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[MUSIC] Wait a minute,
Randy Orton’s going for the ride.>>Ooh.>>And Christian, RKO from the Viper!>>[NOISE]
>>Look at Stephanie and New Day.>>[LAUGH]
>>Definitely getting jiggy with the Big E.>>[LAUGH]
>>Not sure how Triple H feels about that.>>The New Day,
putting their tag team championship->>Wait a minute, wait a minute!>>No.>>No. [MUSIC]>>My God, are you kidding me?>>It’s a New Day, it’s a New Day!>>It is a New Day!>>We have seen it all.>>We’re going to Beale Street!>>It’s an incredible day!>>We’re going to Sun Records! Get ready, BB King! [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>[MUSIC}>>Great Khali says, he’s going to prove, right now, that he has a sense of fun. Because the Great Khali would
like to host the kiss cam!>>What?>>The kiss cam? [MUSIC]>>Wanna kiss.>>Wait a minute. Wait a minute! [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH] This could be very interesting.>>[LAUGH] There’s a giant kiss. [SOUND]
>>This is exactly what you knew. Guys, you knew they didn’t
want any part of the giant. Here he comes.>>You know Giant, you’re lucky that I’m the 1998
Cannonball Champion of Spring Break.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH] I love it! [SOUND]
>>These people didn’t come here tonight just
to see the Spinaroonie. They came here to see the Kanearoonie.>>Kanearoonie?>>Kanearoonie?>>Wait a minute.>>A Kanearooni?>>Look at this, JR.>>[NOISE]
>>Well, if the can do it, the NFL can do it. The Big Red Machine can do it.>>There it is! [LAUGH]
>>Kanearooni. [SOUND]
>>I feel like dancing, hit the music.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>What?>>What in? [MUSIC]>>What is [LAUGH] this all about? Come on JR you’re trying to
impress Hollywood, you idiot. [MUSIC] That’s pretty damn good. [MUSIC]>>Well, it’s different. [MUSIC] I mean, [LAUGH] some unique moves,
I guess it would be polite to say. [SOUND]>>Uno, dos, tres. [MUSIC]>>This is absurd.>>I don’t know about that, Cole. [MUSIC]>>This is the WWE Champion,
Brock Lesnar, acting like this. [SOUND]>>Well, Elias says he’s gonna win, but we all know that that ain’t true. You look at me, boy, when I’m singing,
cuz I’m not finished with you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You may not know it, you may not realize. But when this song’s over,
you’re gonna get these hands.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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