Top 10 Female Wrestlers

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[Narrator]: It ain’t only a man’s world. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for the top 10 female wrestlers. [Announcer]: Oh my gosh! [Narrator]: For this list, we focused only on women who have made their mark fighting inside the ring. Sorry, Miss Elizabeth! [Announcer]: Beauty personified! [Narrator]: She’s “The Legs of the WWE”. [Announcer]: Oh, she is a leggy young woman. [Narrator]: Famously sporting 42-inch long stems, Keibler started her wrestling days as a WCW Nitro Girl. With natural style and an easy charm, this good girl was soon managing and eventually fighting herself, sparking feuds with the biggest Divas going. Known more for her looks than her in-ring skills, she retired with no titles. But her post-WWE career already beats what any other Diva has accomplished. [Interviewer]: And what’s the plan after tonight, where do you guys go? [Keibler]: Party! [Clooney]: Yeah, just face down drunk. [Narrator]: [Sherri Martel’s] voice introed Shawn Michaels, she was an accomplished manager, but “Sensational” Sherri was also a force in the ring… [Announcer]: Head-scissors here, by Sherri Martel! [Narrator]: …whether in the AWA or the WWE. While it can be said that her biggest impact was made while supervising men like “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, the Heartbreak Kid, and Ric Flair, her intensity and win-at-all-costs attitude became an inspiration to all Divas who followed her. “Bra and Panties” matches wouldn’t be the same without her all-American looks. This blonde bombshell debuted with the WCW, and like her friend Stacy Keibler, she eventually moved to the WWE where she made the boys fight over her. That of course incited jealousy from the other ladies, so she had her share of in-ring rivalries with Sable, Melina, Keibler, and, most notably, Dawn Marie, after she married Wilson’s father. This diva brought amateur experience and craziness to the WWE when she joined. [James]: Do you love me now? [Announcer]: This woman is a psycho! Mickie James is a psycho! [Narrator]: Her Trish Stratus stalker gimmick won over fans and earned James the first of her five championship titles. [Announcer]: Low dropkick, right to the patella. [Narrator]: And the rivalries continued. James faced almost every woman in the company including Beth Phoenix, Lita, and Gail Kim. [Announcer]: Mickie connects and springs back up to her feet. [Narrator]: Today she’s the only person to hold the WWE Women’s, WWE Divas and TNA Knockout championships. Crazy pays off. This pioneer parlayed her experience on a boys’ high school wrestling team to become a forerunner for all women’s wrestlers. [Announcer]: Mae is being very careful not to smear Mildred’s lipstick. [Narrator]: While the men were fighting World War 2, Young trained ladies as her competition and raised their profile in the sport. However, The Queen didn’t see the inside of a WWE ring until her late 70s. [Announcer]: Oh no, what the hell is this? Oh my God! [Narrator]: But once she did, she became a source of history and comedy for the organization. She’s been called the greatest female wrestler ever. And why not? Since the 1950s, no one could hold a candle to her. In fact, she was billed as having the longest title reign of any professional athlete. She also trained other well-known women and fought at WrestleMania I at over 60 years old. Originally a beloved villain, her WWE role eventually became a comedic one, but the respect she garnered never faltered. Her bodybuilder physique helped land her the role as an enforcer for Triple H and later D-Generation X, and soon she broke barriers for women as one of the first ladies to subdue the dudes. Tough, fiery and ready to hit below the belt, Chyna’s looks changed dramatically over her wrestling career, but her in-ring skills overshadowed that and earned her the nickname “the ninth wonder of the world”. As one of the first WWE Divas, this seductress paved the way for women in the squared circle. She started as a valet for fighters like her real-life husband Mark Mero, but her popularity soon soared. The perfect mix of talent and beauty, Sable engaged in the obligatory diva conflicts and eventually turned heel. While her final WWE days were scandalous, Sable’s contributions can’t be denied. [Sable]: It looks like the only real loser tonight is you, Tori. [Narrator]: She looked different than her competitors, but fans ate it up. Lita fought with The Hardy Boyz and Team Xtreme and became reviled thanks to her tryst with Edge. But it was her conflict with Trish Stratus that produced her most compelling battles. Proving her skills, her gravity-defying stunts nabbed her four women’s championships. And by coming back from a terrible neck injury, she proved she also had heart. With seven Women’s Championships and three Babe-of-the-Year titles, Stratus is one of the WWE’s most decorated ladies. However, she was almost tossed aside as another pretty face but then she stepped into the ring, launching the trend of models-turned-fighters. Stratus also helped kick off many other Divas’ careers – in between mud-wrestling matches, that is. With her looks, talent and genuine personality, Stratus is the most impactful Diva ever. Do you agree with our list? Who do you think are the top female wrestlers? For more top 10s about your favorite athletes, be sure to subscribe to

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  1. Stacey Keebler had no in ring skills!
    She wasnt a good example to young girls like Rhonda Rousey or Becky Lynch!

