The ‘Boy Meets World’ When Shawn Joined A Cult

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(soft music) – [Narrator] Mr. Turner hands
back tests and announces Shawn is the only student that did poorly. He tells Shawn he’s
worried he has no goals or plans for college and
when Shawn blows him off, Mr Turner says Shawn only
has a handful of people in his life who care about him. Shawn says he has plenty
of friends who care. His friends who care
bail on this conversation to go make out. Mr Turner urges Shawn to
think about his future. Sherry, who looks like a
hotter version of Shawn if he owned a comb, was eaves
dropping and tells Shawn she has a hundred friends
who care about her and these hundred friends don’t judge. Shawn sees nothing weird about
that super weird statement and accepts Sherry’s invite to get a judgment free cup of coffee. Presumably because he thinks it’s code for an old fashioned jerk job or at least some over
the sweater hand stuff. Sherry brings Shawn to a
creepy room full of strangers that say his name in unison
and line up to give him hugs. She says this place is a “hangout” where friends get together
and talk about “stuff”. Sherry invites Shawn to
be one of their friends. He says he can always use more friends but isn’t sure about the hugging thing. Sherry tells him Mr. Mack
says a hug is a burst of pure love. Shawn says he’s bursting with pure love. Eyes still on the prize
for that afternoon handie. Sherry says Mr. Mack is a remarkable man who changed her life. Mr. Mack walks in, hugging all these teens and asks Sherry if she’s centered. Mr. Mack gets Shawn a
can of generic red cola. Then says his name three times in a row. – Well it just goes to show Shawn, you can’t always go with
your first instincts Shawn, you’ve got to give people a chance Shawn. – [Narrator] Shawn looks
around, and finally realizes he’s in the middle of a cult. He politely declines but Mr.
Mack says he’s judging them just like Shawn’s teachers
and family judge him. Mr. Mack asks Shawn to get to know them before making judgments. Shawn says that seems fair. And one hour later, I mean
they couldn’t even have Shawn put on a different shirt
to make it look like more time has passed, Shawn
is completely brainwashed. He’s hugging Corey, asking
him if he’s centered and telling Corey he really
likes Mr. Mack and the Center. He’s freaking Corey
out, talking in riddles and for the first time in their friendship Corey asks Shawn about his spirituality. He asks Shawn what he
believes in, Shawn says, he doesn’t have the luxury
of believing in a warm house with a warm family like Corey. Even though he’s at that house with that family every every fucking day. And says he found something
new to believe in, a basement full of hugs
and off brand cola. And the heavily implied possibility that he might get JO’ed by
all three of these girls if he plays his cards right. Mr. Turner asks Shawn about the Center, and instead of answering a single question Shawn tells Mr. Turner he’s judging. Mr. Turner asks Shawn why he
feels like he needs this place? Shawn says it’s because
he felt incomplete. Mr. Turner tries to relate to Shawn but Shawn glosses over
it with a fake smile and hug that Mr. Turner
promptly shuts down. He tells Shawn the Center
is filled with lost souls and a clearly predatory
creep and urges Shawn not to let this place take
away who he really is. Shawn says he doesn’t
know who he really is. Which checks out, because
it only took a can of soda and hearing his name three times to get balls deep in the brainwash sauce. Corey and Eric attempt
to infiltrate the Center to get Shawn back. Eric says you’d have to
be a weak minded fool to fall for this place then
instantly falls for the place when a girl in a vest gives him a hug. Shawn asks Corey what he’s doing and tells him to scram
’cause Corey has something to believe in and Shawn doesn’t. Corey warns Shawn that
once Mr. Mack gets ahold of his mind he will have it for life. Mr. Mack says Corey is
overreacting and this place isn’t so bad, then hits the
lights and has a weird, fake, award ceremony to welcome their
new lifetime member Shawn. Corey snitches on Shawn
and his parents decide they’re going to go get him
but before they can leave Shawn shows up with Eric. He had to drag Eric out
of there because Mr. Mack though Eric was only in it for the “hugs”. Since you can’t say “hand jobs”
Friday night at 8:30 on ABC. Shawn says he’s going
back because he’s happy and totally centered. They all try to talk sense
into him, saying they love him and the Center is cuckoo,
banana bread, cray cray. And they’re fine with him
searching for something to believe in but this
Mr. Mack guy is bad news. Corey’s dad asked Shawn
what he used to believe in before this place, you know, yesterday and Shawn says he doesn’t know. So Corey’s dad follows
up with this question, that’s a totally normal thing
to ask your son’s best friend, – Did you believe in God? – [Narrator] You can
literally hear the crickets. Feeny returns to say Mr.
Turner has been Centered in the middle of the god damn street because he crashed his motorcycle. The gang is waiting at the
hospital when Shawn arrives with his turtle neck dick hole. Shawn says he couldn’t face this alone, ignoring that this family
he’s known his whole life is right there with him. Mr. Mack antagonizes
Feeny and Corey’s parents to the point where Corey’s
dad says he would kill to protect Shawn. Feeny says Mr. Mack can’t
have Shawn and Mr. Mack says that’s up to Shawn and
even if Shawn says no, there are many more just like him. But Shawn didn’t hear that horrific human trafficking comment
because he’s already in Mr. Turner’s hospital room. Shawn is freaking out and
says he needs Mr. Mack. Corey stops him and gives
him a hug, a real hug, not like those knock off bootleg hugs Shawn’s been handing out left and right like he took ecstasy at Bonnaroo. They leave Shawn with Mr. Turner and Shawn has a complete breakdown. Shawn pleads with Mr.
Turner to hang in there then looks at this machine
like he has any idea what the fuck it means. He finally appreciates Mr.
Turner and the handful of people who care about him. Then calls out to God, because
now he also believes in God. He starts talking to
God in the hospital room and says Mr. Turner can’t
be done yelling at him yet. Then Mr. Turner squeezes
his hand because apparently he’s got a whole lot more yelling to do. Only he doesn’t because we never see Mr. Turner ever again for the rest of Boy Meets World because he probably
fucking killed himself. So what did we learn today? If a hot girl wants to
buy you a cup of coffee chances are she’s trying to
get you to join her cult. But if it only takes a can of soda and hearing your name three
times to get brain washed you’re dumb as rocks and
deserve whatever happens to you. And appreciate the
people who care about you because they’re only going
to try to connect with you and infiltrate cults for you
and threaten to murder for you for so long and if you feel incomplete in this confusing life,
arbitrarily fill that whole with a hasty belief in God
after someone you care about gets in a motor cycle accident. An accident that probably happened because they were so
stressed out thinking about how you’re fucking up your life. And the most important lesson, you can always give yourself a hand job and avoid a mess like this entirely. See you next time on A
Very Special Episode. (soft music) (whooshes and squeaks)

