TwerkOut! Lexy Panterra Teaches The World To Bounce Their Booties

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LEXY: I definitely want to teach the world how to shake that butt. 00:12
COMM: Lexy Panterra is a butt shaking sensation, and she has taught more than 10,000 women
how to twerk. 00:19
LEXY: I would love to teach the world to tweak. Every girl wants to know how to twerk. Period.
Whether they say they do or they don’t they really do. 00:26
COMM: But the 26-year-old singer, dancer and workout instructor is so busy shaking her
booty that her love life has had to take a backseat. 00:36
LEXY: I am very, very busy. I don’t have time for a boyfriend. 00:40
COMM: Lexy teaches her TwerkOut class in Los Angeles. Combining sexy dance moves with cardiovascular
fitness routines. In just eighteen months she’s already achieved internet fame and racked
up numerous high profile TV appearances as well as some a-list clients. 00:55
LEXY: My celebrity clients consist of Mel B from the Spice Girls Tiny Harris which is
T.I.’s wife. Karrueche Tran and my really good friend Christina Milian. 01:05
COMM: She’s launched a TwerkOut app and has plans to spread her class internationally. 01:11
LEXY: It’s been in Brazil and Argentina and London so it’s travelling very fast. I definitely
want to take this class worldwide. 01:17
COMM: Lexy feels her success has come from her unique approach to twerking. 01:21
LEXY: Normally when you see twerking it’s just a lot of butt in your face, it’s just
a bunch of jiggle. I created a way where it’s isolating your movements so it’s going to
exact beats and exact times. I know exactly what I’m doing. It’s not your normal twerking,
I’m changing the concept of it. 01:35
COMM: She has the full support of her father Tony, who doesn’t see anything risqué about
it. 01:41
TONY: I’m old enough to remember Elvis was cutting edge at one time, and all he did was
shake a leg. How ridiculous is that today? What’s the other dance thing called, Zumba
or something like that? It was exotic and nasty and sexy and people said a lot of things.
And now it’s like a worldwide famous fitness class bing bang boom everybody’s doing it,
no big deal. 02:02
COMM: But despite his enthusiasm for his daughters’ dancing Tony has no intention of trying it
for himself. 02:08
TONY: I can’t dance if you paid me, like I don’t even know how I walk straight. I can’t
dance. 02:14
COMM: Lexy is single and is worried that she might scare potential suitors off. 02:18
LEXY: There is a lot of men that are intimidated and they send me a lot of stuff. Yeah they’re
probably a little intimidated. In different way, personality wise and dancing wise, yes. 02:28
COMM: However her growing popularity has attracted some unwanted attention. 02:32
LEXY: You find creepers for sure, I get a lot of weird Snapchats. Sometimes people show
up at my classes, like guys once in a while so I had to buy some pepper spray just in
case. My website was down a couple of times, so I looked and the ISIS sign
popped up and it was very scary. I don’t know what ISIS wants with my TwerkOut class but
I think I might know. 02:53
COMM: She is now focussed on making her TwerkOut a worldwide hit. Whilst also promoting her
latest music release, and only predicts success for herself. 03:02
LEXY: I definitely see a lot of money coming in, in my future and I’m pretty excited about
it. Yes I have my Mercedes outside, it’s one of my dream cars I’ve wanted for a while and
it says LEXSBNZ on the license plate so every one knows who’s it is. I will be a multi millionaire.

100 thoughts on “TwerkOut! Lexy Panterra Teaches The World To Bounce Their Booties

  1. Lol I love how this is a unique approach and « different » when Caribbean and African women been doing this for years. Welcome to Dancehall.

  2. 😂😂😂😂 this is white people stealing something that's not even theirs just like rock &roll and everything else . Africans were doing this before white people knew what the sun looked like. When are white people going to stop stealing ? They stole how knowledge and science and made it theirs… now this! Now they are going to say they created it and it theirs and even put her in their history books of lies.

  3. Her fame has nothing to do with what or how good she is doing .. her fame and popularity is only because or horny bastards lurking on internet

  4. Its cool and all but she copying the original queens. I love them original queens way better. Natural twerking booty where twirking was invented. Lets give credit where credit is dew. And i give credit for you copying them and trying to make your own version. But nothing new here.. Seen twirking when it first came out and now its played out… Next please!!!

  5. Woww there's a lot of hate and jealousy in these comments. If you can do better than you becone a millionaire. Or shut the f up and let others shine. LEXY you keep doing your thing. Don't worry about these haters.