  2. I know Charlotte Flair isnt on here. I think I'd vomit if she was! Because…
    She uses Daddy's catch phrases
    She dresses like Daddy
    Now she does his moves
    Come into your own, Girl & stop riding Daddy's coattail!!!
    I think Moolah, Chyna & Mickey James were the best listed here

  3. 2:35 Hey, Nickie! Hey, Nickie!
    Oh, Nickie, you're so fine!
    You're so fine you blow my mind!
    Hey, Nickie! Hey, Nickie!

  4. I think Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler should have been higher up and how come there were no honorable mentions?

  5. I stopped when you put Chyna at 4!!! How!!!! First woman to compete in the Royal Rumble, Survivor series, to hold the INC belt! I'm sure seeing whoever you put ahead of her will irk me!!!

  6. Sable didn't care to learn any technical skills. Luna Vachon said a few times that she wanted to learn the show-y moves from her, but didn't care to learn ring safety skills or how to "take care" of an opponent. She was out here put anyone she wrestled in danger that way. She got the push that Luna was promised because she had a relationship with Vince, who turned a blind eye to how what she was doing was potentially dangerous. Once she blew up, her ego took over and she was a liability.

  7. Sorry…but NO….AJ Lee is the best by far,great in ring,best on the mic of ALL[man and women]on the mic…best actor over to enter the ring…

  8. lol wrestling can't believe i use to watch this garbage crap oh men, so sad this crap still has fans what a bunch of dumbasses, especially those who think its still real

  9. There are many other divas that deserve this list, but I will say no matter how much I love Trish and Lita, Chyna will always be #1.

  10. 1. Trish Stratus
    2. Becky Lynch
    3. Asuka
    4. Charlotte Flair
    5. Paige
    6. Amy Dumas
    7. Sasha Banks
    8. AJ Lee
    9. Chyna
    10. Gail Kim

  11. Love how you say Moolah "trained" other female wrestlers, instead of saying she allegedly exploited them, tricked them out like a sex trafficker, and held back their careers to keep herself on top.

  12. How was Sable ranked so high. She shouldn't even be in the top 10. Victoria & Gail Kim should be there not Sable & Stacy. I love Stacy but it says female WRESTLERS.

  13. Come on guys, we've waited long enough… 2019 top WOMAN WRESTLERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUMBS UP all who will unsub IF WE WONT GET THAT GOD DAMNNIT!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Molly holly, alundra blaze, aj lee, so many more. You guys really just picked the ones that are eye candy. Actually know what your doing before trying it.

  16. اموتتتتت بجونسينا 🚀🚀🤪.

    الي يحب جونسينا لايك 🖤🌝. لتعليقي !!): 💛💛!!.

  17. These are not wrestlers, they're the usual female mix of Porn Star wannabe's making a buck off of their looks and have no actual talent.

  18. I can think of several other female wrestlers who actually made an inpact. This was somewhat disappointing as women like Luna Vachon, Victoria, Karma (Awesome Kong),Jacqueline, Bull Nakano, Jazz or even Melina would've been a nice mention before some of the others on this list.

  19. For all of you who had missed out on video the second list Watchmojo had put (which I believed was taken by WWE over copyright claims.) here transcripts from the Watchmojo website of the second top 10 female wrestlers of all time.

    Another Top 10 Female Wrestlers

    Sometimes female wrestlers don’t get enough respect; let’s put that to an end. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top 10 female wrestlers.

    For this list, we’ve focused only on women who’ve made their mark fighting inside the ring. If there’s a female wrestler you think should be on this list but isn’t, then be sure to check out our first list of the Top 10 Female Wrestlers.

    #10: Molly Holly
    A wrestler that could’ve put together a good match against a broomstick, Molly built a rep as an incredible worker but never reached her full potential in the WWE. Having honed her skills with the “Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko, she debuted in 2000 alongside Crash and Hardcore as one of The Holly Cousins. Later partnering with The Hurricane under the moniker Mighty Molly, she became one of only a handful of women to hold the Hardcore Championship title – meaning she’s more than comfortable to fight dirty and fight hard. However, maybe her most memorable WWE moment came when she lost a Hair vs. Title match at WrestleMania XX, and had her head shaved.

    #9: Bull Nakano
    A journey-woman wrestler of the highest caliber, Bull is best remembered in North America for her feud with Alundra Blayze over the WWE Women’s Championship during the mid-‘90s. Winning the championship from her long-time rival in Tokyo at a non-WWE event called Big Egg Wrestling Universe of all things, she was hated by many WWE fans but they had to admire her wrestling prowess. She remained active in WCW and abroad for many years after her WWE run and to this day is a vastly respected wrestling figure and a warrior, plain and simple.

