even
through a fan at Reigns to
escape a beat down. Not only that, Rowan also launched
a very large camera rig at the face
of the former World Champion in what is just the latest piece of
equipment the eco-warrior has
hurled at Roman. Obviously, the fan being tossed
at Reigns was a plant, as there’s
no way Rowan would remain employed if he did
start attacking the fans for real. Though it’s practically guarenteed
that Reigns will beat Rowan this
Sunday at Clash of Champions, the brawl at least introduced
some doubt in the minds of fans. SmackDown Live took place in
Madison Square Garden this
week, and the World’s most famous arena is no stranger
to main event players. Over the years, Superstars like
Stone Cold Steve Austin, The
Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock and Shawn Michaels have all main
evented at the Garden, and now
you can add Chad Gable to that illustrious list.
Originally scheduled to face Elias
in a King of the Ring semifinal match an injury would see the singer
songwriter be replaced by
Shane McMahon. McMahon knows all about
controversial tournament wins,
capturing the title of Best in the World last year,
and it seemed he was going to
do the same last night. McMahon even appointed Kevin
Owens as guest referee,
promising to lift the $100,000 fine he gave the Prizefighter
if McMahon won the bout. Instead, Gable defeated the Best
in the World, in what was a
shocking win for many reasons. The match actually ended in
seconds when Gable got a quick
pin, but Shane restarted the contest as two out
of three falls. Despite some dodgy officiating by
Owens, Gable would get the
second fall of the match making the Best in the World tap
out to his ankle lock submission. Winning to a thunderous cheer
from the crowd, those fans in
Madison Square Garden weren’t the only ones pleased, as WWE
Hall of Famer Kurt Angle would
congratulate Gable on Twitter. Thrilled to see the ankle lock be
used, Angle said that Gable
would become the next King this Sunday, as the two
Olympians clearly have a bond. As for Elias, it’s been reported
that his injury is legitimate, and
that Shane replacing him was a Vince decision to
rally the crowd. Now, Gable will face Baron
Corbin in the finals this
Sunday, with the winner being crowned the 2019
King of the Ring. We’re looking at RAW now as
the appearance of ‘Stone Cold’
Steve Austin didn’t help drive up this
week’s ratings. This week’s show drew an average
2.13 million viewers, down
significantly from last week’s 2.5 To be fair to WWE, the show did
have some stuff competition, with
the 7PM NFL game on ESPN drawing over 13 million viewers,
and the late game a respectable
10.6 million. Breaking the numbers down, RAW
started off with the Rattlesnake
officiating the contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun
Strowman, with 2.36 million
homes tuning in. By 9pm, that had dropped to 2.18
million, and though Austin would
reappear in the main event, the show’s
10pm spot saw just 1.85 million
homes tuning in. Though RAW didn’t have the best
ratings, at least they avoided an
appearance by Enzo Amore who teased showing up at the
show just like he did at Survivor
Series last year. In November, Amore made a
scene in the crowd before
being quickly ejected, and after a video by the
Certified-G, WWE weren’t
prepared to take any chances. Instead of showing up though,
stayed at home and watched
Football with his family though later deleted the
video where he said this. It seems that the former Cruiser
weight Champion simply teased
a RAW appearance just to get a rise out of WWE, because that
is DEFINITELY what a healthy
person who claims they have moved on from their
past job would TOTALLY do… On to some sad news now, as
legendary tag team Superstar Brian
Knobbs has been hospitalised and a GoFundMe has been
created to help with the costs. The campaign organiser Fred
Jung, said the Nasty Boys tag
wrestler is suffering from an infection that will require
an expensive total knee
replacement. According to Jung, all the money
raised will go to Knobbs, and will
help him cover everyday costs like food and rent, and also help his
wife, who relies on her
husband’s income, and has health issues of her
own. A statement on the
GoFundMe reads: “Life can sometimes take a pretty
big Heel Turn. An example of that
has hit my good friend and Wrestling Legend Brian “Nasty Boy”
Knobs. Health issues are common
in this industry and Brian has endured many, all with his positive
attitude and “nasty” smile. But
recently he has suffered a debilitating infection in his knee
calling for a total knee replacement.
With little insurance to cover
his most basichealth needs, Brian
is now facing major struggles to
cover the minimal
everyday costs like rent, food, and
a means to get around. He is
literally facing a three count.
His wife has been suffering her
own health issues for years now
and depends on Brian’s income from independent shows
and conventions – jobs he can’t
do in his current status.
Brian has helped so many people
throughout the years and is a very
prideful guy, but his back is against the wall and until he can regain
his health and continue to work,
he is very low on options. It could be months before he
could be back in action.
Brian doesn’t want to ask for
help, but he could use a tag at
this time.
I humbly ask all his family, friends,
and fans to donate anything you
can to help Brian as he goes through this trying time. As we know,
this could be any one of us at
any time.
