Thammudu Telugu Movie |1080p ᴴᴰ | Part 12/14 | Pawan Kalyan | Preeti Jhangiani | Aditi Govitrikar

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How will I alone manage all the work? Canteen work, house work, outside work,
now this engagement work! Malli! What is your problem? I have two hands and not hundred.
It is better if a human helps another human! Tell me what help do you want? I will do it. Now we have to tie mango leaves to the doors,
will you climb the tree or me? If Subbu is here, he would fill the entire
house with mango leaves. I already told you not to take his name! Actually daddy, this is our first big occasion,
it will be good if he is also here. He realized! From now on he will be good,
I will guarantee it. Please do not say no daddy!
I will go get him right away! Chakri! Listen to me! – Please daddy, I will go get him
right now. – Hey Chakri! Do not look back, he is telling to
get him back quickly. – What? I think the curry is on fire! What Chakri! There is time for the match. If you are to fight,
fight with me and not with my friends. Look! They have insulted my brother,
that is why I taught them a lesson. Do not make this an issue unnecessarily.
– What issue? Sister! Check the blood pressure!
– Okay sir! His life is not in danger, but he might take 2 to 3 months
to get up as his spinal cord is injured severely. I am also not sure about it. I know how many dreams
you have on him. But I am sorry! Why did you come? To see how we are? Have a look at that girl! They should have been engaged by now! He always talks about you in every matter. He wanted you to attend his engagement
even if I did not agree to it. And now… Hey! Did you at least do one
good thing till now? I will join my hands!
– Daddy that… – No! You are not my son, I have only one son. Go! Go and die somewhere! Get out! Do not worry Subbu! Look Jaanu! What daddy is saying! That I am the reason for situation of Chakri. No one used to say anything when I used to just roam.
But now, they say I am the cause for everything! Calm down Subbu! Your dad has dreamt that he would
rise his name with lots of respect. He could not handle himself after
what happened to Chakri! He must have said that as he is worried. Do not mind for what he said,
try to understand and get close to him. How is Chakri now? Is he conscious now? Not yet daddy! I am worried by
looking at Vishwanatham Uncle. I could not see him with tears. Situation of Subbu is even worse. It is okay if you go there for the sake
of Chakri or Vishwanatham But you should not meet
Subbu from now on! What are you saying Daddy? Are you asking me what? I am just
telling you what you have hidden ! Did you get that idiot only
to fall in love with? But, what did you see in him to love him? He is with you since childhood, took money
from you and spent it on someone else Are you not pissed of him still?
That you are still writing non-sense about him. Daddy! I loved Subbu and not
telling him is my mistake. He may love whomever he wants to,
but Subbu will always be in my heart. Very good!
There is improvement! But I do not think the wounds are
caused just by accident. No Doctor, it is accident. I myself went
into the wrong route. No problem! You get alright within
next three months. The match is near. That means,
will I not be able to participate? Daddy! Why did not he respond? Chakri! Why all that now? We expect a lot to happen in life,
but will that all happen? Daddy! – I know that you will win,
but it happened this way! Think you have lost without participating. No Daddy! I have to attend
the match at any cost. And fulfill your dreams. I know how hard you worked to
make me a champion! I also know how proudly you used to
say that I will win the match. At least for that, I will… But now, I do not have any aim or dream. You are here alive, that is enough. We clean cups in the canteen,
why do we need a cup? You better forget about it. If so, it is not necessary to buy boxing gloves
or head guard for me! Just buy one wheel chair for me.
– Chakri! Yes Daddy! What will I achieve now?
You have dreamed a lot to see me as a boxer. Sorry Daddy! I am not able to fulfill your dreams! Chakri! – Sorry Daddy! I am not
able to fulfill your dreams! You have dreamed a lot to see
me as a boxer. Sorry Daddy! I am not able to fulfill your dreams! We clean cups in the canteen,
why do we need a cup?

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