The 1800 Boxing Workout for Beginners

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Hi there. I’m Mike Gales for fight your way
fit. In this video, I want to show you guys an awesome home boxing routine.
Most people can do it. It is simple, it’s fun, it’s very easy on the joints and
most of all it’s super effective. Don’t worry if you don’t have any
equipment at all or if you’ve never even put on boxing gloves in your life. In this video, I’m going to show you everything that you need to know. You can get started today and start seeing great results in no time. What we’re going to
do is a beginners boxing routine using a double-ended bag. This routine is
called the 1800. Sounds kind of cool. Like a Spartan 300 Aroo Aroo! but
multiplied by 6. Don’t worry, it’s all gonna make sense. If you already have a
double-ended bag then you can fast forward this video to the actual routine.
If you don’t have one, well don’t worry that’s all good. If you’ve
watched any of my videos then you know I’ve got you covered. I’m gonna show
you how to make one for this routine. I will cost well under 10$. It may cost
you nothing, as you probably have most of what you need in your home right now.
What you aren’t gonna need is well duct tape. You may have noticed that I use
duct tape on everything. I bought this duct tape at the dollar store and
you’re gonna need a better roll. Next, these are optional but while I was at
the dollar store, I bought these 3 little bungee cables. Now you don’t necessarily need these. You can use some simple string.
I’ll use the bungees because it will keep the movement a little more fluid.
At the end of the day it’s your call. Next, you’re gonna need something
like an empty water bottle or an empty bottle of soda. Basically something
lightweight, hollow and that keeps its shape.
I do like chocolate milk once in a while and how I’m gonna use this old chocolate
milk container. You can even use empty milk cartons if you like. I feel
motivated by chocolate and so that’s what I’m gonna use. Next, I’m going to use
this bag of concrete mix that I got for 3$. You don’t need this and
you could pretty much use anything. As you’re about to see. You will probably
need a big garbage bag and you’re gonna see why in just a moment.
You’ll also need some string. You can even tie some old shoelaces together if
you don’t have the string. If you don’t have boxing gloves and you want to give
this a try today ,you can use any sort of old winter mitts or gloves. They’ll
work just fine. You can even roll up an old rag or some old socks. Basically anything that’s gonna cover and protect your
hands. My friend, I’m gonna look super manly in this video using my oven
mitts. Laugh but hey they work. Let’s get to it. I’m gonna stick that bag of
concrete into a thick plastic bag. The thicker the bag the better. I’m gonna
do that because I want to use this as an anchor. I also want to keep using it in
the future without making a mess. Don’t worry, it’s all gonna make sense as we go along. You don’t have to use cement. You can wrap up anything heavy within
this bag. Like some old books. You can use some rocks or even some dirt. Basically
wrap up anything that’s relatively flat and that has some weight to it. I’m gonna
use this cement bag and I’m gonna wrap the cement up like a present. I place a
few strips of duct tape across the top. Nothing fancy. You basically just need
something heavy to anchor your bag to the floor. Even if you buy a real
double-ended bag, you can use this trick as an anchor and save yourself some
money. This is what I need you to take notice of. I’m going to take a strip of
tape and lay it sticky side up, on the bag. Then I’m going to take a smaller
piece of tape and stick the two pieces together in the middle. I’m going
to use 3 or 4 pieces of tape here. One over the other to make sure that
it’s tough and then it won’t tear from the impact of the punches. Then I’m going
to tape down the ends onto my wrapped bag of cement. Your final product should
look something like this. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You could make it pretty if
you like. Just have everything sealed up and all of the sticky parts a tape
cover. Your anchor is good to go! I’m gonna then grab the chocolate milk
container. You don’t have to do this but I’m gonna use some tape to cover up
the handle. Then I will use a few pieces of tape once more to create an anchor
point. I basically take a long strip of tape and then I place 3 smaller
strips at the center. I will make 2 of these. One for the top of the container
and another for the bottom. I will secure them to the Container, with of
course, more duct tape. I love duct tape. If you have the bungees, you can now
pass them through your anchors.If you don’t have them you can use some simple
string and the string will work just fine. I place a piece of tape at the end
of the bungees to keep them tightly together. I then pass a piece of string
through the 2 Bungie hooks. I tie a small knot so it won’t move.
I’ll secure that with another piece of tape. Next, I pull out a longer piece
of tape and I lightly placed that across the top of the doorframe. If you are
looking for something more permanent, well you can use a screw, a hook or
something that you can reuse. I Center the chocolate milk container, so that
it’s roughly about the height of my mouth. You could make it higher if you
really want to work those shoulders. Once I have that proper height worked out, I
tie a knot just above the tape. Why? Because the next time I’ll know exactly
where I’d need the tape to be on the string. Also this will prevent the
rope from slipping down the tape as you punch. Here it is after a full workout
and you can see that the knot kept the string in place. Now that I have the top
at the right height, it’s just a matter of tying up the bottom and making it
taut. I’m using one long piece of string that basically makes an elongated loop.
I tie a bow up in the center. It’s simple which is great and it works.
I can easily reuse this in the future. Next, get your oven mitts and a
chair because we are ready to rumble. I will show you why you need
the chair in just a moment. It may take 10 minutes and under 10$
if you didn’t already have everything. You can keep reusing it and this is
going to be a great work up for beginners I promise you. Now on to the
1800 workout. We’re gonna do 6 rounds of 300 punches each. So 1800 and if you
have a double-ended bag then wrap your hands and put on your gloves. A quick
note before we start this round. I’m not looking for full extension on the
punches and I’m definitely not looking to throw power punches. I’m looking to
simply keep my hands moving. This will be the movement. What we are
gonna do for the first round, is a Spartan 300 non-stop straight shots. Each
shot counts as one so that’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 all the way
to 300. If you’re not used to this, it is gonna really burn those shoulders. Don’t
forget to breathe as you keep your hands moving. You’re gonna notice here that my
elbows staying close to my core. They’re not flared out to my side but
they stay in close. That’s gonna increase my speed and help limit fatigue. Also notice again that I’m not punching very hard. I’m just making contact. If I
get tired, I’ll take a break for a second and then I’m gonna
keep going. When I finally get to 300, I’m gonna walk over to a chair or a bench
and do 30 box squats, to really work those legs. I’m just going to sit
down in the chair and then stand up 30 times in a row.
When I’m done those 30 reps, I rest as I count to 30. Then I’m gonna
continue on with the next round. You guys with a double-ended bag that you just
made at home, well you can do the exact same thing. 300 straight shots. I love
doing this for beginners because you could work at your own pace, without
feeling the pressure of the time. The time doesn’t matter. You just make those 300. You need a break for a moment well then you take it. You continue as
soon as you’re able to do so. Try and make that 300. This is also going
to ensure that your workouts are consistently intense because you’re
constantly doing the same number of punches each workout.
Remember at the end of the round that you’re going to have that chair ready
for those 30 box squats. That’s up and down 30 times in a row. Even
during these squats, rest if you need to. Do 5 and take a second to rest and then
continue on to you make your way to 30. We’re going to do 3 rounds of
those straight punches and then you’re gonna do 30 squats and rest 30 seconds
in between rounds. That’s straight shots for rounds 1,2 and 3.
Round 4, we’re gonna switch from throwing the straight punches to
throw some hooks. All you need to do here is raise up your elbows a bit, bend your
arms and as much as you can you want to use your core to rotate and throw your
shots. Notice here, that my arms are not moving
all that much .That most of the movement comes from my core. If you
already have a double-ended bag, start round 4. Keep
breathing as you make those 300 shots. Remember each shot counts as 1 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 same as before. You’re gonna really
feel those shoulders burning. just keep at it. Most people that want to get in shape for the summer start training in June.
The time to start training for the summer is right now! This is an effective workout that you can do to get you ready for that fun
in the Sun. Those of you with a homemade bag, do the exact same thing.
Remember that you’re not trying to kill the bag. You’re not trying to throw with
all your might. You’re just looking to keep those hands moving and to
continuously make contact with your target. Again
keep punching. Each shot counts as one. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 you
get it all the way up to 300. Rest if you need to take it. I know
for sure there are some people that are seeing this and they’re like this is
stupid or this guy doesn’t know anything! Those aren’t even real punches. No, but
what this is doing is giving you a fun way to train all the muscles that are
involved in punching. It is gonna get you in great shape and build your endurance.
Don’t take my word for it. Search YouTube and you’re gonna see that
even great fighters like Mayweather do these types of Sprint’s on a
double-ended bag. Why do they do it? It is effective and it works!
You’re gonna do those hooks for rounds 4 5 and 6. That’s 300 punches per round
bringing our total again up to 1,800. Remember to do those 30 squats in
between rounds and then rest 30 seconds. There you have it. The simple, easy but
effective 1,800 workout. This is such a great way to get in shape. This
routine is low impact on your joints. You can do it every day without being in
pain. Again it’s gonna get your heart rate up, while it works your legs, your
core and especially those shoulders. You’re really gonna feel it because it’s
effective and also it doesn’t have to cost you anything. For those of you
that have tried this, well then please come back and leave a comment below. Let other people know that yep the 1800 is actually a pretty good workout. After
you have tried this a couple of times and you really want to up your game, Make this a true 1800 Spartan workout! Instead of counting each individual
punch as 1 you’re gonna start counting each individual combination as 1. That is left right=1 left right=2 left right =3 then you’re gonna really
see what your shoulders are made of and just how effective this 1800 workout can
be. This has been Mike Gales for fight your way fit. If you like these videos
then please subscribe. As we’re constantly posting of great tips and new
ideas and they are all men to get you into the absolute greatest shape

