Was Brock Lesnar BEATING The Undertaker A SHOOT?! | WWE Backstage Expose

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On 6th April 2014, Brock Lesnar ended The
Undertaker’s 21 match winning streak at WrestleMania [1-screen]. While some outlets have reported this was
the closely guarded plan along, others claim Lesnar only won because Undertaker suffered
a concussion. But there’s a third theory, thanks to Brock’s
advocate Paul Heyman, that Lesnar went into business for himself. Heyman’s ‘conspiracy theory’ – that
Undertaker was meant to win – fits in with a fan report who claimed to be at the show: “Right after The Undertaker completed his
entrance, when the match was about to start, for a split second a big white “0” number
graphic appeared inside the “X” on the right (of the three XXX) of the WrestleMania XXX
stage. It appeared for just a split second and then
it disappeared… one of the things we initially thought was that the match wasn’t supposed
to end like that and the Streak was actually supposed to continue, that maybe Undertaker
could no longer continue and they called an audible.” One reason WWE might’ve called an audible
is that Undertaker suffered a severe concussion early on which affected his performance. Because of that injury, the match itself wasn’t
well reviewed. However when the final bell rang it wasn’t
the match people were talking about but the finish. Following 3 F-5s, Brock Lesnar pinned The
Undertaker for the very first time at WrestleMania. The audience fell into a stunned silence. Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
“At first, the announcers didn’t know what to do. The graphic wasn’t ready right away, nor
was the music ready. The delay made fans think that maybe it was
a mistake.” The confusion might have been because so few
people knew about the finish: Amazingly what is consistent across all these
accounts is that the referee wasn’t told: “Referee Chad Patton, who knew the same
finish that everybody else thought they knew, hit the mat once, and then twice, and then
didn’t know what to do. He was told Undertaker was winning, but the
rule every referee is told is that if the guys doesn’t kick out, you continue the
count. Undertaker wasn’t kicking out. There was slight hesitation, which is why
people were confused. Because he was confused. But he did his job.” Following the match, The Undertaker immediately
went to the hospital and Vince McMahon went with him, leaving Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
to run and produce the final two matches of WrestleMania 30. This was the first WrestleMania Vince had
ever left. And Heyman insinuates it’s because Undertaker
wasn’t meant to lose. Reports from the time claim that only a handful
of people knew about the finish, but there are some conflicting reports. Alvarez wrote in Figure Four Weekly that it
was Vince McMahon’s decision to end The Streak, while The Torch noted it was a joint
decision made by Vince and Undertaker. Meltzer agrees with The Torch, but notes that
Brock and Heyman also probably knew as did Triple H and Stephanie. However Meltzer also wrote that one of his
sources told him that it was all McMahon’s idea, and he talked Undertaker into doing
it. So is Heyman just doing what Heyman does best
and blurring the lines between work and fiction, or is there something more
to it? What do you all think? Was it all planned? Did Undertaker’s concussion mean WWE had
to change the match finish? Or did Brock go into business for himself? Let us know what you think in the comments

100 thoughts on “Was Brock Lesnar BEATING The Undertaker A SHOOT?! | WWE Backstage Expose

  1. Yeah cause Heyman's really gonna say that while he's still employed to WWE. You really think Vince would allow that shit?

  2. Lesnar shouldn't have been the one to end the streak he's only there there for the money it should have been Michaels, HHH or even punk or retire undefeated at wm

  3. The best theory I can come up with is Taker got hurt during the match and made the call for the finish…but i have to go rewatch the match to see where he got hurt

  4. If this is true that Brock lesnar went into business for himself this might spark an opportunity for someone huge to comeback to wwe. Maybe Brock is a good guy after all lol

  5. lmfao. if brock beat taker for real. brock will get sue so bad by wwe and taker. that he will need to pawn his wife for money

  6. I think Heyman is working the crowd, but it's a great conspiracy theory and I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually true.

  7. Holy shit this video was way more entertaining then I expected. Paul heyman is one of the absolute best of all time

  8. This is a stunt to push Reigns as a baby face and turn Brock in a heel that screwed the firm and it’s stars of their fair share.

