The Light of Hope that came to the village of Chieng noi – Share The Light 2019

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11% of the world’s population,
equal to about 840 million people, live in the dark without electricity
– International Energy Agency, 2017 At Samsung Electronics, we turned our lights off around the world So that our darkness could turn up the lights everywhere else And make the world a better place We’re sharing a solar-charged lantern that can be charged even when there’s no electricity At Samsung Electronics, we know our work has meaning whether connecting batteries or tightening up screws Because we know these lanterns will light up someone’s life A journey to share the light Chieng Noi village is in a remote and mountainous area, a 12-hour drive from Hanoi. Suns of dream
Together creating a better future with you Light helps make a smile shine brighter Life becomes easier And children can make their dreams clearer Children illustrate their dreams Dreams we hope to nurture with a little bit of light Samsung Electronics’ Share the Light campaign has joined the global Earth Hour campaign by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) since 2017, pledging to protect the environment through carbon emission reduction. With reduced electricity bills and employees’ donations, solar-charged lanterns have been made possible through the efforts of Samsung Electronics employees Thousands of these lanterns are delivered every year to regions facing great challenges with limited access to electricity, such as in Southeast Asia and Africa, to light up new worlds of possibility. *Indonesia in 2017, the Philippines in 2018, and Vietnam/Malawi in 2019.

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