Trump gets avalanche of boos at UFC fight in Madison Square Garden

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[boos] Because you’ll never find more liberal elites in one place than at a… UFC fight. This is Trump testing his luck at Madison
Square Garden at what he THOUGHT would be a friendlier crowd after being humiliated
only DAYS ago at game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park—
[cheers] [boos] Lock him up! Lock him up! And then even just the airing of his CAMPAIGN
AD was enough to draw another round of boos during game 7— [boos] And so clearly, looking for some shred of
redemption, Trump figured that MMA would be an easy win. I mean, I’m sorry but there’s just not
a lot of crossover between the crowd at a cage fight and the Women’s March. And yet for Trump to STILL get booed, from
THIS crowd, speaks volumes. I mean, at this point, Trump is going to be
relegated to – what? – NASCAR races and monster truck rallies? Although now even that’s a gamble. If I was Trump, I’d half expect to be booed
walking into the West Wing on Monday morning. And to make it even worse, Trump’s kids
took to Twitter to try and mitigate some of the damage. Don Jr. tweeted, “Despite the BS from Twitter,
when we walked into the arena it was overwhelmingly positive. Dana White said it was the most electrifying
entrance he seen in 25 years of doing this.” And he invokes the UFC president who has literally
said that he would NEVER say anything negative about Donald Trump. That’s Don Jr’s source. I mean, that’s like asking your mom who
the handsomest boy in the world is. Even Eric Trump joined in, tweeting “At
UFC244 – chanting Donald Trump, Donald Trump… USA USA.” And all jokes aside, this has got to be the
saddest tweet there is. The guy is trying to push back on literal
video proof of Trump being booed, and the best he could manage was posting a photo with
a caption. I would feel bad for him if I …didn’t. But to be honest, Trump going to the Nationals
game, getting booed so loudly that it literally registered a hundred decibels, and then deciding
to go to to ANOTHER sporting event could not be more fitting for the guy who got caught
conspiring with Russia, and only then decides, “hey what if I did it again with the country
literally next to it?” It’s like he’s inspired by his own failure. But this is symbolic of the Trump presidency. He’s so desperate to prove everybody wrong,
to dunk on all of his haters, that instead of just walking away from an obvious loss,
Trump will dig in his heels to once and for all vindicate himself. That’s why he STILL tweets about his quote
landslide 2016 election despite losing by 3 million votes. It’s why he STILL claims the Mueller probe
was a hoax. Why he STILL claims that his transcript with
the Ukrainian president was perfect. And why he STILL keeps showing up at sporting
events despite getting booed harder than the actual visiting team. You would think that someone whose presidency
is predicated on winning might want to stop …losing so much. In front of entire stadiums of people. Of course, Trump will inevitably pivot back
to his rallies where his rabid supporters can once again make him feel like the center
of the universe. But by now, the damage has been done, because
it’s become glaringly obvious that outside of his dwindling base, Trump doesn’t have
anyone left. And the polls back that up. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll from October
27-30 showed that once again, more Americans want to see Trump impeached and removed from
office than those who don’t—and that includes 18% of Republicans! Even worse, Trump has a record low 74% of
Republicans who now approve of his job performance, a far cry from his usual claims of 95%. So whether it’s a stadium of people at the
World Series or an arena full of people at a UFC fight, the fact is that Trump has lost
the crowd. And the way it’s looking, it’s only getting
worse from here.

100 thoughts on “Trump gets avalanche of boos at UFC fight in Madison Square Garden

  1. can people be honest? he didnt get an "avalanche" of boos. he didnt get a lot of boos, and got just as much cheers if not more

  2. He never got caught conspiring. Dumbass. wow you watch too much fake news. Do ur own research. Stop being a follower

  3. I lost 10 IQ points listening to this fuck nugget. No one that is a Democrat is gonna go to a UFC fight. Liberals hate violence and confrontation. Perhaps the stadium was a safe space 🤯🤾‍♂️

  4. In another endless attempt to compare himself with former President Barack Obama……..well this never happened to Obama so Trump wins. 😂🤣

  5. You might as well just keep on
    Taking your BULLSHIT because you are right the
    Damage is done for the
    DEMONIC PARTY and you know that your Ass is Grass and your about to be cut to
    Pieces so enjoy while you


  6. Whooo… I’m surprised that crowd didn’t start burning shit down. Trump thinks he’s among his people at sporting events, lulz. As a woman, I love MMA, served in the military, made a 6 figure income and am a liberal. Fuck trump’s demographics

  7. Are you seeing the same video's I am? Most of the crowd is either cheering for Trump or the game. These video's just happen to be in the SMALL crowds of people booing Trump. Remember! Trump rallies average 30thousand people, Dummycrats average 300 people. YUGE difference. Trump 2020 slam dunk! Most of the SWAMP in prison.

  8. You'd think if trump was going to get a favored reception it would be at a UFC event.
    The greeting from this crowd should send a clear message…
    Unfortunately, I don't think those on the receiving end get it.

