The Campfire – Blazing Saddles (5/10) Movie CLIP (1974) HD

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Always like to
keep my audience riveted. [belch] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfffft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [belch] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [pfft!] [gagging] [pfft!] God damn! How about
some more beans,
mr. Taggart? I’d say
you’ve had enough! [pfft!]

100 thoughts on “The Campfire – Blazing Saddles (5/10) Movie CLIP (1974) HD

  1. First time I saw this, in the cinema, I thought to myself "that's not funny,it's childish"……but then I found myself laughing until the tears streamed down my face! Still as funny as ever and I love introducing the film to younger friends and family who've never seen it. Would it get made today??

  2. Back in the old days of TV censorship when I was kid and this was on, they had to mute out all the farts. But you could still see all the guys raise up off their seats or lean over. You knew exactly what was going on. Taggart would come out and do the same lines as he does here and because of the hat waving and "I say you'd had enough" line you knew what you missed.

  3. I've read that the farts for the soundtrack were recorded by Brooks and whatever passersby he could drag into the recording studio.

  4. when it came out in 1974, 20th Century Fox had its 50th anniversary. ABC had its Wide World of Entertainment on and showed clips of this flick… I sat thru it 4 times at the theatre.. Brilliant….a

  5. As I recall. a fart is basically methane, which is not only inflammable but actually explosive . Why wasn't there a big, big bang?

  6. I was on a double date at a drive in. When this scene come on I literally opened the car door and fell out laughing 😂

  7. About 0:26 seconds in you hear a woman say "okay…"
    Always wondered about that, like when Mel recorded the fart sounds for this scene was he maybe not in a soundproof room? 😛

  8. One of many classic comedy moments from this funny, funny film. Spaceballs just seems dated now and less funny compared to this whereas Blazing Saddles itself, though also a little dated, has actually stood the test of time because it was early on in director Mel Brooks' career and his style of humour (bad taste, movie spoofing) seemed fresh and new for the time but his later works in the 80s and 90s were well past their laugh by date and that includes Robin Hood: Men In Tights (which might be enjoyed more by those who hated Blazing Saddles).

  9. To all who placed a comment you made my day. It started slow but what everyone stated was OUTSTANDING. THE BEST GAS FOR LAST. Riiiiiiipppppp it.

  10. I remember Blazing Saddles making it on 100 years, 100 laughs, and they said of this scene: “Everyone knows what happens when you eat beans, and if there are no women around, of course there’s going to be a little flatulence.”
    Yeah, or a LOT!

  11. 0:45 Two seconds later, that facial expression kills me. It's a strange combination of WTH and shock.

  12. I just watched tha clip and i could smell them farts .ha ha
    Its great to laugh the truth is i burst out laughing and i let one go and my dog started barking at me ,

  13. When I saw this in the theater as a teenager I thought I would pass out from laughing so hard.

  14. I remember years later on the US today show there was an announcement. The surgeon general has confirmed that baked beans cause gas. I thought blimey they're a bit behind the times in the USA.

  15. Fun fact: This was one of the very first fart jokes in the history of cinema. It was actually quite controversial at the time.

  16. My is stronger check my ..Bean is very powerful. Omg..! I made with very explosive ingredients..Ok..! Who blame Cows for climate change,, what is this!? 🤬 Thx for funny video! 😜🙃🍷🥴😢👍

  17. When this was first shown on BBC and watched with subtitles it said 'Flurp…Flurp….Flurp'. Every showing after that it was changed to "(continual farting noises)"

  18. if i'm not wrong this is the 1st major fart scene in the history of movies. they paid the 1st guy extra because he was gonna be the 1st guy that fart's.

  19. Mel Brooks told all those guys before rolling that you are about to shoot one of the most iconic scenes in a movie,, and he was absolutely right. I remember a lot people talking this when it was released. Mel,,, you are truly a genius.

  20. My folks saw this at the local drive-in. My mom said that during this scene, people were opening car doors as they were laughing so hard.

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