There’s a genuine dislike between Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald.

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Greatest fight card Scott Coker’s ever put
on. To tell you how good this card is, Wanderlei
Silva is fighting Rampage Jackson and they’re not the main event. Just to put that in perspective. Aaron Pico is on the card. He is not the main event. He is not even the co-main event. So when we get to the main event, we got Gegard
versus Rory. I have never been clear on what happened between
these two guys. Something along the way pissed them both off
to where publicly they began calling each other out. Nobody calls out Rory MacDonald. You fight Rory when you have to fight Rory. Well, Gegard called him out. Nobody fights Gegard. You fight Gegard when you have to fight him. Nobody chooses to fight Mousasi. Rory said he wanted to fight him. So whatever the story is, I feel it’s been
lost in the shuffle. But that’s an incredible fight, and as I look
at that fight and I try to break down who’s going to win, it’s a really tough one for
me. You know, about the only way to beat Gegard
is to get him tired. You can get him really fatigued and that’s
a really rare thing, but if you go back and you see King Mo versus Gegard, that’s one
thing that Mo really did to him. He kept that pressure on him. Mousasi struggled to hold up a little bit. I don’t know that Rory, as good of a pace
as he has, as much as Rory’s going to be in his face, I don’t know that with giving
up and coming up in a weight class that he’s just enough man to wear Gegard down. You know, Gegard used to fight heavyweight
back in the Pride days. He was trained with Fedor. He was in the ring against Mark Hunt. I mean, I just don’t know that he’s going
to have a problem in the 25 minutes in the endurance category with a 170-pounder. I don’t know. And the more I look at that fight, the very
few guys we’ve ever seen beat Rory, but you got to hurt him bad. You got to hurt him really bad. You know, Lawler was able to hurt him and
Rory said as much, and Rory didn’t go away and he didn’t flinch. We didn’t even know till the fight was done
and then Rory came out and talked about it, saying, “You know, he really hurt me, cracked
me in the jaw and my teeth were loose.” I do think that Gegard has that kind of power. I think he’s got the power over 25 minutes
to hurt Rory. But that’s just a great fight. It’s a great fight. Any time—you know, I sit here, I always
want to give you guys an opinion, and usually what am I known for? Making the wrong prediction, right? But every now and then, there are times I
can’t give a prediction and it’s not because I’m too scared to do it. I legitimately don’t know. I close my eyes, I picture the fight, I see
it play out some different ways, I turn the camera on, I come tell you guys what I think,
for right or wrong. That’s a really tough one for me. And you know, should Rory win it, creates
a big logjam. He gets to go down for one of the few guys
ever, the whole multiple belts, simultaneously, in different weight classes, within a reputable
organization, really big deal. What happens after that, I don’t know. In terms of 185, I know what Rory does. Win or lose, Rory’s got to go defend a 170-pound
title in the Welterweight Grand Prix. So I think that we’re going to have a lot
of fun. I think it’s a meaningful weekend. Stick around. Let’s see what drama plays out.

99 thoughts on “There’s a genuine dislike between Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald.

  1. These guys like each other. Chael trying to hype the fight. No need for hype. These guys are the real deal and fight fans know it.

  2. What , Rory didn’t even let us know he was hurt until it was over ?? Chael making shit up again , RORY collapsed with his Nose Shattered in bits ( I’m not disrespectful to Rory , he’s a high level fighter ) but Robbi Lawler hurt him bad

  3. I dont think there's beef between them, maybe at first but gegard posted a pic with rory, all smiles, arms over shoulders and all.

  4. I don't know, they are both such complete fighters that I think in this case a discrepancy in size is enough to decide the winner.

  5. I know u got a lot going on, but try to keep putting out the content. Talk about anything. Longer vids too! 👍🏼👌🏼💪🏼 we love this stuff!

  6. Hey Chael,Bellator sucks..the only reason i give a damn about Bellator is bcoz of Chael one gives a shit about Moussasi wadver his name is or GSP wannabe Rory and esp that coward pussy Chandler who cowardly still in the minor league instead of UFC👊

  7. Should be amazing but I think Gegard takes it, he hits way harder than Rory. Rory is more of a grinder which is great but probably the bad side of the matchup for him.

  8. So I’ll offer you this, Chael beats Fedor and goes on to be the mystery main event of UFC 230 against DC. He then takes the UFC heavyweight title, reminding everybody he is in fact the greatest undefeated heavyweight of all time, he then goes and wins the Bellator heavyweight title and becomes the undefeated, undisputed, simultaneous 2 organization, greatest heavyweight champion of all time. The question does still remain though…where does Kevin Lee come into play in all of this and will Chael be able to find time for his job as an Uber driver being the Champ Champ?

  9. I never understood why Mousasi was never awarded the rightful status within the UFC as being one of their best fighters. Nor why they let him leave.

  10. How about nothing happened except the best want to fight the best and Gegard has always been that way and Rory wants that belt Gegard has. But I think Gegard is just a bigger version of Rory and Gegard will beat Rory.

  11. Whether he wants to or not, I think it's wrong that Rory fights in the WW Grand Prix. To me that takes one, that takes a spot away from someone else and 2nd a Grand Prix is good for creating a champ but there is a champ so in this case it should be to find Rorys next contender.

  12. Love the sassy vs macdonald fight, I swear everything I read about that fight turns in a UFC conversation lol ufc should've never let either go

  13. Probably the best bellator fight of all time. I like these divisions getting shaken up in mma. I never would've thought of this matchup. I got Rory by split decision. It's gonna be close as hell with all facets of the game being utilized

  14. What am I known for ? getting predictions wrong. Thats why we love you Chael even when you are wrong you are right. But this fight OMG ,a ringadingdongdandy for sure .

  15. its the same in everything in this world all about the big guy and the money they want conor to win because its mnore money for the ufc khabib down small down to earth guy just getsa on with the job loves the kids lets see i hope khabib wins hes a better role model for the sport .

  16. I think Gegard feels disrespected because Rory thinks he can beat Mousasi for the second belt. Similar to GSP and Bisping, there were no real problems between them other than GSP saw Bisping as an easy win.

  17. Il tell you this, nothing rory is able to able to do will finish gegard. Its either gegard by finish in 3-4 or we have a great 5 rounder with a toss up decision.

  18. drama crap is not important in TRUE martial arts. there's no traditional martial arts instructor who would allow any student to engage in drama crap or trash talking. that's all you see in ufc, a bunch of trash talking, disrespectful guys.

  19. If their is dislike between the two, then it has somehow evaded the public. The two men appear to have a genuine respect for one another but simply want to see who the better fighter is. My money is on Gegard.

  20. Whores always trying to get noticed aint they? They get loud for no reason, they laugh when nothings funny. They trot with titties bouncing through your shot. Skanks have no shame.

  21. I disagree. they just like fighting but they definitely dont hate eachother. how can someone hate either one of them?
    its just gegards new way to hype fights

  22. Its all in the head moussai is going to beat the shit out of this kid but i got to give it to Rory the guy is a straight beast tho but he is in over his head

  23. It's about time you talk about Bellator, the actual promotion you fight for. Way too much UFC content. Bellator needs the height more

  24. Rory is a welterweight legend, I love that dude. Gegard is awesome too, probably the best 2 dudes outside of the UFC that could and have beat UFC title holders, besides a few others.

  25. Pfffff sonnen talking out of his ass again, they have nothing but respect for each other, and how not to, both beasts.

  26. why are you bullshitting chael? mousasi and rory are totally cool with each other.
    both of them said it in interviews one day ago.

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