100 thoughts on “UFC 227: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Garbrandt is still the better fighter. That body combo he pulled off right b4 getting cranked was awesome. He got into his own head lowering his abilities and heightened Dillashaws desire and need to win. If he would have gone into it without talking shit he would have fought better and less scared and trying to finish the fight so fast.

  2. Why do all the youtubers insist on click falsifying their lead-ins? Why show an image of Cody behind the mike from the first fight post-presser when he clearly did not participate in this one? Honesty, you should try it sometime.

  3. You're a blind idiot if you say Cody has no chin..tj bounced his barrage of baby bitch shots off his head and still couldn't knock him out, sure it finishes the fight but Cody stands right back up and when tj gets hit once he looks like a baby deer..talk about difference in power between em

  4. I wanted to see Cody get his ass beat but damn when he got stopped I felt a bit bad for him, just a bit. Could see that he was fighting on emotion. And its not that he couldn't have defeated TJ, he's capable of it…but losing two in a row? Tough on him.

  5. I'm sorry but how is tj in the argument for best ever? Dana really needs to cut off the bullshit promo
    Last month the best ever was Cormier and the month before that was another fighter and so on…….
    Once Jones comes back hes gonna be on his sack

  6. Yeah so fuck the owner of this video for makin' the thumbnail a photo of Cody with no fucking Cody in it. That's grand

  7. ‪I ‘wanna thank TJ from the bottom of my heart for silencing that tattooed fuck once and for ALL! He put the nail in the coffin! Garbrandt was never all that, Dom was just injured and tired, that’s all. And then Urijah, his peanut gallery and the UFC FANS pumped Cody up to be all that. And THEN sent him out as some bullshit vigilante to fight fights that weren’t EVEN his to begin with. I love Urijah and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Chicago in June, but with all do respect; if he has burning vendettas and wants to put out old flames, then I suggest he get off of his behind, come out of retirement and put them out himself! And quit sending little peons out to fight his battles. Alpha Male has nothing to say, and Cody is THROUGH. So much Love & mad respect my brother TJ, for it is finally over, and at long last Alpha Male has been silenced ‬once and for all.

  8. The gate was 2.9 million in one sentence. In the next sentence he says each fighter got 50k with a smile. fuck you Dana

  9. just a funny thought. henry is proud mexican and such (which is cool) and is going to go to mexico to celebrate but when visiting hes only going to tourist section of mexico cancun?… why not juarez or mexico city?

  10. Cody garbrandt interview -"it was a long hard road to get back,and uh …uh..this is my passion ,this is what I love to do…and uh…"😭

  11. DJ got robbed. If taking someone down, lying on top of them and doing no damage counts as getting points… this "sport" needs an upgrade… Let's chuck out 12-6 elbow rule first.

  12. Such a sloppy promotion. No structure, rankings dont mean jack, way too many shitty fightsp. Too many "greatest" and "bests"

  13. mighty mouse got clearly robbed…how could this mexican midget be so satisfied with an undeserved belt…the worst robbery of ufc 😕

  14. I think DJ won this fight. And I'm a huge Cejudo fan. I was pulling for Cejudo. But I think DJ won 3 rounds to 2.

  15. did someone actually say "Cejudo vs Lobov?????" Gimme a fuckin break!!!!!!! IM SORRY BUT LOBOV IS NOT THAT GOOD!!!!!!!! Didnt we prove that a LONG time ago???? he lost a bunch already, ridiculous!!!!!!!! Stop IT!!!!! WASTE OF TIME!!!

  16. DJ is one of my favorite fighters of all-time…but man, Henry Cerjudo is so dang likable.

    Perhaps Henry winning gained more fans for both fighters. #buildcontenders

  17. How did dj lose when his face aint beat up. The other guys face is fucked up sooooooo wtf happened dj should have 1

  18. Holy shit. Even the UFC uses clickbait lmao. Showing Cody knowing damn well he aint there XDDD Knowing damn well thats what we all wanted to see.

  19. My theory on why Cody was in the thumbnail but not here. A few days prior to the UFC posting the post fight press conference video in the subscriptions feed it shows the thumbnail and says the video will be posted at whatever date. The same thumbnail is kept. So whoever sets up the UFC YouTube channel has to make a prediction on who will win each time they put a thumbnail for post fight press conference and whoever did thought Cody would win and would be there.

  20. Let's get Cody to move up to featherweight and set up a match with Cub Swanson … (Just for the shits n giggles ,AKA shiggles)

    Or Demetrius go up to bantamweight and fight Cody, since both coming off a title loss.

    No fight for Cejudo. Just relax and enjoy the glory for now… Not sure how long it'll last (I'm not hating, just my opinion) .

    TJ vs Marlon Moraes . Likely a win for TJ and gets a little light on Marlon.

  21. Why would they put cody on the thumbnail if he doesnt even speak at the damn post fight. He wasnt brought to the hospital either.

  22. cejudo with his dang immigrant story. He telling erryone how he sneak the border in bla bla he just lucky he got the belt. Im not a fan of this mexican. he be talkin bou triple champ.

  23. Who the fuck wants to hear Dana white no Fuckin body care what dana white says or thinks fucking fogget Dana white go fuck your self. Bitch

  24. DJ won that match, he got robbed and will dominate in the rematch that Dana doesn't want to give DJ because Dana doesn't wanna make DJ sell, and make him into a PPV star. I disagree with Cejudo when he says that DJ gets tired in the scramble. DJ does NOT get tired in a scramble or anywhere else. His pacing, his cardio is more than formidable, it's a staple of his arsenal. But with that being said? Respect to any and everyone who steps into the [ whatever ] to compete.

  25. There is not rematch between DC, and Miocic, Cormier achieved greatness , he imposed a record, and he is 40 years old,so he can retire as a great champion , he doesn’t need fights.

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