Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 12, 2019

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[MUSIC] Double team, the Viking experience.>>Thank god for socialized healthcare.>>One, two, three.>>[SOUND] And your winners, The Viking Raiders.>>Now there you go. That’s what happens when you
face The Viking Raiders. You get turned inside out and
you get left looking like that. [MUSIC] [SOUND] The Revival and R-Truth. R-Truth, the current 24/7 Champion. And look at The Revival
with a double team.>>A hard attack on Truth.>>One, two, three.>>So who’s the champ?>>Wait, what?>>Both of them. We’ve got co-24/7 champs.>>That’s the first time ever, right?>>Hell yeah.>>History made tonight
on Monday Night RAW.>>That’s great. [SOUND]>>This has been a great
matchup between these two.>>It certainly has, but
here comes the inverted Alabama slam. Good night Cedric.>>Alexander though,
able to survive, rolls through again. Shoulders down, may have him,
and a kick-out.>>[SOUND] [APPLAUSE]
>>That brought the fans out of their seats here in Toronto.>>One, two, three.
>>McIntyre with the win. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Drew McIntyre.>>What a match. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Celina del Sol. And now it’s Callisto into the cover,
and Wilder is saving the match up.>>Great, co-champions-
>>And Carmella pulling Truth
now over the Revival. And R-Truth’s now won the 24/7 title for
a 12th time.>>With a huge assist from Carmela.>>It’s amazing, I’m so proud of you.>>Hey.>>Hey.>>Hey.>>Hey.>>[SOUND]
>>Whoa.>>No.>>Now there’s an official there. Elias with a cover.>>One, two, three.>>Elias wins the Championship.>>Three time Champion. Elias is a three time Champion. [SOUND]
>>Here we go.>>Looking for the figure four leg lock,
down on the ring, lockdown on Ziggler. [APPLAUSE]
>>Ziggler with nowhere to go, center of the ring. Will he tap out to The Miz? And now the pressure, and he’s gotta tap. Ziggler taps.>>I don’t believe it. [SOUND]
>>Here is your winner by submission, The Miz.>>Dolph Ziggler just can’t buy a break. [SOUND]
>>You coward Miz. You couldn’t beat me at SummerSlam. You couldn’t beat me fair and square. You’re not even the best wrestler
in your family, Maurice is. [SOUND] This is merely a flesh
wound just like Sunday. You don’t have the guts to finish me off.>>What is Dolph-
>>You’ll never be as good as me. You’re nothing but a reality show wanna-
>>Uh-oh, skull crushing finale.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Maybe that’ll shut him up.>>That was classless. That was completely unnecessary and
uncalled for.>>Someone’s got to cart
Dolph out of there. [SOUND]
>>I would agree with Sami Zayn’s assessment. This might be a more dangerous
Samoa Joe than when he arrived, he’s learned the landscape here in WWE. He’s competed against the best in
the business, choking and clutches in.>>Time to go to sleep, Sami.>>Night, night Sami Zayn. Watch your tongue. [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Twisted Bliss. Cover, they retain
the women’s tag team titles. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners, and
still the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. [SOUND]
>>Whatever Rey has in mind, if he lands it, gonna even this thing up. Top rope. The knees were up,
Andrade got his knees up. Andrade’s got Mysterio where he wants him. Hammer lock DDT. Cover by Andrade, clean sweep. [SOUND]
>>Wow. [MUSIC] Here’s your winner. Andrade. [SOUND]
>>No, Seth Rollins.>>My.>>Made a similar, well AJ Styles said
that he was gonna embarrass Seth tonight, that he was gonna run through him, and
that’s what Styles is looking to do here.>>[SOUND]
>>Wait a minute.>>Wow.
[MUSIC]>>Here comes the monster among men.>>You talk about evening the odds,
this man just outweighs them. Anderson just blown right
through by Strowman. Gallows sent flying.>>There aren’t too many people that
make Luke Gallows look diminutive, but Braun Strowman is one of them.>>AJ’s trying to chop Braun down.>>Not wise, not wise at all.>>[SOUND]
Come on. [SOUND] [MUSIC].>>My god.>>What the hell? Surprise.>>Sasha Banks attacking Natalya.>>I’ve been telling everybody all along.>>The assault continues. Natalya tagging out, and
now Becky Lynch, chair to the spine.>>[NOISE]
>>Again, and again, and again, and again. Sasha, a relentless attack.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>God, somebody’s got to come out here and
stop this. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 12, 2019

  1. New storyline: Mysterio finally gets unmasked, quits once and for all or, as he did on WCW, returns as an irrelevant unmasked noone and goes nowhere

  2. Dude why I hate the fact that they changed the War Raiders name but the fact that they’re stuck doing squash matches every week ain’t making it no better either…

  3. So do all they do with Rey mysterio now is make him lose? And all they give the Viking raiders to go against are jobbers?

  4. Am I the only one that doesn’t care AT ALL about the Viking Raiders, experience or whatever tf their name is this week 😂

  5. That wasn't even a match the Viking Raiders everybody should know that they was going to win in the first place I knew that who the hell put that match together that's sad are you kidding me who made that match Drew McIntyre against who that's not even a match who be making these matches Sasha Banks couldn't even beat Ronda Rousey in a match she waited until Ronda Rousey left and then come back and attack Becky that's sad

  6. I've seen these tag teams come to life a few reminding me of the good old days of tag team wrestling…. The Viking Raiders need a big push ASAP!!

  7. I think Miz needs to focus on being a contender for a Universal Championship match….. Nevermind Dolph Ziggler better yet…. Win King Of The Ring.

  8. Viking experience? they found jobbers for the jobbers? pretty upset sami lost 1st rd KOTR. Hed be an awesome KOTR. dude can use a push/win

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