28 thoughts on “The 1800 Boxing Workout for Beginners

  1. We do this ay my gym but do not focus on the number. It is a great cardio and arm workout. Thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me why the chair on the squats?

  2. Done this, this morning but instead of 300 punchs i did 3 minute rounds on punch bag. Between rounds done squats using suspension straps and abs using wheel. Wow great work out . Cheers for the idea

  3. I see you still hang your 100 lbs in your home gym. I have a new omnistrike heavy bag and is it OK if I still hang it even if I dont use it? Or I should release it to prevent tear?

  4. I do this workout every morning and I get hella girls. The problem is, when I get them home and they see my carton hanging from the door, they won’t smash. Dangit.

  5. Once again Wonderful video 🙂 one small feedback.. The subtitles r covering up the screen and blocking the view .. Plz look into this .. Thank u

  6. Another great video for the beginners out there. I'm doing a little revamp on my routine and 2 quick question. Is a decline bench crunch better for abs than flat crunches (recently got one for free) and would chin ups be a good exercise on arm day to do until failure, i try to have one until failure exercise per workout but cant find many good ones for arms. Thanks for the help

  7. I don't count very well so I set my workout timer for 3 min. Do the work out for six rounds. Works well. Now lets talk more about that chocolate milk…

  8. love your videos, underrated i think. please keep doing high-quality videos 😀 i also do alot of home-made stuff, thought i'm more into muay thai or add kicks, always great to learn skills and incorporate them. do you recommend something to work my reflexes? i don't have sparring partners. i like that u also added the chair squats, most people don't do squats in proper form and injure their knees. i had the same idea (y)

  9. The purpose of a REAL double bag is that after you punch it, it comes back at you and you have to dodge it. I don't see that ever mentioned here, or what the purpose of whatever this improvised piece of equipment is suppose to do for you.

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