Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed (Full Length)

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First and last name? My first name is Jessie My last name is Snodgrass Have you ever sold drugs at Chapperal High School? Nope You’ve never sold drugs to any students there? No sir. No? Okay. Do you know who this is? Nope You sure? Yea, I’m sure Daniel? It was the first thing he said when I spoke to him on the phone. It was… not “Mom I got locked up” But he said: “Mom do you remember my friend?” And I said “Yes” And he said: “He’s a cop”. The war on drugs is still going strong in America. Even though states like Colorado and Washington have legalized weed federal grants still reward local police departments based on the sheer numbers of drug arrests they report incentivising local cops to target the most vulnerable on December 11, 2012 22 high school students were arrested in Temecula, California a sunny suburb just east of LA It was the culmination of what authorities called Operation Glass House. A twenty one jump street style undercover sting. Adult police officers posed as students in two high schools. They went to class, did homework, and tried to get kids to sell them illegal drugs on campus This is the story of Jessie Snodgrass, an autistic teenager who was one of the students arrested that day At the beginning of his senior year Jessie thought he had made a new friend. A fellow student named Daniel Briggs But, this friendship was a sham Daniel Briggs was in fact Deputy Daniel Zipperstein, a cop in his mid 20’s. Ever since his arrest Jessie has suffered from PTSD So he didn’t want to talk to us on camera. But he wants his story known. His parents: Dug and Catherine Snodgrass; welcomed us into their home to talk about how Operation Glass House affected their son. And what they are doing to fight back. This is the story of how the war on drugs prays on the most vulnerable. Did Jesse have many friends growing up? Well that’s always been a big challenge for Jessie. He has no friends. Senior year he made a new friend right? Yeah it was huge progress we felt it was a milestone in Jessie’s life. It seemed like God sent to us. On one of the very first days of school Daniel asked Jessie to get him some marijuana So you do know who that is. Yeah. Do you know his name Daniel Briggs Have you ever sold Daniel Briggs drugs? *shakes head in denial* We know that you’ve sold drugs. But, I just gave him some cause he was just all like I need this. So, Daniel asked Jessie to get him some marijuana. He also gave him some money, 20 dollars to get it from Jessie didn’t know where to get it. It started texting him relentlessly making requests. You know bugging him. He agonized over this for some time. He decided to go to a dispensary, a marijuana dispensary. and He found some guy who Jessie says he thinks was a homeless guy who was near there and He gave him the 20 dollars and got a very small amount of marijuana for it. And that ‘s what he supplied to Dan. He was charged with two felony counts of selling marijuana. Oh and there it is. That’s the amount of weed. Ha! 20 dollars, .6 grams *chuckles* that’s outrageous I think he was really worried about how am I going to do this because if I don’t i’m going to lose my friend You know his only friend. He was desperate. This is the beginning where he just sort of starts to retreat. And, you know it’s really hard to get his attention. You know you would kind of clap your hands loudly in front of him and he wouldn’t flinch. At around age 2 his speaking just stopped he just stopped. Being aware of things is just not here He’ll start noticing he is looking away from the camera almost all the time.Where he would just sit in the corner, by himself and kind of wave his hand in front of his face like this for hours. His behavior was becoming more and more isolating. I went out of my way to find him play dates. Kids would come over and I would make sure they’d have a really good time because I’d want to kind of encourage any friendships not would be one time only. I don’t think he would ever have more then one play date. Did you at all feel like the betrayal that ended up happening with the undercover cop was kinda like there’s echo’s of various things that happened through his lifetime. Absolutely, well it was the biggest betrayal. But it was one more. You’re right. He wasn’t even upset at being locked up. He was just so so upset that this person betrayed him And he said: “Mom. I was only trying to help him. I thought I was doing the right thing.” And that people who do this are viewed as heroes. That’s beyond me. What and that seems almost so. So insidious about his that he was reacting out of empathy. That he was showing it by his actions. He was trying to help out a friend Yeah. Which I suppose for his condition is quite remarkable Yeah. Yeah, that was for him to be able to do that. Was you know would be considered a break through in anyone else’s circumstances He was being bullied for being different the word “retard” was used at him a lot. He still reacts really strongly to that word In response to all this bullying that was happening, He was trying to make himself unapproachable. He cut his hair off. Cut it real short to like a buzz cut. Started wearing T-shirts with metal militia type logos. Gave him a tough guy persona. Most of the students knew Daniel was a cop. On campus his nickname was Deputy Dan. He was always asking for drugs, always asking you know like where I can get this and if he would hear he would jump into conversations just asking for drugs. Did Temecula have any sort of history being a drug town like where kids get high all the time. Not that we’ve ever heard of. Temecula was named the second safest city in America.

