Vasyl Lomachenko 2019 | Exclusive career knockout highlights

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Oh nigga – FC great little homage and
Curly spectacular fighter they superstars Arsenal dollars a pound for
our number one best fighter in the whole wide world but Janko is not most
fighters indicating from the get-go that his record will be built on quality
rather than quantity the Ukrainian master boxer made estate view against
Ramirez obey my commands at all times god bless touch up southpaw lomachenko
wasted no time and planting the feet and blasting away Ramirez whose side pull
out during the break always entails a
certain element of risk just one fight after his impressive debut Roma tango
was busy challenging for world honors against former champion or land compromising depth room of 56 contest
poppin up the represented credible wind but believed to be
beatable none to someone of mortgage anko’s talent to deal with Romanenko was expected to have to face
tonight to get again not for the first time in his career cielito failed to
read the script coming in over the weight limit and landing low flows on
numerous occasions experience cielito leveled the playing field in every
conceivable fashion and route to defeating the maestro on a split
decision wasting no time mixing it with the big
boys one in one llama chenko bounced back immediately from his first loss
with a title winning effort over unbeaten Gary Russell Jr veteran referee
Jack please calls for the governing Bell lomachenko used his precision timing and
calculated pressure to pile up the points against a fellow South blow a chunk of Benally for his quick
hands Jr did enough quality work to hurt
our car that one judges Russell’s body of work since the law is
only serving to enhance Palmer’s glittering resume lova was one of four star names and a
card headlined by Manny Pacquiao the top-ranked further ventured into the
Chinese market only three fights as a profession this background every to have appeared
at the sport tide challenger Pataca at a pawn shop
looking right lomachenko
hired years while dropping it out maneuvering his overmatched foe with the
12 rounds decisions and back in America and back to starching
his prey Vasili was keen to make the most of his prime slot on the
illustrious Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao undercard be a big problem Rodriguez came to fight but it’s about
progressed the Puerto Rican was fighting hard just to stay competitive and he
didn’t see it this is becoming Chico resistant the ninth round
– punches the number of punches trough Iraq Mexican procedure had already been
bettered by fighters and everybody else like that right there
he can make movers of pivot around to do anything he wants to because of the
straight footwork the Ukrainians dominated his opponent growing and
landing nearly every shot at the book the top-ranked star admitted afterwards
that he was just having too much fun in there to end it early build is the
master boxer with skills to burners and pound pound power
no but Janko showed against Martinez that he’s just this comfortable standing
Express to posting highlight reel knockouts as well moving up the super featherweight again
dependable champagne resolve elect can followed by a rapid write book
quickly used to referee dispense with the count it was one of the most nicknamed the axeman is a testament to a
spite ending hunch power Walters was expected in some quarters to
represent a credible yardstick of lomachenko professional progression the
best available opponents would get a good loan the check would be the
top-flight fighter in at around this way today
making the first defense of his WBO super featherweight strap lomachenko
spent the early going working out confused the muse and unable to land
anything meaningful walters unceremoniously quit at seven after disposing of Walters lova chanko
was served up cupcakes and social a respected New Jersey native food battled
back into significance after early career bliss you know the title so was technically entering into a
unification contest source despite being forced to drop his own
silverware due to political complications with lomachenko showed the Gaffin class from
the outset forcing SOSUS corner to throw in the towel to save their man for
another night white like MoMA check he’s doing is another capable contender another victim
of the unfathomable matrix-style presented by the king the 130-pound thing was to sled to be
too quick for Marriott news laws to Oscar Valdez but it
well lomachenko dropped the Colombian
two-thirds over Kamath cuts in the fourth and plow the de sizable Ukrainian
contingents for the school repertoire until maryadas corner ended the massacre
in the scepter that is it Machiko diminutive cuban guillermo
riggan doe stepped into the gap left by others and moved up to weight divisions
to tackle the Ring Magazine super featherweight number one abilities
southpaw Rizzo struggling while mischenko was handed victory after Ana hitting the guide and it’s borne down so
low like that it really is make sure to give an ankle with the
right hand hopeless with an answer in Sanko has
made Ragan down quit in WBA super lightweight belt holder Jorge Linares
Vasily at least had someone who could come close to matching of the speed and
technique Banaras career had been haunted by his
glaring claws but he showed in round six the uncountability he possessed when
dropping lomachenko with the cards were relatively tight going
into the temple and when MoMA pulled a body shot out of a locker at the
grimacing Linares was counted out solid WBO lightweight King Jose Pedraza
had only lost once prior to meet in Houma chenko and that was at the
skillful fists of enigmatic southpaw javante neighbors lomachenko was
criticized in some quarters for fighting Pedraza even though it was a unification
which shows the standards to which law much now held despite being brutally battered in the
eleven madrasas somehow hung on to become the first man to hear the final
bell against MoMA Chang goes in Syria terrified
nine fights early in 2004 not many fans of pundits were giving
likable break Anthony Trollope much the head of is early 2019 west coast
the eminent technique Frollo was a heavy undergo he found his
American debut extremely heavy weather from the start floette anko’s accurate huntin gave way
to ruthless efficiency as he forced to count on his overmatched adversary in
the third before deciding to forcibly dispose of it the size of Poland really around on the
campus after a pinpoint write book was a visual representation of the destruction
caused by light weight gain while mischenko you

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