All donations will go directly to Brian,
and I know he’ll appreciate any
help you can give.”
Thank you!” He may have been a Nasty Boy in
the ring, but nobody deserves to
be in the pain Knobbs is in, so hopefully the GoFundMe will
give him some peace of mind. From one tag champion to another
now, as one half of the WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss, has apparently been the
victim of hackers. This has clearly frustrated the
Goddess of WWE, who told hackers
to not bother, tweeting out a series of images from her Snapchat to
save them the trouble. When one fans implied that any
x-rated images of Bliss had been
sent to the Cloud instead, the petite Powerhouse said how
she didn’t use the cloud, as it
seems Bliss thought of everything. With Superstars like Paige,
Charlotte Flair and Maria
Kanellis all being the subject of personal photos being leaked,
it seems Bliss is taking no
chances, though that probably won’t
stop these hackers from trying. From WWE to Triple A, as former
UFC star Cain Velasquez has
earned a lot of attention since showing off his wrestling
skills at TripleMania. While speaking to Ariel Helwani,
Velasquez confirmed that he
has been in talks with AEW and WWE, saying the discussions
with the latter were “going pretty
good.” When asked about possibily
joining All Elite Wrestling,
he said: “I’ve talked to [AEW]. I’ve talked to
him a little bit, so I want to talk to
him a little more. I think they are doing great things. Now I that I’ve
started watching a little more pro
wrestling, I think AEW is doing some really cool things. And they
have a good relationship with AAA
as well, so they have a lot of guys going to AAA, and back to AEW.
And AEW too does a lot of like,
lucha stuff, you know. They do a lot of lucha wrestling, which I think
is pretty cool. I really like what
they’re doing as far as the
wrestling aspect of it. I think they
have really good athletes coming
in, really good showmen.
They’re making — they’re
doing good things right now, yeah.”
Though Cain joining AEW would
be interesting, it would be even
more shocking if he became a part of the
WWE’s roster. MMA fans will recall that Velasquez
handed Brock Lesnar a pretty
tough loss in the Octagon nine years ago, and could do
the same very soon. It’ll be interesting to see where
Cardio Cain goes from here, as
it’s clear this story is far from over. Whilst we don’t know whether
Velasquez will join WWE,
one Superstar who recently made his main
roster debut was Kushida. Appearing on 205 Live, the
Japanese sensation was the
mystery partner of Jack Gallagher as the pair teamed to take on
Akira Tozawa and The Brian
Kendrick. In a hard fought match, Kushida
eventually got the win for his team making Kendrick tap to his
Sakurbura lock, formerly known
as the hoverboard lock. Joining WWE earlier this year,
Kushida made his debut at NXT
TakeOver New York, appearing in the crowd, and has
worked a handful of matches for
the developmental brand. Kushida also recently appeared
for Evolve, facing off against
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak for the title, but
in a losing effort. Prior to joining WWE, Kushida was
a huge act in New Japan,
capturing the IWGP Jr. title six times, and wrestled his final New Japan
match on January 29th, losing
to Hiroshi Tanahashi. At the age of 36, Kushida is
already a huge star, and has
plenty of years left in his career,
now in the WWE. And finally today we’re looking at
a segment from SmackDown Live,
as WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton continued to
build to their championship
match this Sunday. When the New Day star decided
to take a trip down memory lane, he was quickly interrupted by
Orton, and the pair started
brawling. During the brawl, Orton ended up
in the crowd, and though the
Viper has never been at a loss for words, what he said
wasn’t exactly appropriate for
Television. Whilst berating his Clash of
Champions opponent, Orton
tried to decide what he considered more
fake about Kingston, saying: “I don’t know if it was those dread
locks, or that phony Power of
Positivity Bulls**t.” Though the last word was bleeped
for the audience watching at home,
the crowd inside the Garden popped hard for it, showing that
though WWE may be PG, they
can still push the envelope. Considering how heavily scripted
WWE promos are these days,
it’s safe to assume that the line was written with
the intention of bleeping it out. This isn’t even the first time that
Orton and Kingston have fought
like this, as older fans will remember the pair battling on
Monday Night RAW in 2009,
in the very same arena. Meeting on the November 16th,
2009 edition of the show, Orton
and Kofi would once again battle in the crowd at the World’s most
famous arena, with each man
delivering some sick chair shots. Fortunately for Kingston though,
he was able to get Orton on a
table and deliver a huge Boom drop from the railing, something
he’s no doubt willing to do again
this Sunday in order to retain his WWE
Championship. Though Kingston may have gotten
the advantage in 2009 though,
the Orton of this year is arguably the most vicious he’s
ever been, leading many to
believe we’ll see a new champion crowned this
sunday at Clash of Champions. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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