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  1. It's legal federally and sold in stores like beer, to anyone 18 years or older , in my country, a kid here would just tell them to go to the store themselves, if someone tried to get weed off them

  2. Daniel has a special place In hell waiting on him. Does he feel good about what he did? Try hard sounds like he coulda done with some friends.

  3. For decades this is not new. They arrest lower levels because the others have political or legal clout and they make good money on their subordinates.

  4. Law enforcement sucks. What also sucks is that the municipal school systems and higher education systems are complicit

  5. rapists, murderers, child molesters, tax fraud, etc there is a long list of bad shit happening, but no the police'd rather spend their time fucking people over a plant they choose to smoke.

  6. You better believe this has ruined the lives of these families. The injustice system and public pretenders are among the worst offenders and yet these crimes against humanity are why our communities and families are struggling to inspire the future…grad, voter, tax payer, community leader, we will be the living dead. When our appointed agencies are out to get us or to get paid above the honor and duty to be a public servant in whom we trust and honor your bravery and this is the level of service we are getting with our taxes? lousy lip service instead of actual role models

  7. You should not sell weed to strangers lol, but the cops should not do this either, why turn people bad? Im lowkey undecided who to blame more

  8. So in attempting to make schools and education "safer" they end up destroying students' chances of going to college and creating a future for themselves? Nice one America.

  9. Their another documentary on a kid in Florida who was tricked to sell a undercover female officer who pretended to have a crush on him

  10. Yea let's ask about why Jesse has autism, in my opinion it's not a accident that autism rates have gone up ten fold. Full frontal Assault on our civil liberties, and the elite don't care one but.

  11. isnt that entrapments for everyone of the students in this film, also thats sickening that police would even consider doing that to vulnerable people like what good is it doing, its not like they are getting rid of the main dealers doing that

  12. Cops: Why don’t you trust us!
    Also Cops:
    Cops: Not all of us do stuff like this!
    Also Cops: Doesn’t do anything about it doesn’t protest doesn’t speak up instead stands by people who do these things

  13. Any cops watching this? Cops if you see this, just letting you know, if you do this to one of my family members, I'll —- you. Dont think I can? Its unbelievably easy to get peoples address, vehicle plate, phone number, email, relatives, past addresses etc. How would I get your name you ask? Well youre first, middle and last name is on the police affidavit that I can obtain from a Discovery in the U.S. court of law, the rest is a piece of cake and a little bit of the waiting game. Years might go by… perhaps I'll mail your wife a fake confession from a made up lover of yours. Perhaps I'll slash your tires over the years. Perhaps I'll throw a molo— threw your window while your sleeping. Maybe I'll climb on your roof right above your bedroom and light off a couple pounds of ther—-. Maybe I'll go to the local heroin den and buy some HIV/Hep C positive blood, put it on some thumbtacks and glue them to the underside of your car door handle. I'm a very creative person, but you get the point. Just remember, just because of your badge.. doesnt mean youre the biggest baddest fish in the sea that can carelessly ruin someones life. Believe me, there are much quieter, scarier, fish in the sea… who are prepared to scoff at the entire legal system just to teach you and your family a lesson you soon will never forget.

  14. Corrupt American cops just trying to make money from arrests. If you want to stop drugs you go after the suppliers. You don't go to vulnerable kids forcing them to get drugs, in fact that in itself should be a crime. Luckily you don't get these sort of 'operations' going on in the UK

  15. This is absolutely fucking insane and ridiculous and stupid. Marijuana NEEDS to be legalized at the Federal level. The war on drugs is STUPID and NOT effective.

  16. That’s fucked up u don’t beg kids to the point were it drives them crazy for weed then charge them with a felony that cop should get time.

  17. The middle school I went to tried to do this to me and my friends. The got the councillor and the campus cop to try and set me up. They said that I ratted on my friend, who ratted on my other friend, who ratted on my other friend. And tried to put us against each other. It was absolutely disgraceful. I never trusted a school or it’s faculty ever again. They knew who was dealing in the school and still went after us.

