Volkan Oezdemir ARRESTED For Aggravated Battery; Colby Covington on Tyron Woodley Fighting Diaz

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big news of the day is not UFC Sydney but the arrest of Volkan Oezdemir Yesterday in
Florida. He was charged with aggravated battery and
is currently being held in Broward County Jail. Details on the arrest have yet to surface. He was on the cusp of getting a deal done
to fight Daniel cormier early in 2018, but, we’ll see if this incident affects the fight
at all and whether the charges hold validity. Colby Covington asks a rhetorical question
in why Tyrone Woodley is calling out a lightweight instead of someone in the welterweight division
when it’s deeper than ever. He then answered his own question with “Oh
yeah that’s right I’m next in line that’s why.” I gotta take Covingtons side on this because
when Conor fought Diaz the first time around it’s because Diaz was the one of the few
that stepped up to the plate on short notice after Dos Anjos pulled out of the fight. Then I understood the rematch with Diaz because
he wanted to avenge the loss. So, the featherweight division had to wait
in order for him to legitimize the featherweight title again. Then fighting Alvarez was done to make history
and winning a belt in two different weight classes was something he had spoken of long
before his UFC career. The Mayweather fight was done because of the
pile of cash he would make and possibly history again. He ultimately left a good impression on boxers
and made them respect MMA fighters more. I’m still trying to figure out what would
make Tryone Woodley call out a smaller opponent, aside from the money. The welterweight division is on fire right
now and there are a ton of action fights. So it makes it less understandable to me,
or do you agree with it? Who do you guys think Woodley should fight
next let me know down below! Belal Muhammad calls out Covington in his
post-fight speech after defeating Tim Means via split-decision I doubt Colby Covington
responds since Muhammad isn’t even considered top 15 yet. And finally UFC Sydney broke a record for
longest event in UFC history with 3 hours 4 minutes and 18 seconds of cage time. 10 fights went the distance including Werdum’s
bout vs Tybura where he won via Unanimous decision. The UFC was supposed to give out 4 Performance
bonuses but only 3 were given because Frank Camacho was ineligible due to missing weight. So, he requested to have his bonus forfeited
to his opponent Damien Brown.

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  1. No doubt Colby. Tyquil is scared. Acting just like bisbing, running from his division. Woodley ain't worthy of big money fight ……boring fighter!

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