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you guys see the gloves so you already
know what’s up we’re doing a virtual sparring part three but what is going on
guys it’s mark laughter you guys haven’t seen part one in parts do this old card
right there that’s part one part two link in the description you guys haven’t
seen them start up with those this is gonna be part three like I said so we’re
doing everything combined to be less talking and more sparring right we’re
gonna do like for one minute rounds the first or gonna do really simple right so
I’m feeling my jab cross and you guys are just gonna be slipping you’re gonna
catch them slip right and then as soon as I step back you guys gonna be able to
throw your combos and then as soon as I come back in you guys are gonna bat
right back to your defense you’re catching flipping and doing everything
you need right so the first one like I said is jab cross we’re doing a minute
round ready set go and right when I step back this is one
you guys are throwing your punches at me right case you guys up don’t you functions get
though anything at all this is your third part right you can throw your
hooks to get the uppercuts all right there’s gonna be jab cross body hook
head how are you guys in a block there are you doing a catch you could do a
catch and then a slip or you can do a catch and another cat body shot all you
really have to do is lightly just until your heart still looks inside your body
getting here right three two one one minute go every time I step back whenever I’m not
doing you guys show you don’t put you still third round it’s gonna be another
minute I’m gonna be throwing three jabs champ
jab jab as I’m throwing my rear hook right I’m gonna throw different kinds of
hooks I might throw a body hook I might throw a head hook I might they’re like a
looping hook i’ma throw different kinds of so job grab jab hook so somebody
catch catch catch and then helmet guard right or helmets
right three two one go every time I step back you’re doing your home punches our last 1 minute round I’m going
through a random combos 3 4 5 funds public as a slipping sample step back
you’re doing your punches great 3 2 1 go fuck this I’m sorry if you guys enjoyed
this virtual sporting video it was like four or five rounds something like that
you guys enjoyed that make sure you guys slap that like subscribe if you have not
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