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Hey guy, welcome to the new video, we are the freekickerz! Konzi and I are going to battle us. And the special thing about that is… We are here with a professional goalkeeper today! Maybe even the best goalkeeper you have ever seen on YouTube! So it won’t get easy. The aim is to score five goals. That’s the challenge. We are going to shoot freekicks. Konzi are you afraid? – I am just afraid of him and not of you. So now, let’s get started and we’ll see! Okay Konzi, show what you can do! The first one will be a warm upper, for sure against this goalkepper. This one already was fluttering so crazy. I am also going to start slowly here. I’d love to see Konzi standing in a goal… I am convinced that the ball is going to flutter again. Great, Bruno! Very bad shot! I thought it would go in. I’ll flutter one in the goal as well. 2-0! He saved it! Bruno, that was an awesome save! That was not so easy… It’s not missing much more there. Do you think he would have saved it? -It would have gotton difficult. He was still in thoughts due to my shot. Like: “Would i have saved it to 50 or 60 % there.” Konzi is going to shoot over the goal now for sure! He wasn’t awake for just a moment. There he has broken just everything! That can’t be real… And the GoPro is broken… When you’re unlucky, you’re just unlucky… It is always the same shot… Yes, but there are always just 2 cm missing. I can’t do more than showing you where the ball is going to go… 3-2. I think that he is insecure now. So we finally can score a lot of goals! I’ll do the same shot again. The camera men are just shaking there heads. It’s simply a good save there. And it was not that easy to save… 4-2. So the next shots are matchballs for me. Yes, that’s correct. He doesn’t even has to fall down for this shot. There was to less speed in it. To less speed? Ooookay… It’s time for a knuckleball again! It was falling down in the end, a really good shot. But it was unfortunately to unprecise. That’s a ball for the keeper. Well okay…


  1. Konzi, позови Руслана и Антона и проверьте этого вратаря☺

  2. По вашему он лучший, неа, у нас есть Евгений Спиряков, вот он лучший на ютубе

  3. Кость классно бьешь видосы на канале классные продолжайте в том же духе

  4. @felix habe dich heute gesehen und hab Foto gemacht bin bei den roten Trikot gewesen haben das Turnier gewonn

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