100 thoughts on “UFC 216: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Kevin Lee is a young guy with a lot of talent. Very good athlete with a solid grappling and is respectable on his feet. I do think that they fed him to the sharks way too early. Chiesa is the only real legit 155er that he’s beat, even then Chiesa isn’t a top contender either. IMO they should have given him at least one more fight before he was taking on the top of the division. He’s not yet on the same level as guys like Conor, Tony, or Khabib. I’d like to see him fight Gaethje. I feel like that would be a good test to see where he’s at. Otherwise, Mighty Mouse has cleaned out 125 and there is no more competition for him there. I really want to see Tony vs Conor. Werdum might be getting the rematch against Stepe. Bisping vs GSP will be interesting

  2. Hey I would never give anyone an excuse for losing but c’mon. If I beat someone with an infection I’ll want to give him a go again. I would want to beat the men at his 100%

  3. Dana Failed in getting Rid of Tony with a Strong Wrestler Lee cause Tony is a Complete fighter so now Dana's son McNuggets has to fight the Boogie Man or Vacate, lets hope Coner mans up like Tito Ortiz when he had to fight Chuck Liddell​.

  4. Tony cut from 201lbs to 155 c'mon Kevin you just not doing it right & like Dana said they just built that big ass performance Institute for all the fighters TAKE ADVANTAGE of it like mf it's all free lmfaoo.

  5. I like how "shocking" is for kids to see people getting shot… but you had no problems going into another country and murdering kids left and right… or only murican kids matter ? Fuck off indoctrinated hypocrite cunts!

  6. Idk man, I have a hard time believing ferguson will beat mcgregor after this weekend. Khabib has the best chance to be the king of the division, just seeing how dominant he always is. Ferguson always escapes losses with submissions, and it's hard to truly believe much of that is not largely due to luck. As long as someone makes sure they don't mess with Ferguson on the ground too much they will win

  7. "Tony Ferguson mom gonna do a lot more crying than mines I'll tell you that" He did a lot more crying than both of them

  8. Only a matter of time now until Tony Ferguson becomes a star to rival Conor.
    I hope he truly is good at chess, and plays a good game with his MMA career. His interview game reached a new level this past week and the Big Bear training narrative rivals any classic fight film, cheesy as it is!

    Mexico, get behind your boy!!

  9. lol that guy @1:16:40 should never be allowed to ask questions again
    what a retarded long winded roundabout non-question

  10. "You can say whatever you want but Tony Ferguson was the better man". Need more fighters like that. Had a hard time making weight and had a staff infection but bottom line he decided to fight and lost. SO MANY excuses are used when someone loses it's rare to hear someone just say they lost period

  11. STFU Dana you fat piece of shit. I don't see your fat ass "cutting weight" you fat, bald, red, high cholesterol, high blood pressure tomato. Not everyone in the world fits into your stupid ass weight classes fat boy.

  12. I'm not into sports and didn't know who these men were. I clicked because I thought it was a gay positive video based on the thumbnail.

  13. The Boogie Man is in it's a Rap
    No one is beating him, this guy made Nate Diaz Tremble, he is a complete fighter & Don't Be fooled he fights everyone different, he didn't need Striking for Lee 😁 UFC has a Problem El Cucuy get on the Train Now ❗

  14. That was an amazing submission one of the best ever, if not the best! but he still can't mess with Anderson the spider Silva, Silva messed his own record up being too cocky and playing with good fighters like a fool. Anderson beat himself in the end

  15. Lol the faggot with the white shirt, backwards hat and poindexter glasses can suck my fucking chode. I wanna fight him myself, he looks like a kid I would want to beat up on the playground and after beating him up just make myself throw up on him & then walk away

  16. All I see when two men trying to look hard and put their faces close like that is how bad they want to makeout.

  17. Lol there is no way Kevin Lee is 185lbs sat there. You don't put 30lbs on in one day when you are his size and build. Dude looks about 170-175lbs tops

  18. He's great, but needs to humble out.Don't think he's as good as Coner or Khabib-he's great but not really in their level.

  19. Kevin Lee, classy in defeat and shows a lot of heart doing his interviews despite being so devastated… a good sport, he deserves a lot of respect turning in a good performance despite all his physical difficulties

  20. Conor needs to step up and defend his fucking belt. You're not a real champion until you defend your belt. And Tony Ferguson looked sensational against Kevin Lee.

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