The Worst Fights In MMA

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Any thing can happen in mma There are countless ways a fight can go, but they can’t all be exciting. Commentator: Who won this fight? Commentator: I don’t know. Not the fans. Sorry folks This is a list of high profile fights that either bored fans into submission, or displayed the technical proficiency of a drunken bar fight. Maybe even worse. These are some of the worst fights in MMA. In the battle of two of the worst sudo names in MMA “Kimbo Slice” took on Dada 5000 at Belador 149 Looking at explosivity at its finest Aggression, throwing every punch. In what every conviction back behind blunt force trauma Both Kimbo and Dada come from a street fighting background So fans werent expecting the most technical fight. But they also weren’t expecting this… Both fighters gasped almost immediately and looked like they were throwing punches under water. Shockingly… and unfortunately… the fight continued for two more rounds. With Only a minute and a half left of the fight Kimbo manage to make some kind of offensive contact towards Dada 5000 Dada… who almost became the first MMA fighter to die of exhaustion Collapsed to the floor in bizarre fashion Kimbo was declared the winner of the TKO …And Dada 5000 was hospitalized for two weeks after his heart stopped He also suffered severe dehydration and kidney failure To the cutting of 40 pounds, to make the 265 pound weight limit. Dada was recently released from the hospital, and has no plans to fight again Looking at the explosivity at its finest. Aggression, throwing every punch. In what every conviction back behind blunt force trauma Aliev Makhmud vs Kiyoshi Tamura wasn’t only one of the worst fights ever but also one of the strangest Makhmud who comes from a wrestling background kept hopping around as if he were having some type of seizure Makhmud eventually propelled his own groin into his opponents knee After taking a 5 minute break, Makhmud called off the fight although no one seemed to notice or even care The fight was restarted and Makhmud continued to launch his body around the ring and even landed a decent punch at one point But Makhmud quickly gasped and waved off the fight for the second time But yet again no one seemed to notice and the fight continued for a short time Until he was eventually stopped out of sheer awkwardness alone Makhmud’s one and only MMA fight Gabi Garcia is a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu world champion and training partner of Vanda what She made her MMA debut at Rizin on new years eve taking on professional wrestler lady Tapa who is also making her MMA debut Garcia who was promoted as a grappling world champion and sex symbol(?) Trained for months at the highest level with former champions Then preceded to throw it all out of the fucking window when the bell rang Both women began flailing their arms wildly while lady Tapa landing the harder punches in the beginning Garica recovered and accidentally landed a punch of her own Garcia preceded to use her black belt level Jiu Jitsu training to violently club lady Tapa over the head until the referee stopped the fight Well not a boring fight but the lack of skill being displayed on such a big stage makes this fight worth mentioning Gabriel Gonazaga made his UFC debut in 2005 against Kevin Jordan Gonzaga looked impressive early in the fight scoring a takedown and actively working for submissions but both fighters gassed midway through the first round after that most entertaining part of the fight was the commentary The fighters received multiple warnings from the referee Then just when it seemed all hope was lost Gonzaga went on to have a successful UFC career, Kevin Jordan had since retired and he’s currently working at a carwash And a few honorable mentions Mike Corey was able to complete a half marathon during his fight with Kelips Starn(?) Almost every Jake Shields fight Belladores currently looking to sign these guys Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe

100 thoughts on “The Worst Fights In MMA

  1. You left out the part when Kalib flipped Nate the bird. That was my favorite part of the fight. Couldn't even throw a punch, the bitch

  2. nate quarry almost loss that fight. Did you not see how Caleb used his psychic abilities and locked in nate in an arm triangle choke without having to even have to take him down or make physical contact with him?!? best shit ever.

  3. Fighting ain't easy and sorry the fighters couldn't entertain the audience hehahahaha GOOD FIGHTS 💪💪💪 I PROBABLY COULDN'T HAVE DONE BETTER IM JUST SAYING 🙏

  4. Gabi Garcia is so fit… beautiful
    American women need to take a hint…

    I wouldn't want a beautiful woman like her engage with these THINGS

  5. The kimbo dada fight was one of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of the scene in step brothers when they are fighting and they just fall asleep 😂😂

  6. Those two guyz in the first fight deserved to go to prison for boring the audience. They were virtually romancing instead of fighting

  7. Honestly im not really a huge MMA fan. Its like human cock fighting. Boxing at least has class, and only fists. MMA just feels cheap cause you can knee, kick, and basically tackle the guy. Boxing is just 1 on 1, old fashioned duke'ing it out.

  8. Why cant they jusy agree on the most comfortable weight for both guys to not act like they have pfeiffer during fightday.

  9. Seriously, were Kimbo and Dada drunk or something? Did they take xanax before the fight? Why did they get so exhausted so quickly?

  10. LMFAO 😂 I remember that fight with Slice and Dada.. It reminded me of a street fight at 711.. I lasted about 1min and some change B4 they both took to the famous bend oven and grab the knee.. Then it was over..

  11. Fight 1.
    Dude, that's not a bad fight, that's an entertaining as sh*t fight. I'd watch that any day, and at the end, my throat would be sore.
    FIght 2.
    Well he does have them hops.
    Fight 3.
    Well, if you like musclegirls, then she doesn't look all that bad. Physically at least.
    And to be fair, isn't the whole point of fighting basically just violent clubbing the other person anyway? I mean, simple is best.
    Fight 4.
    I honestly don't know. Did they both get distracted with something else?

  12. When both fighters refuse to fight because they're too tiref they should make a rule where the ref can enter the fight in a 3-way match.

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