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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, my network pic of the week
is 2018 Hell in a Cell. The most must-see WWE superstar
of all time, yours truly, and my beautiful gorgeous sexy
wife Maryse vs Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella and it was Awesome.>>[NOISE]
>>This has been about Miz, though.>>Wait a minute!>>Been about Miz tarnishing the name of
Daniel Bryan, tarnishing the reputation, everything Bryan’s worked for.>>Listen, Miz is not any more successful
than Toto Bellas, I might add.>>Says who?>>Successful without each other.>>But Daniel Bryan and Brie, I’m sure
Brie would do just fine on the market. Bryan I don’t know about.>>My God, got Miz onto the top. A nasty fall here, Miz all tangled
up there in the turnbuckle. And now Daniel Bryan’s got Miz right
where he wants him here in this mixed tag team match.>>This is completely unfair. Daniel Bryan is to get The Miz
out of that predicament.>>He will.
He’s on his way towards doing so, don’t worry.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>From the top rope, and there goes Miz.>>Sent for a ride by Daniel Bryan.>>Daniel Bryan is feeling the moment.>>[NOISE]>>This could be it.>>Looking for the running knee. Miz able to avoid it. Wants the cover, shoulders down.>>Uh-oh.>>This is it. Could be looking for the Yes Lock.>>Trouble for the A Lister.>>No.
>>Big trouble.>>And there is Maryse to
break up the submission.>>That is love. That is love in its purest form.>>And Brie trying to run down Maryse.>>Maryse is like a gazelle. She can’t be caught.>>Like a gazelle.>>And Maryse out of the ring and the official trying to get
control here of Brie Bella.>>Look at this,
Maryse is running for her life.>>From behind, here we go.>>Trying to set up
the skull crushing finale. Daniel Bryan the cover and
the kick out by Miz. What an uppercut. And a brief moment of interference
from Maryse, Daniel Bryan->>This is just classless. Daniel Bryan stealing The Miz’s
world famous It kicks. Don’t start, don’t start.>>This is actually pretty fun to watch.>>Uh-oh, yes, it is.>>Not that part.>>[APPLAUSE]

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