97 thoughts on “The ‘Boy Meets World’ When Shawn Joined A Cult

  1. Mr. Mack legit looks like the NXIVM guy. And come to think of it, that Smallville actress who helped him is Allison Mack. What if Boy Meets World predicted NXIVM?

  2. Go church is different they prey for you if your in car accident unless you make friend at church they won’t be there for if you at hospital if your in car accident

  3. I remember several Catholic/Christian youth groups who tried to do similar to me when I was a teenager. But I eventually saw through it.

  4. Ah, i miss this show i actually learned stuff, than as soon as GIRL MEETS WORLD boom i learn more life lessons . than BOOM they take that away from me too .

  5. Mr. Turner is mentioned as being in the school off camera.
    In one of the last episodes when we see MINCUS in the hallway n tells the 3 that hes been on the otherside of the school and calls out to Mr. Turner

  6. Yooo this guy's voice and commentary is funny af. I never watched a full episode of boy meets world and I'm dying laughing

  7. Wait. WAIT… Do I need to go back and re-re-watch Boy Meets World? Is this REALLY the end of Mr. Turner??

  8. "Mr. Turner has been centered, in the middle of the goddam street because he crashed his motorcycle"😭😭😂😂😂

  9. My favorite show. I watch it with my kids as often as I can.
    That said, this is hilarious. As is your Zack Morris is Trash series.

  10. Crazy! I never put it together that this was Turner's last episode! Did they ever follow up on this crash?

  11. Was this really that teachers last episode I didn't know that. I remember a long story arc was Sean moved in with him so that must happen before and then he moved out? Never was clear on how that living together with him and it anyway. I guess he must have died in the hospital right that would have been a good special episode

  12. so since hugs are an allegory for hand jobs here am I supposed to take that as meaning Cory gave Shawn a hand job in a hospital while his teacher sat near them unconscious ?

  13. Mr.Turner didn't kill himself. Minkus explained where Minkus and Turner were. The were just in the other side of the school. The side behind the camera.

  14. This reminds me of how mormons keep sending two 18 year old girls to my door to try to talk to me and recruit me. I don't think anyone needs a flowchart of what this is suggesting. I am literally over twice their age and they are still all sugary and happy to me when I answer the door. I told them I just had surgery and needed to rest and that got rid of them. (true also) I am just wondering if the girls know they are being sent to recruit single men twice their age, or they are simply dupes and the church itself is the one doing it. Either way, I don't answer the door on sundays when they come by now. Manager of my complex would run them off, only she doesn't work on weekends. Must be nice.

  15. Didn’t Mr. Turner show up as a father figure for Shawn later on? Like he basically adopted Shawn and was around when they were in college

  16. 2:02 …And the heavily implied possibility that he might get J.O.'d by all three of these girls if he plays his cards right 😂😭

    AVSE is 🔥

  17. So this series is just you saying everything that happens in a special episode of a series, and you making bad jokes

  18. This was a crossover episode with Animorphs.

    If the Matthew's hadn't stepped in, Shawn would have ended up with a Yeerk in his ear.

  19. I remember watching that episode, Back. I the day, Sunday school Christ crap turned me into a habitual hugger, all my friends thought it was weird, then I saw Corey hug Shawn and went "oh, I get it"
    … Haven't hugged a single soul since.

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