The greediest of raids with Cloakzy.

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you responded me in the next five
seconds so I’ll tell Chad to subdue you Chad don’t stop the clock it’s a waste
wait hello what do you say about me you little shit
nothing yeah I’m loaded on channel point you call yourself a real doctor Lupo fan by dr. Lupo now what’s up man Chad its
Tanner dude its Tanner it’s fuckin Tanner bro I killed the guy with an RSS
kind of want to use an RSS okay let’s use an RSS you want to use thermal it’s
gotta be thermal daddy you’re what’s it called my RPK yeah mm that’s too bad
yeah it’s okay though Oh tarkov take a loose I mean if I ever
see it somewhere if I grow if I find one that’s similar I’ll let you know I’ll
tell you that’s his RPK Chad don’t tell him oh by the way I had too much money
so I converted 20 million roubles into two hundred thousand USD because I could
actually write is that so relatable for you I know
Wow Wow Wow are you playing on an abacus right now that you’re doing the math for
all the the data in the game joke’s on you I don’t even know what that is wait me I’m so ready are you yeah yes
yes no one’s lien yeah one guy Lane I’ll
tell you for the hatchling he’s running a right to left right now two guys Lane behind that hill you’re good wait for
them to get closer please before you light these motherfuckers up and I will
immediately go there anyway they’re running away together not going Lane
they were sorry going Lane and then went back your goal is that tower over there
yep get up there brother turn outside of the
fence cloak yes yes is it me I know but why are you there oh yeah he’s dead Raiders right in front of me I’d be up
top in the other yeah he is he’s right in front of me up top I need on top alessondra medic okay of course I
can’t see him just fifty bushes so got one dad up here are you still alive yeah my nade again,
so i’m on the r Hill on the bunker the backside of it okay so I’m gonna kill
everyone on top Hill okay yes I see the enemy Coby guy I’m gonna I’m basically
if you see you gotta the right of the tank that’s me this guy on left wall too
far left wall towards the hole in the wall you know as a player and pmc Oh
short oh really yes so it’s like the red building yes toward the red building I
want to peek him but I don’t know if a readers gonna kill me someone I think
between the blood sheets you see anybody else up on top no I saw one guy up I
don’t want to peek him could you put the top shopping to Mike our I have to
defuse Raiders right here I peek its guy from like multiple goes to my chest
really thrown off by my between the butt cheeks call out but you knew exactly
what I meant right yes between the two hermetic bunkers where I was which looks
like butt cheeks the chats like what my guys I was in the crack I’m me that’s me
moving up to you I don’t see him tower tower still over
there yeah stone tower okay I just had to prone out because I’m very much in
line of sight in right now okay so you have you just got dead tower tenant our
go them you just get hit – I can oh I killed him
you just made a groan sound top the hill top the hilltop hill
that guy is 100% dead in Tower yeah okay I’m running across pipes I’m gonna go to
his body I see his bag sticking through the
bottom Oh his blood is all against the back wall Oh daddy
Oh daddy I’m taking this guy’s turn well I’m gonna use against them okay give a
show you did yeah great side this guy’s top still wait for real yeah – daddy
Bishop one more in uh one more in grocery I’ve got all this shit in here
before chat yells at me you can have whatever you want to have I wouldn’t
want to use the thermal SBDS so I can the coke people with you there’s still
one more though I wish room and Bishop is this he was running he jumped off the
roof and ran to the market is it black Bishop they’ll do a left one right is it
the left one or the right one wait I’m actually it’s the fucking one
those are funny the market oh no that’s black Bishop but you’re you’re calling
that right I see there’s no color exhibition buildings yeah real there’s no one underneath your
building specifically top one attack tail backpack you ever just love
something unconditionally like thermal yeah I love it I would I would do some
weird shit to thermal if it was you know who’s into that hey I’m a wrecked hello
got my attention hi somebody moving around me fucking a
table and you right in front of me rater he’s gone nice running front left
he’s running up to me it sounds like dead
players have thank you yep reloading real quick you’re alone guys still in
the red tower he’s in the left window I see the very top of his little noggin in
there but I don’t think I can shoot him yeah that’s right yeah all the way the
top always its up guys moving around in the window okay there’s a guy second for
then as well okay I found your pilgrim bud that he just
had a big backpack huh okay let’s see if I can I think they do the towers dad I
think he just shot through the brain did you moving around me hey Bo cheeks
okay can’t see you can’t see okay okay okay I’ll count on check the guy
top of read he looked eared I’ll have all these Raiders up top how’s it
helpful is your bag anything okay we let’s get you some Nathan you’re close
to me right yes okay oh no he’s going for the xride right now yeah there’s a
guy in front of me though inside the right right good definitely dude underneath me yeah you
just bombed hope you guys coming up from underneath in the bottom I’m walking
towards you hey yeah don’t shoot me please
Wow hey now I’m gonna reload okay I want to go to the top of red what well that
guy that was up there that was looting the other dude that was up there might
be thick you need to get some loot come here my shit is like mega full I’m at
the point where I’m moving things around to fit more stuff in yeah check cloak
can start getting more loot when he decides to get up on time for stream
okay are you I’m laying down in the sandbags up there blue laser right so I
grab this m80 rounds okay yeah your game just gets super dark nope
I’m brightness like just changed mid raid those weird yeah you guys saw that
right I shot this guy foul scab going stop that dead guy on second floor that
got top that guy’s everywhere everybody’s dead I’m laying down floor
please don’t shoot me thank you he had a hunter sa-58 get a baby Mosin I
hate him I hate this guy everyone the only dude we didn’t kill was we would
guy yeah we heard him run out but always we killed like everybody else I’m
checking the guys second floor I check that guy well fuck bro yeah anybody
anybody have a respirator on them leave one more of those now he’s my gun
training yeah fucking run right through it’s just a
little guide it’s like it was like a you just got afraid of a toddler and ran
away whatever I mean we can go for them Zachary D yeah you it’s six minutes left
you want to go for more Luke it’s pretty shit is that greedy please if my chat
isn’t stresses shit by the end of a raid we didn’t do the raid right that guy on
the right scab you ever see dead on top someone looted my PMC way someone loaded
my PMC I mostly yeah we trips you long to get over here and be greedy dude we
should not have used common sense fuck it just ran out probably true this was
uh not online so we got plenty of time excuse me hump me out of the way kind of
like it not gonna lie we have plenty of time we’re good
see we are good hey you good plug but you are used are
you stressed now a little bit really was why we’re not sweating time to take a
shower hey forty three minute rate holy
thirteen kxp I got 11 kills including one two three wait
oh yeah the Raiders three Raiders how did you get I had 13 kills with four PMC
nice yeah really good subdued once you kill that spds guy just started crapping
on people with hardscoping I just popped up shot one boy and they immediately
crouched and then I popped up again he just dead I was good rid how’s it grade
very good twenty four kills including four PMC’s now

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  1. 1st Tim starts opening Pokémon packs and now Lupo has the Pot of Greed in the thumbnail ! I’m still a competitive YuGiOh player and I feel like our worlds are about to collide hahaa

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