    #8: Madusa / Alundra Blayze
    It’s a shame that this wrestling stalwart is best remembered for throwing the Women’s Championship belt in the trash on WCW Nitro one night. Obviously more than worthy of inclusion in any wrestling Hall of Fame, Alundra Blayze is largely responsible for the WWE’s women’s wrestling resurgence of the ‘90s, being named Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s first female Rookie of the Year. During her tenure in WCW, she may not have been as prominently featured, but she remained hard working and immensely talented, and her attitude and toughness made her one of the most talented females in the game.

    #7: Paige
    An England-born wrestler who’s proud to boast that her first time in the ring came when she was still in her mother’s womb, Paige’s family is composed almost entirely of wrestlers. Her first match as a fully formed human came at the tender age of 13, and today when she steps into the squared circle you can see that experience and passion every time. The first winner of the NXT Women’s Championship, who also became the youngest ever winner of the WWE Divas Championship when she stole it from AJ Lee at age 21, we’re certain Paige will continue to blaze a trail.

    #6: Gail Kim
    Despite winning the WWE Women’s Championship in her first match, Gail Kim’s pair of runs in the only wrestling company your mother has heard of was relatively disappointing. But it was TNA that gave her the platform she needed to shine. When she first came to the company, there was no women’s division to speak of and slowly but surely she and a few other ladies changed the minds of the powers that be and the Knockout division was born. Winning the premiere Knockout title, Gail’s feud with Awesome Kong is one of the best in wrestling history – no matter the gender.

    #5: Victoria / Tara
    Brought into the WWE in 2000 as one of The Godfather’s Hos with next-to-no experience, she trained hard and transformed herself from mere eye candy to a major part of the best era of women’s wrestling the WWE has ever seen. A shoo-in for eventual inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame, Victoria spent years as the last remaining connection to that era before she left of her own accord and joined TNA. Adding several more 5 star matches and fun storylines to her legacy, Victoria or Tara or whatever you want to call her is one female wrestler who kicks ass no matter what name she goes by.

    #4: Beth Phoenix
    Listed by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the second best female wrestler in the world in both 2008 and 2012, Beth was the lynchpin of the women’s division for years. Forming a tag team with Natalya known as The Divas of Doom, she earned the respect and admiration of wrestling fans everywhere. The picture of beauty and strength, “The Glamazon” broke ground by becoming only the female fighter ever to enter the Royal Rumble Match. The day she decided to retire in 2012 may have been a great decision for her personal life but was certainly a sad one for the wrestling world.

    #3: Kharma / Awesome Kong
    During her original run in TNA, Kong had a series of amazing feuds with virtually everyone on the roster, especially Gail Kim, and reportedly punched Bubba the Love Sponge in the face. Ultimately finding her way to the WWE, she was rechristened Kharma and ran roughshod over everyone who stood in her way. Ultimately, the wrestling world missed out on what was certain to be a legendary run when tragedy hit her personal life, but her return to TNA is certain to give the world even more amazing performances.

    #2: Natalya
    The Hart family’s history in the business is well known to anyone with even a passing interest in wrestling. And, in much the same way that her uncle Bret Hart stole the spotlight from the previous generation of wrestlers, Natalya owns this one. She is the first woman to be a third-generation wrestler, and her heritage afforded her the opportunity to train at the legendary Hart family Dungeon, before making her WWE debut in 2007. One of the main stars of the WWE’s reality show “Total Divas,” and a one-time Divas Champion, Nattie hasn’t always gotten the position she deserves, but she always performs well in any position.

    Before our top pick enters the ring, here are a few honorable mentions:

    – Wendi Richter

    – Luna Vachon

    – Jacqueline Moore

    – Ivory

    – Charlotte

    #1: AJ Lee
    Unlike many of the women who have worked for the WWE in the last few decades, AJ Lee is a lifelong wrestling fan who couldn’t stop crying when she met her hero, Lita, as a teen. A three time holder of the WWE Divas Championship and its longest reigning champion, having held it once for 295 days straight, AJ pulls off any story she’s given and wrestles with the best of them. Making her WWE debut in 2009, she quickly rose through the ranks thanks to both her acting and her wrestling skills, and today she’s one of the most captivating performers to step between the ropes.

    Do you agree with our list? Who’s your favorite female wrestler? For more badass Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

  20. Dear God, this list is absolutely horrible! Stacy Keibler? Torrriieeee Wilson? Just eye candy, nothing more. Sable was horrible and every fan with eyeballs knew it. Laughable. Cancel my subscription.

  21. Really this list includes two that admit that they didn't care abiut wrestling and only did it to improve their modeling and act careers, they were models thrown in the ring to over sexualize the show competing in bra and panty matches biking contest and evening gown matches, stop this list sucks

  22. Sasha Banks
    Alexa Bliss
    Molly Holly
    AJ Lee
    Becky Lynch
    Trish Stratus

    Are my favorite WWE Divas ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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