  9. Heyman’s a friggin genius. He was working the crowd & everyone bought it. Lesnar would have been fired immediately, on the spot, if he had gone into business for himself & shoot changed the finish to a WeestleMania main event, in the ring, without ok from Vince. No doubt about it.

  10. I think Heyman is working the crowd, but it's a great conspiracy theory and I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually true.

  11. I think Taker was in on it all along. There is definitely respect between him and Brock, maybe even friendship. Check out the WWE 24 on Wrestlemania 31. You'll see there's a moment between the 2 men just before Taker's match with Bray Wyatt.

  12. I think Taker was in on it all along. There is definitely respect between him and Brock, maybe even friendship. Check out the WWE 24 on Wrestlemania 31. You'll see there's a moment between the 2 men just before Taker's match with Bray Wyatt.

  13. This was because Wrestletalk is working with Kenny Macintosh now and they were able to use the footage. Not only that but it's more so a way to promote Heymans next appearance. Good content regardless.

  14. one theory that doesn't make sense: the undertaker calling an audible because he was hurt. he was going for the tombstone. he hits it and wins. why would he take a bump?(the f5)

  15. BULLSHIT!!! This is a joke lol people can't be that stupid ! Taker couldn't kick out after a F5 ??? Taker the Undertaker after a F5 couldn't kick out ??? Say that out load ! It is the fucking stupidest thing I have fucking heard !

  16. They build up hype for a shit match by saying it's a conspiracy. HOnestly I don't understand why people still like WWE. It's washed up.

  17. taker let it go to the Chagrin of Vince totally takers call takers audible taker called the match brock just sold heyman didn't know until it happened Noone but taker and brock did

  18. I think Brock knows what he is doing if anything using the WWE instead of being used with a tight contract.
    Paul is there to mediate deals and work wwe script in but Brock don't always agree this is why we see so lessof him. He just don't care.

  19. Nah, that was the planned finish. If the Undertaker got concussed, I think they just sped the match up instead of changing the finish.

  20. Taker losing was not the planned finish it was in stings contract that itd be him n taker at wrestlemania after being inducted into the hall of fame and had end the streak that's how Vince got him to sign the contract however thanks to that finish that wasn't planned it ended the streak screwed sting and changed the following wrestlemania I know this from inside sources

  21. I don't know the sense of urgency to blow this out of proportion.
    Vince McMahon emphatically mentioned in Stone Cold's podcast that it was his decision only to end the winning streak of the Undertaker at WM 30, period.
    Paul Heyman can feel free to blur the lines of reality and fiction in matters related with choreographed nature of wrestling matches but the overriding fact will not change a bit when it pertains to a highly micro-managed activity like pro-wrestling.

  22. I knew it!Lesnar didnt give an eff so he purposely gave himself the w on taker at wrestlemania. Think about this brock and heyman are probably leaving after wrestlemania 34 anyway so…

  23. WM 34 Brock leaves WWE with the UNI Championship and they Bring back the Gold Belt.. and then Cult of Personality hits ..

  24. better that Brock broke the streak, because it would have been Roman Reigns, and that would have sucked

  25. Far as I'm concerned, The Streak should have continued. Period.He should have been allowed to retire with an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania in return for loyalty he showed McMahon when everyone else went to WCW.He helped Vince win the Monday Night War!

  26. Heyman could sell a hairbrush to a bald guy. That's how good of a talker he is. The fact people are still having these conspiracy theories based on what he said is just another example

  27. Brock probably did it on purpose and just took the win.. He seems like that type of guy to say fuck everybody else ima get mine

  28. Not buying it. At his core Heyman is a just like the Old Vince McMahon. A showman. In this "era of reality" conspiracy theories is the new Kayfabe. It was decided WAY before hand to end the Streak. There was lots of hype-up of the Streak in games and other media months before the PPV. They hadn't pushed that since HBK tried to end it the second time.