  18. Make weed legal and watch how cartels and crime organization stop making money competition will be less Crystal,meth,coke etc will obviously keep on selling but weed is the main thing that be Makin them get money

  19. canabinoid (oea in particular) should promote oxytocin production and release, and give relapse to many ASD symptoms, why this guy get a punishment for a better medication respect to the uneffective legal one?

  20. They probably gave each other high fives and ass slaps afterwards on their “big bust”. Fucking losers.

  21. Never treat people differently. I would have been this kids friend, and fucked up anybody that tried to mess with him. If you make fun of people because they’re not like you, you’re just follower and a bitch. I prefer individuality over people that all act and dress the same. Those are the real cowards.


  23. So this is where our tax money is going ha? To help bust vulnerable kids and ruin their lives with felony charges? This is sick, those officers involved are the real criminals. We need to end the war on drugs because its counterproductive in every way.

  24. abysmal. pathetic. honorless. pieces of shit. I find solace knowing these greedy sadistic dishonorable bastards will one day answer for all the pain and suffering theyve caused. theres no escaping judgement when our time on earth is over..paybacks a bitch & these sad excuses for policy enforcers are fixin to get yeeted so hard by st.peter. ha.

  25. This is so fucked up because not only are they exploiting kids to sell them drugs, something that they wouldn't have even done but to go after the vulnerable making sure they can't even get a good education and job

    And cops wonder why they are so hated

    Edit: and this is more fucked up because they ruined that kid's whole life so the cop would get paid a little more…

  26. americas so fucked lol, noone ever gets arrested for weed in the UK, most of the time they just confiscate it or write you a yellow slip that doesnt even stay on your record

  27. Ok i understand why they do this, but its peer pressure so hes not fully in the wrong ,hes autistic nomfriends hell do anything for a friend

  28. let's fuck with teen with autism likely mess up a lot in his life with a criminal record and giving him ptsd and lower his trust even more and blame them for it

  29. Don’t give up don’t give up Pliz don’t give up on ur kids fuck the law they never gave a fuck about us never will

  30. goes to show how fucked our system is, they don’t care about your rights or justice, they only care about the money. Justice is almost never served.

  31. That police department.. jesus christ. Just imagine how much could’ve been done for weaker people with that amount of money. Now it’s trapped in soulless bricks, tax payers money. In fucking sane. America, you keep shocking me.

  32. You see more retired cops holding these views after years and years seeing this revolving door and the police can't figure out why people hate them. Look in the mirror. I respect this countries Leo's but they REALLY need to ask themselves is what they're doing REALLY right? Are they really HELPING? police don't have a duty to act they aren't forced to file charges by anyone but themselves. They are in charge of what they alone do.

  33. I’ll kill that cop for 1000 his name is Daniel Briggs. Someone send me address and I’ll get it done. silenced pistol and a motorcycle should make this ez

  34. I have my own story completely relevant to what you guys were just saying I got locked up felony charges everything for selling less than half a gram of weed to a friend when I was in the eighth grade I got locked up for about 4 years of my childhood

  35. If you want my story it's about North Allegheny High School Pittsburgh PA 15237 very high-end and I got expelled so irrationally you have no idea what they did to me and where they put me and what they did to me for years and years and years over less than half a gram to give the one of my friends you can look at my arrest record everything you can call me 412-865-8192

  36. Great sting law enforcement. Shit like this makes me sick to my stomach. Why don't these cops do real work. Undercover needs to wear body cams too. Just because your a cop, it doesn't make you above the law you pile of shits.

  37. say no to drugs! unless you're a cop. Then force an autistic kid to purchase .6 grams of weed and charge him with a goddamn felony

  38. Wow, you American cops are all kinds of fucked up… some of you guys are like, "Oh, there are some good cops out there and not all cops are like this." Yeah, um… fuck that. I bet most of those so called "good cops" would turn a blind eye to internal corruption to save their asses from some bullshit code of silence without a second thought. Hypocrites.

  39. We had an under cover police officer bust 18 students at our school. It was weird because I was a MAJOR drug addict back then and the guy asked me for weed and I could tell he was fishy. He was probably the ONLY person I didn't get drugs for in school LOL. My 6th sense paid off. Look up West Columbia Texas High School drug bust.

  40. Bruh if there is a hell that cop is going to it, not for doing his job but because he knew he was taking advantage that kid and it was immoraly wrong and he knew it ….

  41. Someone has to say it, cannabis is becoming more legal so I hope that things change more and more even though they won’t

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