Toribash: Epic Boxing Bout (3D animation).

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Hello dear
friends! Glad to see you at a boxing match! And today
us in the right corner of the ring all the beloved and revered
as a god- Hampa! And his opponent is some Poxpox. So, let’s go! You suck. And Toribash suck too. Oh, I did not understand what had happened! Let’s see replay! It seems that now
It will not be boxing match and a real man
disassembly! You want to play hard? Yes!

66 thoughts on “Toribash: Epic Boxing Bout (3D animation).

  1. Sweet video man! Love this game, its a lot of fun! Left a like, mind checking out my channel? Would mean a lot:) Keep up the good work!

  2. отправь это к трем видео,хлопнул 5 раз и посмотри под подушку я в шоке

  3. 2:34 отсылка к five nights at freddy's. в правом верхнем углу написано 12 am night 3

  4. Чо за фигня народ????? Лучше моды бы пилил и делал клипы, чем фигню всякую.

  5. Вопрос. Почему во время боксерского поединка, на заднем плане играет мелодия которая играет во время поединка Муай -Тай ?

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