    I think the real theory is this. Vince already had his Boner for Roman at that time. He wanted to build up Brock as an unstoppable Monster.
    1. Brock does the unthinkable: Ends the Streak.
    2. Brock Murders Daniel Bryan at Summerslam. (Bryan is injured before hand)
    2a. The Death of Super-Cena instead.
    3. Build up Roman as the slayer of the Beast Brock.

    Unfortunately that doesn't quite go according to Vince's plan. Roman's various injuries, wellness policy strike, p*sspoor booking and fan backlash, Bryan's popularity, Seth Rollins Money in the Bank win all throw wrenches into the plan. The story is pushed to accommodate to what we have now.

    1. Bring Back the Roster Split and create the Universal title to sooth fan backlash.
    2. Brock has his deal with Goldberg. Roman with Taker
    3. Individual booking has Brock and Roman be on an Entirely different level than the more talented and deserving roster. All for Vince's stubborn vision.

    I just want it to be over with Brock and Roman so I can see where Roman goes from here.
    I'll paraphrase Luke: Let Vince eat his own sh*t and be done with it.

  29. I don't think it's true. If Undertaker was concussed so early in the match, it means Brock would've hurt him even more to the point of putting his life in danger. Brock is just there to do his job and leave. I don't think he's the type who would go into business for himself. I don't think he would have that kind of disrespect for his opponent – especially Undertaker. In my opinion, if Undertaker went to the hospital, it was probably just to sell his injury so they can get Brock over more. Shawn Michaels did the same thing in 1996 when Owen Hart gave him the enziguri, and to this day marks still debate whether Shawn was really hurt or not.

  30. Heyman is just the absolute best at stirring the pot. He's a true legend in his own right.

  31. What if it was a plan between Undertaker and Brock? They are friEnds, Undertaker support Brock at UFC. What if Undertaker said "If streak should come to an end, its gonna be with you"

  32. If that's true, there is no reason why there should've been an audible. If undertaker was so severely injured the match could have ended on the tombstone before the f5 so that the streak would continue

  33. Literally thanked Taker just before the pin. Taker gave it to him, pun intended.

    Shilling for Heyman, is all this is. Frankly, I'm tired of having my intelligence insulted.

    If he had taken it though, it would've gone down just like it did… Brock would've audibly thanked Taker for doing the job. Vince would've taken credit for the idea on Austin's podcast. And Heyman's fat face would be flapping whenever he stands to make money.

    What a shitty conspiracy.

  34. I think that Heyman was trolling. Because after the match, it was also reported that Brock and Paul both went to the hospital, there is also a backstage video of Paul and Brock being visibly upset when it was broken
    Check at 1:48 of the link

  35. Paul Heyman is brilliant at player mind games and manipulating people…If I didn’t know so much about professional wrestling I might have believed him

  36. You can't get a "shoot" pinfall with a fake move lol… Undertaker could have just kept kicking out until Brock CLEARLY forced his shoulders to the mat or submitted him (which would have been the smart way to go in to business for himself if he was going to do that)

  37. Fuxake… Everyone knew about the finish… I knew about it two days before and I don't have ANY ties with WWE…

  38. Well if Brock did I dont think vince would keep him in WWE
    There is too much risk with a buu that could just decide the ending on the spot
    I'm sure at least Mark, Vince and Brock knew the finish before the 1 2 3
    Nobody was told so the reactions were Real, it's the streak
    Undertaker on the ground
    The referee can't just count the 123
    The esitation was Real
    It had to be like that

  39. C’mon Luke you’re smarter than this! Heyman’s a worker. He was working Kenny, and he’s working you now

  40. I was there, Taker got knocked out and couldn't get up at three count, Ref. Actually tried to call off the count, but we all seen it and WWE was left to roll with it.

  41. Paul Heyman you are full of crap. You had to say something to entertain those who paid. Lesnar is friends with Taker and Lesnar was losing the steam.

  42. It was planned. Look Brock is a tough SOB but if he went into business for him against the Undertaker and Mania there would have been a line of wrestlers to beat his a** as soon as he got in the back. Hell Jericho went at him for busting Orton open and we all know Taker is held in higher regard than Orton in back.

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