Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, October 18, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, October 18, 2019

  1. Gable seems to be doing well…l sets call him Shorty G…


    Braun is now Muscles
    Roman is The Cab Driver
    Seth is Sidewalk Seth

  2. Bray Wyatt comes
    Fun house bray Wyatt come
    Me:oh I love this
    Fiend comes out
    bray Wyatt was the wrestler that I hated so much but fiend come I loved him he become my 2 favourite wrestler

  3. Instead of taking a sports like approach Vince is taking the same A Show approach which is sad. Smackdown just doesn't feel the same Vince sucked the lustre out of it more than ever. I was hoping to see someone like Ali being build up to a credible level but i think i should drop my hopes it's never happening

  4. WWE mess up moving smackdown to Friday night ain't nobody gonna watch smackdown on a Friday night everyone busy out and about enjoying the weekend

  5. Scott Steiner needs to come back to wwe he was one of my favorites back in the day and still is he would make a good heel manager

  6. WHY CAN'T THEY GIVE MANDY ROSE A OPPORTUNITY!! They have the probably most sexy, charismatic women om the roster. Yet they have been wasting her like they wasted Eva for the last 2 years

  7. Cómo puede ser q tanta gente ponga me gusta a un programa tan nefasto y x que los campiones en pareja pierden siempre ??

  8. Am I the only one who actually likes Roman and Daniel as a tag team, Roman as a big guy and Daniel as a submission specialist I think is a good tag team

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  10. The three best things that could happen with Smackdown is if Crock Lesnar, Sami Zahn, and Corbin all get shelved for are good long time.

  11. Ok one since this was on my birthday.. That's kinda cool and besides we got the old Daniel Bryan back instead of the douchbag crappy 'earths champion' Daniel Bryan so that's awesome to me

  12. Old Bayley: Normal kindergarten child who loves hugs
    Classic Bayley: Hugging Badass
    New Bayley: Hits puberty mentally and has depression

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