  6. And all thoose crazy feminazis hating on privileged old white men for holding them down? They should start right here!
    Nice bums tough, nothing new

  7. She said she created a way where it’s isolated😂😂 I’m sorry but she didn’t create a mf thing I’m not knocking her hustle but let’s be honest

  8. She said she's single and guys are intimidated by her. Yet she said she gets so many Snapchat messages. And guys showing up hitting on her. Well which is it. It can't be both.
    And who would even be intimidated by this chick. She's not even that pretty. Just another dumb female. It doesn't take much to get a girl like this. Just have a gym body and a nice looking face

  9. Why do girls always use the word intimidated? What if guys just don't think you are not worth the time or effort?


  11. I swear these people are so lame and are the only group of people that I know are proud copycatters .. so unoriginal . . And so naive ,,

  12. Once again…something that brown girls have been doing for years…Now, they act as though, she invented it. I remember going to Caucasian strip clubs 10 years ago, couldn't find ONE Caucasian girl, that can booty shake, whereas 'Black' strip clubs…ALL the girls were booty shaking. A LONG LONG TIME AGO.

  13. White girls doing what black girls started and chasing after the black man. What happened to good white women. Wow, how things have changed for the worse!

  14. This is just white people being white people. Reinventing the wheel, and then perpatrating the fraud like they invented it in the first place. They take it to their fellow narrow minded, prejudiced white people, who once swore that twerking was ghetto and disgusting, then Boom, we can make money off this "new" fad! Us white people will just advertise it, using only white people, as if it's our own invention. Sound familiar?
    Here's some other examples:
    Rock (once called rock n roll) has been completely white washed, to the point that you really do think that it's "their" music.
    Jazz ( now advertised as "white" music)
    Rap (Vanilla Ice is STILL the highest grossing "Rap" artist of all time)

    These people are so damn corny it hurts.

  15. Im a girl who doesn't care to learn how to twerk. I respect her and people who enjoy this dance style. Just not my cup of tea. Best of luck👍

  16. My husband told me "you should watch her and learn from her " for what?? Wthell.. I'm a stay at home mom I don't go to the club or go dancing … wtflim flam would I use this for…men are so 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. Lmao sis you barely can twerk yourself..idk maybe as a Jamaican I critique dancing hard..idk but this ain't it

  18. You created what… girl please!!😂 your body is great and you butt is lit, but you give yourself way too credit



  21. A white woman teaching people how to do a black woman's dance amazing I challenge you white trash to come up with your own culture

  22. and what the HELL… is up with ISIS wanting Lexi? what's up with that? ya'll ain't gettin' dis booty, nuh-huh, no sir! >:-(

  23. how stupid trolls and jelous ppls have in her videos,,,, believe me guys world will end exacly because of ppls like u, about Lexy, she is talent 2in1 can dance can sing, so sharap all

  24. I cant dance. I dont even know how i walk straight. Haha! Legendary! Hey Lex hmu. Concept for taking things national.

  25. Hi mam lexy im came from PHILIPPINE can you teach me how twerk i want to learn how to twerk booty misss lexy im always watching your video at your YouTube . And im fallow your vedio how to twerk miss lexy my idol please 🤗🤗🤗🙄🙄🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. Why all this hate she’s a better dancer than all of you and absolutly not arrogant she’s amazing❤️

  27. Too funny. I ain't mad at her hustle but I remember seeing girls doing this back in the late eighties and it was just called "shaking your butt" and no one sure as hell was gonna pay to learn to do it. Black chics just picked it up from their friends or other chics. Lol. But good on her for finding people to pay her for it….But she should do the right thing and kickback uncle Luke and M.C. Hammer a few ducketts…LMAO!

  28. Elvis stole his leg move and music from black artist. Nothing new under the sun. Nothing. Just change the color and shape and call it yours.

  29. THE DANCE IS THE EXERCISE❗❗❗❗ DONT LET THIS LADY CONFUSE YA'LL AND TAKE YA'LL MONEY. HOW ELSE WILL SHE BECOME THIS MILLIONARE, SHE NEEDS A FOOL. DONT BE THAT FOOL. TWERKING IS A DANCE, WHICH IS AN EXERCISE. I actually came to this video in hopes of liking this lady and supporting her but i cant support this stealing snob . Her nose all tooted in the air like she created something new.. HELLO any form of twerking is a workout.. this girl is a twit and just like every other white person like her who refuse to be humble. Her father did right by comparing her to Elvis, because he also stole material/ forms of dance from another race, and with a little twist on it, passed it off as his own.

  30. How can you teach half of the worlds women who grew up with this in their culture, how to do what you are mediocre with at best??

  31. African women have been doing this for centuries, African American, and Afro Latina women have been doing this for decades. You cant teach this to the world when most of the non-white women in it have already been practicing it as a cultural norm at parties and whenever their favorite song came on the radio.

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