Thomas HEARNS KNOCKOUTS | HARDEST Punchers In Boxing

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Kill or be killed! Tommy is out there with his heart beating a mile a minute… what a great great fighter!

20 thoughts on “Thomas HEARNS KNOCKOUTS | HARDEST Punchers In Boxing

  1. Damn now seriously how many people went to sleep early with that brutal Tommy hitman Hearns right hand ah extremely well put together knockouts and highlights video my brother thanks for sharing keep-em coming always outstanding work enjoyed watching and always a massive global amount of thumbs-up from me 😀 #Brotherz4life 👊 👊 😎 😎 💯 💯

  2. Tommy the Hit Man Hearns and the right hand goes BOOM!!!!!
    Hearns defeated Leonard in rematch in my opinion dropped him twice
    In a good action fight that ending in a draw 🙁
    Health and Happiness 🙂

  3. that Right hand! fascinating to watch him put down! Determination for your dreams & goals. And what works for you during your fight. Solid!

  4. This is a great highlight of one of my favorite fighters ever! That right hand could bring down a brick wall! Love this.

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  6. People always say Hagler was underrated as a boxer and considered more of a slugger than he actually was. I think that's just as true for Hearns

  7. Every body considers him the weakest of the Fab Four, yet he won the most titles, was the most successful in the most weight divisions, gave Leonard fits, and made Duran look like a rag doll. Dude was an absolute monster.

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  9. That right hand he hit Duran with is th see best punch I've ever see and it vibrates through the speakers,awesome truly awesome!

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