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– Rule number one, don’t slow me down. Rule number two, I’m in charge. Hey, what’s rule number one? – Party?
– No, not party. ♪ Me and my ♪ – So guys, first of all, I will start with Shia and Zack, you guys are road dogs/BFFs
so how did you bond on set? – Well, I mean, that’s a loaded question, how did we bond on set? We all clicked together, all three of us, but I guess us, on the side note, like, they would have like
manicure days, you know, where they’d go off and I’d be by myself. – You were invited. – Yeah, but I never showed up for them. I wasn’t really invited to those days, and I knew how much they meant to Zack and he was trying to have me not be there. – They mean so much to him. – So y’all went to mani/pedi days? – Yeah, me and her always go there. – Look how he brightens up. You see what I’m saying? He was sort of like, hey, stay home. But we would have, like, side
note, we would have, like, we watched a lot of
wrestling in the hotel room. – He ate a lot of cake. – A lot of that, a lot of cake. – We did a lot of meals together. – Yeah, pretty much every
meal that was not on set, we were together the three of us. So, yeah. And then on set of course, you
know, it never ends on set. – Yeah. Speaking of wrestlers, ’cause I guess you guys watch wrestling, do you guys have favorite wrestlers? Like do you have a favorite wrestler? Or somebody that you really like? I’m a big Rock fan, obviously. – He loves Roman, don’t you? – Yeah. – Roman’s his favorite. I guess, because of
that I got into him too. And his story is quite wild, you know, surviving cancer and kid and all that, so probably Roman. – [Jacqueline] You got one? – What is it called when the women fight? – [Jacqueline] Divas. – Oh yeah, divas. – [Jacqueline] Yeah. – I really like that. – Divas are good. Last diva I knew, and this
is like showing my age, was like Chyna. That’s how old I am. – [Shia] That’s who I remember too. – It’s not as fun. So the quote from the movie, “If I’m gonna die, everyone’s gonna die, “the question is whether
or not you’re gonna “have a good story to tell
about when you’re gone.” So what’s the story that the three of you would maybe want folks to tell about you? – Whoa, loaded. – Of us, together? – Individually, like what’s your story on the epitaph of Dakota, Shia, and Zach. What do you want them to be talking about? – What do we get, like one sentence? – Maybe like one
sentence, or a good story? Be like, you know, she
always liked to laugh. – I can’t, I don’t know
the answer to that, yet. – [Jacqueline] You don’t
know the answer to it yet? – No.
– That’s fair. I wouldn’t know it either, probably. – I can’t answer that question. – Zack, you can. – I’ll regret my answer, immediately. – [Jacqueline] Okay. – For me, doing stuff
together, and having fun, and having a really great time together. – [Jacqueline] Excellent. – Strong.
– Awesome. That’s a great epitaph by the way. – Great one, yup. He helps people. – I like that. So Zack, you got to do some wrestling. Can you talk about working
with the real life wrestlers? What was that like? – Good, I would say it
would be Six Nick Roberts, and others we know. It was kind of, very, hard
and he hit me very hard. He would throw me from on the mat and corner and everything. But I still love it but. – [Jacqueline] But you
had a lot of fun with it? – Yeah.
– Awesome. Shooting on the raft? I know whenever it’s,
water’s like the third thing after kids and animals, that’s like the worst to work with. So talk about shooting on the raft. – We quite loved it, actually. Yeah, it’s still my safe place. We were just talking about that. Like, the crew would
get off in the distance and it felt like we would get
completely immersed in it, in the family of it, when
we were all on the raft. I know Zack loves the
water, prefers the water, like, does better in the
water, cools off in the water. It was hot out there. Yeah, and it just felt
like we could immerse in our own little world, which was nice. It was like going to
another planet or something. – [Jacqueline] What did
you think about the raft? – Same thing what he said. – What he said. That’s a good answer. This all starts on a birthday wish. So, what did you wish for
on your last birthday, and did it come true? Or what are you gonna wish
for on your next birthday? – It’s about my grandfather. So, that is my wish. – To see him? – Yeah.
– Oh, okay, that’s sweet. – I still love him, but, he’s gone. – Oh, that’s a good one. That’s a good wish, I like that one. What about you Dakota? – I would wish for everyone in
the world to experience Zack ’cause it will change your heart. – That’s a sweet one. What about you Shia? I don’t know if you can top that. That’s the sweetest thing. – No, and I would say, I’m
not one for the cheese, you know what I’m saying,
what she’s saying is so real. That’s the thing. It’s like, if you would
say that about anybody else you’d be like that’s a bunch,
that’s very cheesy, you know, like, that’s not real. But if you do experience
Zack then you understand the truth behind what she just said. It’s very real. It’d be like blessing somebody. I feel like the man blessed me. Birthday wish, yeah, I got
what I wished for, yup. – [Jacqueline] What was it? – Yeah. I can’t even get there. Yeah, but I, yeah, mmhmm. (Jacqueline laughs) – What would you want to wish
for in the future then maybe? What’s your next birthday wish? If you can’t tell me
the one that came true. – Oh.
– That is so annoying. – Yeah, I, what would I
wish for in the future? I wished for a bunch of friends. That’s what I’d actually wished for. I was in a lonely spot so
I wound up getting, like, a bunch of cool friends. You know, even last
night, all my friends came to this little wrap party that we had, or this little after party we had. And I had never been to an after party that was so stocked with
friends, like genuine friends. And even Jimmy, the people
you’re talking about, like, yeah, my life’s just
gotten quite friendly. Really after leaving this
group my life got very friendly for a lot of reasons. I think he like opened
a door, like put a key. – I think you became more friendly. – Maybe, definitely, I
do think that’s true. So maybe more of the same,
just keep that going. – If I was wishing for
you it would be definitely that more people got to
see Honey Boy as well because I love that movie as well. – Thank you very much. – From Sundance.
– Thank you. – So the shotgun scene. – [Shia] Yeah. – We’re gonna have to talk about this. – [Shia] Yeah. – Specifically the flying backwards one. So let’s talk about,
breakdown, you guys shooting. – He did all his own stunts, I mean, we had a stunt guy there for him but that dude was a really sad case ’cause he never got to see the set. He was just sitting there in the wave just looking real dour all the time. You remember him? – Yeah. – Just sitting there like, man, fuck. (both laugh) But, yeah, Zack wanted
to do all his own stunts. He was quite emphatic about it. Quite emphatic. So that’s Zack. They pulled him on a, what
was that a pressure cable? – All right, final question. Number one rule is party,
so what was it like shooting the famous Peanut Butter
Falcon naming scene? – Oh boy, oh boy. Whoa. Yeah, the campfire. – [Zack] Actually, we did it together. – [Shia] Yeah, I know, I know. – Yeah but did you?
– Ay. Yeah, that was a party full of free. – If could give it like a
one-word description of that day, give me the one word
description of that day. – One word description
of the campfire day. – Oh yeah, we were drinking the whiskey and dancing and doing all the rap. – Yeah, fun, it was really fun. – Fun.
– Yeah. (upbeat music)

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