TOMAZACRE vs D-LOW | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | FINAL

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[Music] it’s gonna be on water [Music] don’t you need some too [Music] that’s because you look like little pump good time hey maybe you look like a palm but I look better that you size down fishing Co shall we already know when it shoots my cutter probably to him for actually bail that’s just how you know I don’t know nothing else I’m trying to show a show I know you’re way too picky Raghu they said is the budget [Music] [Music] in high school I used to pass it to detailsview now I hit the FBI with CC my help have you got the sand searching I was there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] No [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay okay [Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] once again make some noise the final solo we have Thomas ah Krag vs. kilo that was the finals show some love falling come on [Applause] the winner of the soul 2019 grand beatbox valve is give it up for [Applause] and keep it going for two chillen [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I think we need a speech yo guys that’s absolute big off the top is ahkamat that was the craziest stuff I want to say six lap since GPB like share comment second I spent a whole long year of hard training training training switch it on my style trying to bring you guys some new stuff so I’m gonna keep doing now I’m never gonna stop keep bringing that keep going at it keep at it keep at it keep going they got to yourselves make some noise for yourselves bigger [Applause] [Music] your decision [Applause] thank you so much for the opportunity is so hard for me because I traveled from South America really far away from here [Applause] I just want to spend a hot-shit shut up for my mom for believing in me [Applause] and also picture out four people shooting thank you [Applause] pull on all the champions come up to the front get a kitchen done everybody moves like the night’s not over though we still have four crazy showcases to go through words or small [Music]

100 thoughts on “TOMAZACRE vs D-LOW | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | FINAL

  1. Thank you for the great final D-low & Tomazacre. Congratulations to you D-low, the new Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 Champion. Big shoutout to Tomazacre from Chile for being the runner up! What a beautiful battle that was. What are your thoughts about GBB19 Solo Battle? Was it good?

  2. Pls read until the end before you f*ck me off. IMO Tomazacre didn't even deserve to pass the solo elimination (I'd have gone for Elisii). Then I'd have gone for River, then Codfish (inexplicable verdict). What mostly leaves me puzzled is the final verdict: Tomazacre deserved to simply WIN (even if I don't know how D-Low could level his bbx so down and far from his full style). I mean: the whole Toma competition was nothing special, but if I have to find some battle where he must win, this would be the final. GBBB has become a very strange contest in the last few years. Respect for both Toma and D-Low by the way.

  3. La gente que dice que ganó Tomazacre solo por eso 6:00 deben de saber que ese beat ya lo repitió mucho y por eso casi no cuenta.

  4. I don't understand nothing about this, how must be rate each skills and sounds, but i've been seeing this battle and i think that tomazacre is the winner, it's my opinion not the absolute truth

  5. Es mi primera vez escuchando esto quede impresionado
    Pero creo que debio de aver ganado el de amarillo aun que no se como se califique muy bien esto
    Pero quien lo iso mejor para mi fue el de amarillo 😮

  6. Yo creo que gano D-low por que fue mas original o al menos eso pasara por la cabeza de los jueces otra forma no creo de que haya ganado

  7. I definitely Respect D-Lo He's legit one of the best…BUT… I Feel Tomazacre Runs were more on point on this battle… I would have given him the Win! -respect

  8. This man said I cuz you look like lil pump witch is true but he ends up saying I look better than you
    Everyone: shut the heck up with your lying self

  9. I took a little time but
    D-low is standing on the side where codfish stood in the gbb2018
    Illuminati song intensifies

  10. Nadie sabe nada de beatbox y realmente se nota, ya con la música te podes dar cuenta, no es lo mismo verlo desde una pantalla que verlo en persona y se nota claramente como D-Low te mete en su beat y realmente es hermoso el uso que le da a cada herramienta que tiene, un genio total
    PD:Ya aburre los drops basicos como los de Tomazacre

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