  9. New York City and Washington D.C. two ultra liberal areas. What? You expected different? The U.S. is hyper partisan right now. I'm surprised he didn't get stuff thrown at him. I think the president should be respected, but the media and all their low IQ followers blindly adhere to their agenda. TRUMP 2020

  10. This shit about UFC fans being Trump's base is completely out of pocket. Poorly researched on ~everyone's~ part. MMA fans HATE Trump, by and large. Do Republicans really seem like the sort of people who are into martial arts? I didn't think so.

  11. Every camera angle where you can actually hear "boos" it's a group of two or three people max, barely more audible than the cheers in the distance.
    Any camera that caught boos were extremely close (ie held by) the people booing.

    "Avalanche" is a joke.

  12. Trampa us destroying America with his divisive mouth and actions climate denial
    Locking up children in dog cages
    Being the leader of white supremacist
    Incarcerate that orange swine

  13. This is what happens when you enter a space with true American patriots (like at the World Series game) instead of being at another clan rally that you pay trumptards to attend.

  14. Jejejeje… in any case you will have to learn to live with reality someday… come down from your fake news dreams to reality… the sooner the better…

  15. Ahahah you can only hear like 2 people who are right next to the phone 🤣 Dana White walked him in and said he only herd cheering

  16. Disrespectful!!! 😢😤 AOC’s country….🖕🏼 #TRUMP2020💪🏼 Trump might have lost the sports crowd but not the economy!

  17. Kelly Anne Conway is a moron. I wonder if she gets it that when she’s asked to come on the network shows it’s only to see whAt kind of ass she is going to make of herself this time!!! I’ve never in my life seen someone who can just make up shit as she goes along. Alternate claps? Check into hotel reality ( this is one that Donald trump hasn’t gone bankrupt in)

  18. It's 1984 come to life. Two minutes of hate! New world order brainwashing is very effective. It doesn't so easily affect everybody though thankfully.

  19. Brian you’re a idiot am a black man and thanks to fake news lke you our eyes has open. Trump 2020 in your face.. trump will win another term

  20. 99% of the people dont even matter, not only in USA but everywhere in the world. The 1% , the powerful & famous OWN & RUN the entire nation

  21. That's because New Yorkers have known this scumbag for years and know what an asshole Donnie really is, but most of the rest of the country got fooled into thinking he would look out for them, LMAO!

  22. Anyone who's been brainwashed into hysteria by msm is going to be booing Trump. It's just sad that after what came out with ABC covering for Epstein, people still believe what they say about Trump. Also, that doesn't represent democracy; that represents people loudly booing. Anyone who still thinks Trump colluded with Russia after the $multimillion investigation by Robert Muller found no evidence of collusion is either ignorant or a fool.

  23. Ehh typical leftist youtuber he has done so much for your country and u just dont like him so all he does is negativ and we are supossed to listen to you pff

  24. Brian Tyler Snowflake – the khazar ashkenoozi …stop bullshitin !!!
    we real Jewish mizrahi people love our president

  25. So sad! The president doesn't need this shit, America was saved. History shows that people spit at ones who help them ( sir Winston Churchill lost election after saving Europe) .perhaps we don't deserve but just more lying politician's

  26. Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up, and thought away the keys. America he wants to become a dictator like Russian president Vladimir Putin. I am from SC and when he came to Benedict college it wasn't on TV
    because, there were more people there wanting Trump out of S C then their was for his support. S C is feed up with politiction and attorneys, money laundering schemes. The citizens wants wants leaders that are for them. Trump hit the road jack, and don't u come back no more.

  27. I'm waiting for the Princess Bride memes: Booo! boooo! Go ahead, bow to him, bow to the king of slime, the king of refuse, the king of putrescence! Boooo!

  28. Funny, I didn’t hear any:Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” Or “USA! USA!”🤔🤔

    His idiotic sons must be living in a alternative universe, just like him 😂 😆

  29. You booing because he took away your food stamps and now you can only afford nose bleed seats you fucking tools. Trumps gonna be your daddy for 4 more years. DEAL WITH IT YOU CRY BABY BITCHES!!!!!!

  30. Larry Nelson, come on Larry. Do you really need me to spell out Trumps crimes for you. Are you really that clueless that you think it’s ok for our president to Bribe another countries leader. If that’s what you want me to do then your hopeless and clueless.

  31. yuh and the boos came real loud when they showed Pelosi's face on that screen. They just hung the boos over when trump came up on screen and the media is twisting those few seconds to make it seem like it was trump getting booed. Then at UFC someone had a camera on one side of the arena where a few people were booing him. And they try to make it out like it was the entire arena. I have seen closer videos of this entire thing and when you listen to it from up closer where trump was he is getting massive applause. and positive yells. so once again this is you retarded Liberal pussies twisting shit around. The proof is in the pudding. When he wins in 2020 maybe then you might just STFU.

  32. Let's be honest. He REEEAAALLY avoids these events. He only gets cheered at his own rallies and if go there and boo they throw you out 😋😎

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